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Spotlight WOD Angie Altum
Drop It Like a Squat WOD

7 Burpees
16 Squats
37 Pushups
16 Squats
100 Jump ropes
16 Squats
7 Box Jumps

3 Rounds
1st round-Back squats (db for abc)
2nd goblet or front with DBs
3rd-Prisoner Squats

A: 2 rounds, 200m run
B: 200m
C: 400m
D: BB back squats (45/65)
    Goblet or front (35/45)
    OHS (15/35)
(take weight off each round)
sub 16 DU's
Push ups on toes, 200m

It took a few days, but I've humbly accepted the honor of being Spotlight Bootcamper and am excited to use it as an opportunity to thank and acknowledge everyone for making this the best place to WOD & so much more!

My journey with Amazen Bootcamp started about 3 years ago via invite from my friend Tracy Martin. (Holla!)

At that time, I was getting my workout on @ lifetime fitness and had just been introduced to Crossfit. I bounced between the three for a few. Well, fast forward, and I'm still here @ Amazen Bootcamp! ;)

I'm not the most athletic or fastest. I've never been a runner or had a desire to run. (Still not & don't) I despise the cold, much less working out in the cold. Love me some sun, not so much swinging kettle bells & running in it. BUT, I have gotten up early to come workout in 30 degree weather, I've ran, I've worked out in 100+ temps.. and then some.

I'm still slow, but I feel I'm in the best shape of my life and I enjoy working out. But, it is so much more than that... As with any place in life, it's the people that make it all worthwhile.

None of the above would have happened if wasn’t for the most wonderful people and coaches I look forward to seeing and working out with each time I come.

Amazen Bootcamp has become a community within a community. I love the support, outreach, friendliness, kindness, compassion, encouragement, comradary, inspiration, faith, and love that come from Amazen Bootcamp. I could go on for days & I will if anyone asks me about it. :))

Let me conclude with expressing my overwhelming admiration & love for the one and only Channel. I'm thankful & blessed to be a part of this Bootcamp family. Thank you for your big heart, dedication, and love for what you do. BIG HUGS!!!

Alisha, Michelle, Sara, & Gina, thank you for your support, encouragement, and patience @ every wod. How fortunate am I that I get to be coached by each of you. :)) I enjoy getting to know you for the amazing people you are! Thank you!!

To everyone I have had the privilege of getting to meet, know, workout with, become the greatest of friends with and everyone in between thank you for making this a fun place to workout! You guys are the best!

Drop it Like a Squat!!

Spotlight WOD Travis Schindler
Schindler's List

Schindler's LIST A
Buy in 200 jr's
5 Cutis p 5 burpees
10 BJ 5 burp
15 kbs 5 burp
20 bike sets 5 burp
Run 200m
3 rounds

Schindler's LIST B
Buy in 400 jump ropes
5 Cutis p 5 burpees
10 BJ 5 burp
15 kbs 5 burp
20 bike sets 5 burp
Run 400
4 rounds

Schindler's LIST C
Buy in 400 jump ropes
5 Cutis p 5 burpees
10 BJ 5 burp
15 kbs 5 burp
20 bike sets 5 burp
Run 400
5 rounds

Schindler's LIST DBuy in 50 double unders
5 Cutis p 2 wall walks
10 BJ 2 wall walks
15 kbs 2 wall walks
20 ring rows 2 wall walks
Run 400
4 rounds

February 14, 2011…Happy Valentine’s Day!!! A “free class” for your spouse Veronica told me. So that night, instead of wine and dinner, we made our way to the tennis courts at Rim Rock Ranch (I do miss those nights at the tennis courts, maybe we can sneak over there on evening and get a WOD in for the old timers), but like I’ve been told many times before free is not free and like most I paid for it after I completed my first WOD (Valentine Heart WOD). I enjoyed the bootcamp style workout but I was a “cyclist” I told myself, an endurance “athlete”. These 20-30 minute workouts (I know, now they can be an hour) were not what I wanted to be doing. I have been pretty active all my life from little league, to typical MS and HS sports (baseball, football, tennis, track, basketball), then tennis, softball and volleyball in college and I had taken up cycling and running in my 30’s. So in the beginning I would show up to bootcamp maybe once a week so Veronica and I could spend some extra time together because that January I had taken a new job. We used to work out together during lunch at Lifetime Fitness but with the new job that was not possible anymore. Once March rolled around I thought it’s cycling season, see yeah later bootcamp! There was one problem; I was coaching my son’s baseball team! Well no one told me how much time and effort that takes, so I had to find other ways to get my workout in since a good bike ride is 3-4 hrs plus the time it takes to get ready beforehand and rest afterwards you’re looking at 5+ hours. Those 20-30 minute WODS were looking better and better, in the beginning I even went as far as to ride my bike to Rim Rock Ranch to do the WOD. I still do ride (I completed a 120 mile Colorado ride last year) and I must say that bootcamp makes getting into “riding shape” a much quicker and easier task. I have also signed up to run my first full marathon this November, so I am looking forward to marking that off my bucket list.

Although I seem to always be a few “lbs” above my “fighting weight” (due to my own indulgences) bootcamp has been a great for me and keeps me relatively fit to tackle other activities. I am also proud to say that although I may not have been the first guy to show up to Amazen Bootcamp, I was one of the first! Thank you Channel for keeping me and the rest of Comal County fit and looking good! Travis

Spotlight WOD Kinney & Johnson
Army Wife Strong!'

100 Hand Release Push Ups
200 Sit-Ups
300 Air Squats
Buy Out Run

A: 1/2 the reps and 800m Run
B: 1600m Run
C: 3200m Run
D: 1600m Run weighted w/sandbags or plates

Tara Kinney
 What many of you probably know about me is that I’m a proud military wife who would follow my husband Rob anywhere (yes…even Kansas!) am a mama of my Ashley, a rambunctious 2 ½ year old, and do some independent Instructional Design & Facilitation work.

I’ve been truly honored to coach the ABC and PiYo (Pilates/ Yoga) class for our wonderful aMAZEn Bootcamp; not only because of what a wonderfully unique and special fellowship you are, but because it has also marked another milestone in my personal journey. Although I am now a full-fledged fitness junkie; I have not always been the picture of health!

What you probably don’t know about me is that I spent my years growing up and well into college far above a healthy weight and not taking care of me…physically, mentally, or spiritually. I started my journey 12 years ago and slowly but surely I took those incremental steps to a healthier version of myself. I had been motivated by the mirror and affirmations from the people around me; but I hadn’t made the connection to building a stronger temple for the Lord.

I’ve been a part of ABC for a year and a half and through the challenge, motivation, support and most of all Christian fellowship; I finally made my last strides in reaching 100 POUNDS LOST!!

Although I’ve had many hiccups along the way, I’ve experienced staying the course and I know I am blessed to now have the opportunity to help others through this same journey. Once I realized that God placed me on my journey with the specific purpose to be able to relate to and help others through similar struggles, it made all the difference in how I approached becoming and staying healthy. Whether the adversity is large or small, our great God always has a reason!!

I know that I will never find the same loving fellowship that has been captured with the aMAZEn Bootcamp family, but I will take what I have experienced and learned with me to share with others! I’ll be forever grateful to have been a part of this aMAZEn fellowship!! Tara Kinney

Christiana Johnson:
First, let me say how nice it is to be a spot light bootcamper, also how sad I am to be leaving so many great amazing people. Second I couldn’t have done any of this without the love and support of my husband and Son. In fact there were times I think my son conspired with the coaches to push me a little harder. I would pick him up from school and he would always ask do we have bootcamp today? I know it was cause he wanted to play with his friends but he never let me say no and always supported me during the workout too (whether by telling me I should do the 20lb ball or sprinting with me through the end of a run).

When we moved her two years ago I was overweight and had some health issues that I had been struggling with for a few years. So when we moved here I made a choice to better myself; one way was to get back in shape. So I started running again and saw no changes so I tried kickboxing. Kick boxing worked for a while to lose some weight but then I stagnated. I had heard about ABC from some of the teachers at Specht and my husband had been raving about Crossfit while he was deployed and how great it was so I decided to give it a try.

Well, ABC worked. In fact it kicked my butt literally and figuratively. I didn’t quit though and I kept going. I soon saw great results. I lost some weight, gained muscle and made some great friends. It was those friends who have pushed me and helped me through when I struggled. Thank you all for the push.

I will really miss everyone and have been very blessed to have had the ABC family come into my life, if even for a short amount of time. A special thank you to coaches Channel, Michelle, and Tara you guys were awesome and always pushed me a little harder and never let me slack off. Also, thank you to all the ladies from Specht for welcoming me into the bootcamp family there. I will miss you ladies!

God Bless,

Christiana Johnson (Aka: Johnson)

Shelley Jennings WOD
Shenanigans W.O.D

Count up By 4’s
Weighted Sit-ups
Curtis P
4 burpees every min (4 kids)

AMRAP 25min (lbs lost in 6mo @abc & years married)

Shelley Jennings' Testimony:

Like so many others, I've struggled with weight most of life. After the birth if each child--I gained 50 lbs but could never loose it all. After 4 kids and dedicating all my time and energy to my family---there was no time for taking care of ME. I blossomed to 200lbs and squeezed into an 18w. Depressed and hating myself because I could never successfully keep off the 20 lbs I kept loosing---I gave up. In Feb of 2011 I had to do something---I was NOT going over the 200 mark!! Kevin, my husband, told me that it was okay to put myself first--I was important. He always told me that, but I always put everyone else before me--taking care of kids, taking care of friends, taking care if work, taking care of family, etc., but never me. So I went to lifetime and entered a program where I lost that same 20lbs. BUT-this time I was doing it for me. I got bored with the machines and driving and hit a wall again. I had heard of Amazen Bootcamp for a very long time, but always rejected offers to come because I didn't think I could do it. But I had to do something before I started back on my routine upswing to gain that 20plus lbs back so I went with a big kick in the butt from my husband--"Shelley--you are worth it, you can do it..put yourself first". (Thank you Sweetheart!!!) What a blessing it has been!! God was calling me to Amazen Boot Camp--I couldn't do it without everyone of you that are there on a given day encouraging me and you coaches---all of you--are so positive yet assertive. You always find the positive in our abilities---when I couldn't even do a burpee, each if you made me feel like I was a pro at doing them. I adore the faith centered program as this gets me through. I am blessed to work out in a place that is God centered. I get through most workouts praying and thinking of those that need prayers and remember how thankful I am to be able to exercise and build this vessel for God. So I put myself first now so I CAN take care if my family! ABC has given me the courage and will to keep coming back for more because I know it's good for me. Thanks to all if you that come to ABC who have encouraged me and to each of you coaches but most of all, I thank God for my abilities and taking me through this journey for He called me to ABC to save me and make me whole again through you! Thanks coaches--Channel, Alisha, Michelle, Sara, & Gina and the love of my life-Kevin, for encouraging me!

5-21-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Heather Wittig
Wicked Wittig WOD

Buy In Run
Curtis P’s
Butterfly Situps
Goblet Squats
Jumpropes (add a 0)
Pass thru Lunges (ea)
Table Top Planks
Buy Out Run

A: 30 reps ~ 200 m
B: 40 reps~400 m
C: 50 reps~600 m

Heather's Testimony

Amazen Boot Camp has been a great place to start off many of my days! ABC not only offers a challenging workout, it has helped me create a healthy lifestyle, positive outlook, added confidence and wonderful new friendships! I truly enjoy all of the challenges that Channel puts in front of us, (except burpees) she is truly passionate about ABC and taking care of all of us (her BC family)! I appreciate the professionalism, compassion and skill set ABC has to offer. Channel, you have created a wonderful place for all of us to workout and I thank you for always motivating us to do our best!

5-13-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Crissy Sutherland

Suthern Charm WOD

13 Star Burbees
13 Front Squats w/ball
13 Russian Ab sets
13 Nasties w/ball jump each
13 Airballs
13 Ball Pushups roll each
13 Butterfly sit-ups
100m run w/ball

A. 4 rounds
B. 5 rounds
C. 6 rounds


Burpees, slam balls and lunges OH MY….

On Some days they want to make me CRY

Huffin and puffin and gasping for AIR….
We thought they were each….but NO they are a PAIR!!!

The true sense of encouragement and all that I SEE

Is why this class is exactly for ME

I’m grateful for the results and the people I’ve MET

A true sense of camaraderie is what I GET!!!!!



My name is Crissy Sutherland. I have been living in Texas for about 15 years. We moved here from
Florida when my best friend and high school sweetheart, aka, husband was recruited from college to
work for USAA. He drug me out here kicking and screaming as I had to leave everything I knew behind to start a new life here. I thought….what am I going to do?

We have two amazing daughters, Sydney and Summer, ages 9 and 5. They keep us on our toes.
However, I started feeling a little home sick and lost. All I seemed to have was work and home. All I
wanted to do was sleep, which is not very good for family life. My husband tried to keep everyone quiet so I could sleep, and I knew it was not healthy or fair, but I was so tired all the time. My husband would tell me, get up and do something. Go join a gym, find something you like. I would always say, “I hate working out. It is not fun to me…..I don’t know what to do when I go in. I feel silly”.

I started boot camp around October of 2011. I went for the remainder of the year, but took a
couple month break before I knew I had to go back!! I remember hearing about boot camp from my
wonderful neighbor Alisha. She said, if you ever want to go on a Saturday morning, let me know. I
thought……Saturday morning??? Are you crazy?? Ha ha. Well, as life goes…you get busy and I had not seen her for a while and then….WOW…..she is one hot tamale!!!! This boot camp thing is worth giving a whirl. If I could look half as good as her….I would be happy!!

I can now say “I enjoy working out”……something I never thought I would say. (even when Michelle so nicely brings me a heavier weight J… you for that girl) I look forward to the days I have set aside to go. The coaches are not only instructors, but friends. They truly care for each person that comes. They not only care for your physical goals and such, but emotionally as well. I have met some great people within as well. I finally feel like I fit in somewhere. I love working out with familiar faces and being able to share stories before class. We root each other on and feel great when done. Thank you to all…….I look forward to improving and enjoying great friends!!!

One more thing…This Channel girl…..well, she is one great gal. She brings this community together in so many ways. I am proud and honored to know her and be part of this great thing she has created. God Bless!

3-29-13 Spotlight Boot Campers: Amy Dresch and Tricia Stolle

Buy-in Dumbbell pushup to row walk
Diary Hold entire wod
26 Star Burpees / run
260 Jump Ropes /run
26 Thrusters W/DB's /run
26 Wall Ball's/ run
x's 2 rounds
Buy-Out Dumbbell walk

A: 100m run
B: 200m run
C: 400m run

LOVED this WOD!!!


Where to start……I am definitely one of those people that likes to “blend in” so when I saw the email about Amy and I being Spotlight Bootcampers I was honored and terrified at the same time. The fact that Amy’s name was with mine was wonderful!!! I have always worked out habitually since I was about 19. I originally started because I played tennis all through high school and when I got out of high school, I needed another way to get some exercise. I have learned over time that I tend to do much better in a group environment because I am pretty competitive and love the challenge, thereby pushing myself that much harder. As I “grew-up” and encountered all of the “grown up” responsibilities I found that exercise was the only way I really knew how to relieve stress. I have a wonderful, very demanding, full time job as a Financial Director for an International Corporation and am blessed to have an amazing family – my husband, Travis, and my eight year old son, Britt. In February 2012 I felt that I needed something “different” when it came to a workout. I have been a member of lifetime for years now and am a class “junkie”. In addition, Amy has talked me into training and running ½ marathons for a few years now (which I cannot stand and swear every year I will never do another one, and then the next year I am training again), so I figured I could talk her into another workout adventure. I had heard wonderful things about a “bootcamp” at Specht Elementary, which is where our kids go to school. I talked to Jennifer Wanjura about it, because she used to do the same classes I did at Lifetime and she told me that it was a great, challenging workout. I could have NEVER anticipated the type of workout we were getting ourselves into; however we were hooked from day one! I loved the challenge, the people and definitely the instructors! I love how things always change and how there is always somebody pushing me to do “more”. I love that there are monthly personal challenges, events that the “team” does together, the “spiritual” spirit, and the positive motivation. Last year was a very tough year for me and my family, and the support that I received from Amazen BootCamp was incredible, I could have never imagined I would get that benefit from a “workout”, and made me realize that this was more than just a workout, it was also a “family”, people really cared, and I am forever grateful for that and all the other benefits that come with it! Many, many thanks Channel, you have done a wonderful thing with Amazen BootCamp, thank you so much for that! So grateful to be part of it.


Wow I was truly shocked when Channel announced Tricia and I as spotlight bootcampers. At first I was excited and then quickly became nervous. In the end, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of such a positive and fabulous group of people who have the same common goal of being healthy and building each other up both spiritually and physically along the way. Growing up I was always active. I played soccer starting at a very young age, played competitively through college and always had the privilege of being surrounded by loving coaches who treated me like family. I pretty much ate and drank whatever and whenever I wanted and never really thought about making good choices. After graduating from college, I actually enjoyed not being told when and where I had to go to work out. I worked out here and there but always felt like something was lacking. Even without a routine I was always able to maintain my weight. When I became pregnant with Madison I was naive and didn’t think much of the rapid weight gain. Sixty five pounds later and maintaining was the least of my concerns. After Madison was born I worked out sporadically at Gold’s and Lifetime but again I was never consistent. I was able to lose about 50 pounds and then I was pregnant again. I thought I was working really hard to not gain as much weight the second time around but . . . BAM! Another sixty pounds. Six weeks after Dalton was born we moved and I was blessed with rock star neighbors. Right away we started P90X and I began to lose weight. Within the next year or so I convinced Tricia and Kayla that we needed to start running and training for half marathons. For a few years I ran several times a week and we ran in several half marathons but I never really saw any major changes in how I looked or how I felt. About a year ago, Tricia asked if I would go try bootcamp with her and thankfully I agreed. I was hooked from the beginning. I love everything about bootcamp . . . well, not really the burpees or kettlebell swings but most things. Even though I am still not at my pre-pregnancy weight, I know that I am healthier and stronger by the day. Thank you Channel for sharing your passion. You are such an inspiration of what can happen when you work hard. Thank you Channel, Michelle, Alisha and all the coaches for making working out fun for me again and for taking me back to my childhood with coaches that care and invest themselves in other. Your words of encouragement mean so much even when I respond with a not so kind look. I have been blessed with such a supportive husband and family, have such incredible friends and I truly feel that Amazen Bootcamp completes everything! Amy DRESCH

3-20-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Kelly Taylor!!

90210 WOD

Burpees w/Brenda
Slam Balls w/Steve
Nasty Sets w/Dylan
Valerie the Cobra
Good Mornings w/Brandon
(1) Suicide Run w/Shannen



Channel has been my bootcamp coach for just over 3 years now. From day one I knew that working out with a group of people was for me. I loved it. In the past I have always had a gym membership and have stayed in relatively good shape. After I had my first child, Avery, I lost most of my baby weight but was not back to where I was before. I also was not able to workout at the gym anymore between my husband's work schedule and having a little one. In February Comal Crossfit came to Specht Elementary to offer a bootcamp class after school. I thought, "Perfect, no excuses I can workout right after school." Channel was the coach assigned to our school and I LOVED her! We all loved her so much that we asked her to come back the next year when she was aMAZEn bootcamp. Well, I got into the best shape of my life and I never knew that I could push myself so far in a workout. Last year I got pregnant with my second child, Andrew. I continued to do bootcamp until 5 months pregnant. With this pregnancy I gained 35 lbs. I was anxious to return to bootcamp but I was so scared. The first day back was SO HARD! I remember thinking, "I am NEVER getting pregnant and out of shape again!" I couldn't have gotten through those first few workouts without my bootcamp family. 12 weeks later through working out and the Paleo lifestyle I lost all my weight. Now I am 10 lbs. lighter than when I got pregnant and I am back to to being in the BEST shape of my life. It feels great!!! On another note, eating Paleo has worked wonders for me. I had never heard of this diet/lifestyle before but it WORKS. For those of you that haven't tried it don't be afraid your body will love you for it!!! Kelly Taylor

3-8-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Amy Craft!!

Crafty WOD

40 of each
Curtsy Lunge Right
Curtsy Lunge Left
Push Press
Slam Balls
Weighted Sit-ups
Running Jump rope after ea exercise

B: 200m
C: 400m


I can’t even begin explain how shocked I was to be the spotlight bootcamper! Like Catriona said in her testimony, I don’t like to be the center of attention. I, too lost a little sleep! LOL! I am so excited to be coming up on my 2 year mark with ABC. My journey with fitness has been an ongoing rollercoaster. I never did like exercise until I met my husband. Exercise was important to him, so that’s what I did. I actually did enjoy it, most of the time. We worked out regularly until having kids. You know that story - the one about finding time and motivation. I worked out sporadically. When my oldest was 2 and I was pregnant with my youngest, we moved to San Antonio from Houston. When my baby was old enough to be in the childcare I joined Lifetime Fitness. I really enjoyed it there. I had lots of friends there and eventually I used a trainer and a nutritionist (yeah, imagine that $ bill). After having my second child, I’ve had my fair share of minor health problems. I went through a bit of a depression when my youngest was 1. The trainer and nutrition advice really helped me pull out of that. But nothing ever truly stuck. Then I was diagnosed with IBS. Those flare ups really, really suck. About 2 1/2 years ago we joined a Martial Arts studio as a family. We dropped Lifetime Fitness and just did MA. I loved it but couldn’t juggle my schedule and my kids’ schedule once we went to advanced classes. About that same time I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and was taken off the Adderall (for ADD) I had been on (because speed and anxiety just don’t mix ;) ) and put on Celexa, then Lexapro for anxiety. I quickly gained 30 lbs. in 5 months (and was previously only 10 lbs from my goal weight). All I wanted to do was sleep. And all I wanted to eat were carbs to give me instant energy. I was a zomie! Around that same time I was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and started medication for that. I was in a rut and in the worst shape ever. I had been hearing a lot of buzz all about this great bootcamp. My friend Nicole Liebau started going and talked me into trying it. I was so nervous about going I think I exchanged emails with Channel for about a month while working up the nerve to go! Once I went, I loved it. But I could only handle 1-2 times per week because it wore me out! :) Since then I still had mostly been doing my typical on and off again until this last fall. I decided to get serious. I was tired of starting over. Since then I have celebrated all the small victories along the way.....I’ve really noticed gains in strength and stamina, I’ve gotten better at burpees, I’m getting better at jump ropes, etc. Eventually, I’ll get better at box jumps! :) I am off Adderall and anti-anxiety medications, have no more mood swings, no IBS flare ups, and my thyroid is stable (with meds). Instead of taking those medications I focus on boot camp and what the exercise and the people have given me. I understand that having an underactive thyroid may not allow me to lose all of the 40 lbs I’d love to lose. But I can only get healthier trying! And I will celebrate all the small victories along the way! :) All of the coaches at ABC ROCK!! And as for the people there, I could not ask for a better family to keep me motivated on my journey to a better, healthier me. You can’t get that at a gym! ABC IS AWESOME!! Amy

2-12-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Sheryl Moreno!!

Scrappy Moreno WOD

17 Reps Scrap 1 item each line

Buy In Run 200m (no ball)
Soul Surfer/Surrender
Burpee/Nasty Sets
Slam Balls/OH Lunge Sets
Mountain Climber Sets/Bicycle Sets
Run w/Ball 200m
AMRAP 29 Minutes


I began my boot camp journey within the first month of beginning my new job as the school nurse at Specht Elementary! Nothing like jumping in head first! I have two ladies in particular to thank (or despise ha ha), Jasmine Wills, and Kelly Taylor. Kelly made me feel like I had known her all of my life, and Jasmine, well she just doesn’t take no for an answer! I also thought to myself, “whoever listened to a nurse that is not healthy and not being a good role model?” I have never been much of an athletic person. I was in our high school’s dance team “Royal Guard” at San Marcos High School all 4 years, but that was the extent of my fitness. I did try Tennis because my best friend’s dad was the coach, but my nickname on the court was Helen Keller for obvious reasons. Oh sure I dieted and tried the DVD’s, biggest loser for the Wii, I even bought a little pink kettle bell and tried that: no follow through and no results. I have been going to boot camp now for 17 months and I am addicted. This is in and of itself a miracle. My family and friends have been asking what Kool-Aid I drank and where can they get some? I have only lost about 10 pounds or so, but I have gained muscle and lost fat and I can feel it! My clothes fit better, I am not embarrassed to wear shorts, and now I have to eat protein to keep my blood sugar from going too low! Wow! What a drastic change that has been. I wasn’t what one would call fat, but way out of shape. As a child I struggled with asthma (still do on occasion), and was sort of labeled as the kid that “can’t run”. Oh how times have changed and now just the opposite is true! Nursing -School and education from my son’s Pulmonologist has taught me that working out your lungs actually improve asthma. My mother passed away 5 years ago this very month from COPD/Hear Attack. I was in a big slump for a while as you can imagine. She and I were 2 peas in a pod. When I started working out with aMAZen boot camp, I vowed to honor her by not making the mistakes that she did. I will run the “Fight For Air” 5K as long as I am able. I want to thank Channel for creating an environment where everyone all shapes, sizes, and colors are welcome. This is why I keep coming back; no one is judged but rather, encouraged until we think “I got this” on our own. I have made dear friends and for that I will be forever grateful. Last but not least, Lyell. You were there coaching on my first day. You probably didn’t even realize how comfortable and welcome you made me feel that day. I won’t forget that. Thanks Channel for having me be a spotlight boot camper, I feel honored beyond words.
All my best, Sheryl Smith Moreno

2-5-13 Spotlight Boot Campers: Jason an Lindsey Merz!!!

Merz Alert WOD....It's Gonna Hurt!

A-B-C rounds (see below for #):
10 Man Makers (pushup, row, row, squat clean and press)
29 Back Squats (DB on shoulders)
10 One Arm DB Burpees
34 Weighted Merzy Curtsy (half each side)


A-B-C rounds:
100 jump rope
16 LJ's (Long Jump - for Lindsey and Jason)

A: 2 rounds of each; 200m
B: 3; 200m
C: 4; 400m

Lindsey's Testimony:
First of all I feel very humbled and grateful. I guess my journey with health and fitness started back in 2010. After 6 years or so of having children and "letting my self go" I realized I was overweight, tired, struggling with anxiety and going through the hardest trial my marriage and family had ever faced. I was 26, had a 6 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old baby, and I was completely broken. So with the help of stress and some very unhealthy habbits I lost 35 pounds very quickly. I didn't worry about nutrition and didn't eat very much at all and on top of it I was nursing a baby. After a few months I began to have fainting spells and ended up in the ER where they told me basically I was unhealthy and vitamin deficient. My body was worn and my faith was week. At this time a friend told me to read James1:2-4 (Consider it pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish it's work so that you may be mature and complete,not lacking anything.) During the next six months Jason and I, by the grace of God were able to work through our struggles and rebuild a stronger realtionship than we had before. If you would have asked me then if I thought I would be celebrating my 10th anniversary in April I would have told you no. But we are proof that with God all things are possible. I have seen and experienced something beautiful come from brokeness. So back to my health, I was much happier and size 0 for the first time in my life, but I soon realized that when you start eating again you gain weight, so I set off on a journey to get "healthy" and stay "skinny" even though I hated vegetables and I hated working out even more. I began pushing my girls in a stroller around the hills out here and slowly worked up to running. For about a year I ran 4-6 miles 5 days a week. I started adding more fruits and veggies, but still I loved pizza, soda, Mexican food, deserts, and my favorite thing Blue bell ice cream. I was a little obsessive about it and if I didn't get 5 works outs in a week or stay under my calorie goal I would beat my self up. I love to cook and eat! That's when my sweet friend Karlea Shippey invited me to bootcamp. I was siiiiicccckkkk of running. Little did I know what I was about to walk into that Tuesday morning. I walked into power house and Channel explained the wod and said to start out with modified work out. I politely refused (thinking I was in good shape) and did the warm up. I was able to get through the work out, but I paid for it the next 7 days. I had never been in so much pain in my entire life. I couldn't walk, bend over, sit down, pick up my baby. It was aweful.......I was hooked! I began coming 3 times a week. I also talked my husband into coming with me, but I thought the whole "bootcamp family" was kind of wierd. I just didn't get it. We did out first paleo challenge that January and I began focusing on what I put into my body not just exercising. I started learning everything I could about health and nutrition and radically changing the way me and my family ate. I began to focus on eating clean and putting good stuff in to my body. As time went on and we continued bootcamp I began to get to know the people there and I began to see that this wasn't just a "gym" this was a family. Everyone there was so supportive and nice and genuine. I actually look forward to working out in the mornings!?! It's not just the work out, it's the people, not to mention the best trainers and friends out there. Thank you Channel, Michele, Gina, and Alicia for taking time to make sure we do it right, encourage us when we feel like we can't make it through those crazy wods, and putting up with my chronic tardiness. I am priveledged to call you my friends. So fastforward a year and a half and I have put on 10 pounds, picked up some healthy habbits, dropped some bad ones, and learned to love exercise thanks to our bootcamp family. I have also learned it is a journey. I am not perfect at any of this. I am so thankful that "His mercies are new every morning". I still eat Mexican food and blue bell ice cream, but less frequently, and I eat a lot more of the healthy stuff. I've realized my self worth isn't tied to a number on the scale or a clothing size. I try not to focus on the calories, but the quality of food and how it makes me feel. I also don't beat myself up if I miss a work out once in a while or eat a slice of pizza with my kids(Dylan, Jacey, and Ella-The Joy of my Life). For God gave us a spirit, not of fear, but of power, and love, and self-control. 2Tim1: 7. To God alone be the glory! Lindsey

Jason's Testimony:

Wow! What a Honor!! A little over a year ago Lindsey and I were driving past Faithville and Lindsey looked over & said, "I would like to go there and work out." I kind of laughed inside and thought to myself, Why? She had been running about 5 miles a day for the past year and was in great shape. I on the other hand was smoking a pack a day, drinking about 3 days a week, and eating horrible. I was in the worst shape of my life:( So about a month later I decided to swallow my pride and go work out with a bunch of ladies! I remember Channel walking up to me and asking why I was there? I then replied "I am out of shape!" So it began!! After my first work out was over, my head was pounding, my legs weren't moving, and I thought I was going to die:)..That evening, Kirk Schneider sent me a text saying, "I heard you got your ass kicked by a bunch of girls!" I then replied "Yes I did" I didn't come back for a week because that is what it took to feel like I could walk normal again. I knew then that if I would just stick with it, I could change MOST of my bad habits, and change the way I look, inside and out. At that time I hadn't realized that God was surrounding me with incredible people that were going to help push me to get stronger. When I started at ABC I was 222lbs and real close to almost 20% body fat! 3 months later I was down to a lean 200lbs and a little over 11% body fat. It goes to show that when Channel yells and you eat right, your body has to change and will do incredible things:) Psalm 139:14 says that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made!" I often think of that verse when I am working out and my mind says to stop, this HURTS! Being who Christ made me, I always want to push and get stronger. The high light of it all was last year about eight months after I started, Channel came up to me and asked if I would be on her team @ the Europa challenge in Dallas. I was very humbled to say the least. Only 8 months earlier I was in the worst shape of my life, And now I am being invited to compete with others who had probably been doing it a whole lot longer than me. It just goes to show that hard work pays off! It always makes me laugh when I hear others say, "I can't do it" , or "I am too old" No you're not! All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you Channel for pushing me to get stronger! Thank you Keith Smith for giving me a challenge to work up to! Thank you Michelle for being an incredible person! Thank you Lindsey for always being there in everything I do. Most importantly, thank you Jesus for the amazing group of people you have put in my life! Jason

1-26-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Colleen Gruetzner!!

35 Dunk Long Jumps
35 Arm pull backs right 35 left
35 N & Outs
35 Curtsy lunges ea
35 Elevated snow angels
35 Rising star burpees

A: 700m buyin/out 1 round
B: 700m buyin/out 2 rounds
C: 700m buyin/out 3 rounds


Well as I said on face book, I am honored but was shocked to see my name as spotlight boot camper. I told my husband, "Hey I won a free boot camp class for the next day", not realizing it was for this instead. I along with all the others , I have tried many exercise classes along the way and have really never enjoyed the daily challenge like Channel gives us. I'll be the first to tell you that the tougher something is, the better I feel afterwards. Moaning and groaning comes with that. I joined this past May full force after trying two months in 2011 , (not committing) then going on a diet and losing 25 lbs with the help of her classes 3x a week. It's tough keeping it off. Im a big junk food eater! I do feel better and stronger since Ive changed my eating habits a bit. I've always loved the competition in my earlier years with speed skating, cheerleading and then and now, Dance. I love my job of teaching dance for 35 years, the kids and the wonderful parents too. I needed something else in my life that would satisfy my need for speed, strength building and exercise with adults. I truely can say I HAVE FOUND IT. Channel and the other coaches are awesome. I love their motivation and drive towards each and every boot camper. The bc family is a blessing there. Everyone helps each other out and listens to outside problems when needed. Going to class and having someone else do the choreography feels great! To my husband of 30 years next month, I do you love you and thank you for all the late night years of teaching dance. We started dating when I was a cheerleader in 10th grade and married when we were 23. He's attended many recitals along the way. He was always there for our two boys, Ray and Ronnie when I had to work nights. He might not be able to come to my bc classes, but I know he's at home working out as well. I know he doesnt like the burpees very much! I do show him some of our WODS. Again, I thank you for this recognition. It means alot. Love and God Bless, Colleen

1-19-13 Spotlight Boot Camper: Carla Royder!!

The Strong Love WOD

Buy In Run Together
40 Offset Squat (partner 1)/40 Russian Abs (partner 2)
30 SLDL/30 Sec Pike
20 HU PUps/20 Standing KB Abs
10 Box Jumps/10 Table Top Planks
Buy Out Jump Ropes

A: 200m, 200 Jump Ropes, 3 rounds
B: 400m, 400 Jump Ropes, 4 rounds
C: 600m, 600 Jump Ropes, 4 rounds


Because I was not expecting this I had no idea what this wod should be about. Feeling humbled I decided to pray and sleep on it. Next morning I woke up and was reading the motivational scripture in Channel’s email from the night before and as it spoke about focus the word LOVE was screaming at me. Love one another and even more importantly LOVE YOURSELF!

Over the holidays my sister in law casually mentioned I was a perfectionist. This took me by surprise. She meant it as a compliment, but as I threw the word around in my head I knew I was seeing myself for the first time thru a different set of eyes. “Am I a perfectionist? Am I one of those hard to please people?” Yes, after some self reflection, I realized I am. For as far back as I can remember I have set high expectations for myself and often times unrealistic. As a second grader I always woke to my own alarm, made my bed, dressed myself in the clothes I had laid out the night before. I was a care taker and worrier. As a 6th grader at 69lbs I dieted and was obsessed about my weight. Even at a very young age I always had written goals and ridiculous daily work outs. Along with all this discipline comes control issues and as I grew up and things got more out of ‘my’ control I struggled with feelings of shame, self hate and would punish myself by working out really hard or starving myself. Why isn’t anything ever enough? Why am I always wanting more? Why am I so hard on myself?

I’ve gotten a little older (turned 40 this December) and I’ve learned to relax a lot (having kids forces you to!). Reading my fellow boot campers testimonies has taught me that we all have this ugly lingo going on in our heads and we need to be nicer to ourselves. We are aMAZEing people. It’s a new year, I’m entering a new decade in my life, I’m going to be a new me and stop the ugly, picking at myself talk. Watch out world, here I come!!!

Ok, back to boot camp… Annie Tiller persuaded me to try boot camp. At the time I was a regular at Lifetime (spinning classes, yoga, weights, had a trainer for a while, etc). I agreed to come & I expected to walk in and be an amazing first timer. I thought how hard could it be? It was Rhonda St. Amant‘s WOD. Well, I could not breathe!!!! Second time, as I gasped for air, red faced, Channel walks over, looks me in the eye, tells me to slow my breathing down and to give myself a little GRACE. I lost it. Right there in class the tears come to my eyes. I never say nice words to myself so for my internal voice to be nice to the little insecure girl inside of me, choked me up.

When Channel asked me to be spotlight boot camper I decided lets make it about Love. Love yourself. Love one another. If we all just ruled every decision and act with pure love the world would be such a better place. I am vowing to quit the negative talk and be nice to myself! I vow to live in the present and LOVE my situation and circumstance.

I love boot camp. I love my boot camp family. I love that I can see and feel a difference in my body and I especially love that as I leave that parking lot after my work out, my high is palpable! I literally am buzzing! I love that pushing myself to the limit makes me feel proud of myself all day long.

Thank you Channel for making a difference in my life. Thank you Annie for making me try boot camp ( I love you!). Thank you Rhonda St. Amant for your honest testimony, it really touched me my first day. It spoke to me and motivated me to come back. Thank you Foy for putting up with me. I’m so glad you are doing ABC with me now so we can be healthy as a family and set an example for our boys. You are such a patient and loving husband; I love you so much.

Thank you boot camp family for welcoming me with open arms and always pushing me. I know you all hear me complain and sometimes even cuss a little (or a lot ), but when its all done I am so full of pure love and joy!

1-5-13 Spotlight Boot Campers: Warren and Wanjura!!


39 offset squat rt
17 kb row rt
39 offset squat left
17 kb row left
39 box jumps
17 surrenders
39 air balls
17 Burpees
39 kb hammer curls

A: 2 rounds, 200m run
B: 3 rounds, 200m
C: 3 rounds, 400m


Channel - I am so surprised that Warren and I have been selected as the spotlight bootcampers ! I feel so grateful to be a part of such a special group of people. There are days that sometimes I am grouchy and don't want to go, but when I leave I feel better and I have a better attitude. I don't know if the coaches realize it but sometimes they are a therapist too!

When I started bootcamp in August of 2011 I really felt like I was in shape. I had been working with a trainer off and on at Lifetime and was taking the more advanced classes. I also had two half marathons under my belt and was training for a third when I got planters fasciitis and so I stopped running. After that a little weight gain happened and I was starting to wonder what to do from day to day in the gym. I felt I needed more weights than the classes offered and I was bored. My friend Lauren told me about bootcamp and I knew all the ladies at Specht were doing it and were looking good! So I came and watched a class and said that's easy! Boy what an idiot I was! I decided to give it a try because really I was starting to gain more and not getting anything from an hour or two at the gym. So when the kids went back to school in 2011 I started that day. I have transformed my body to have more muscle than I have ever had in my life. Also so much more strength too! I have never looked back either. I cancelled my gym membership and look forward to each crazy WOD at bootcamp. For the first time ever in my life I can say I love working out. The workouts are always challenging and I love the people. I have made some close and special friends too. Friends that have been there for me at some difficult times this past year. Amazing Bootcamp is a lot more to me than my workout. It's a family of wonderful and generous people that mean a lot to me! Jennifer (better known as Wanjura)

Channel- First off, Thanks for all that you do!!

I've always been active in some sort of way and after going to few classes, I knew why my wife couldn't walk somedays. I've seen what this class has done to my wife and others, that I wanted to be part of this. After weeks and or even months of just popping in and out, I finally decided to make a commitment. I just love how everyone helps and praises each other. You can't help but push yourself in every class, even if you feel you can't go anymore. This might sound weird, but I love feeling sore days and days after. That means I had and put in a great workout. Which means RESULTS!!!!
The best thing of all, I get to workout with my best friend and help keep each other on track.
Can't wait for B2B this year! Thanks again! Warren Wanjura

12-19-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Tammy Freijy!!

Barely Legal Freijy WOD

Jump Ropes Add 0
Air Balls
Knee to elbow push-ups (each count)
200m ea series

A: Start @ 15
B: Start @ 18
C: Start @ 21


Many thanks to every person that planted the seed to have me as the Spotlight BootCamper! What an unexpected surprise! My first thought was...”Oh no, not me. I canʼt do this.” I sent Channel an email asking
her if this was a joke! I love when the attention is on others, but not me. She replied ...”No, its not a joke.”
Ok, so I did panic a bit, but then I remembered what Lisa Hanson wrote in her testimony . She wrote that it wasnʼt about her. It was about all of us and getting to know each other. It was about family. So, here goes....I was not an athletic kid or young adult. Exercising was a chore for me. I did it because I knew I had to. I would walk a bit. I would purchase videos, exercise equipment from late night infomercials and try them for awhile. Suzanne Sommers and her Thigh Master, Jane Fonda, Tae Bo to P90X. I had treadmills, ellipticals and stair steppers in my living room. It all worked for a little while, but then I got bored. I joined a
gym, but didnʼt go very often. I joined Jazzercise with my momʼs club group, which I liked, but again, it didnʼt last. Did I have a weight problem? No, but I have a family history that is plagued with heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. My husband Riad is very active and would always encourage me to try new things. Riad and Brodie both do Jiu Jit Su, so I even signed up for that. It was great! I loved training with the ladies, but once that small group fizzled out, I didnʼt really like training with the guys. I donʼt mind rolling around and getting all sweaty with my husband, but it was weird for me to do that with other guys! So again, I stopped. I heard from my hairdresser and Sheri Whitney about Channel and her Boot Camp classes. I picked both their brains and thought about it. It took me until March of 2011 to call. I had Channelʼs number for a few months! Channel was so sweet on the phone. I had a few things on my bucket list and I knew that I couldnʼt accomplish any of them without help, so I decided to give Boot Camp a try. March 8, 2011 was my first class. It was the 10-20-30-40, Really? WOD. I was nervous, but everyone was so nice. I made it through the WOD and even signed up for 13 classes. The next day, I felt ok, but by the second day, I was moaning like I was in labor! Especially getting up and down off the commode. OH boy, what did I sign up for!!!! The second class was better. I was not as sore and I kinda liked it! I did skip out on the first Paleo Challenge. My goal was to just finish that crazy boot camp card! April was a month of being introduced to 5k runs,which was one of the things on my bucket list. April 30th, 2011, Brodie and I ran our first 5k. We both loved it! Brodie was so excited, that when we finished, he asked when we could do another one! I think he enjoyed out running his momma! May 25th, 2011, was a life-changing day. I get a call that my sweet husband had a heart attack! Brodie and I were at his school getting stuff ready for the end of the school year party! We raced to the hospital and there we stayed for almost a week until he could come home. Channel and the rest of the bootcamp family were so kind. People who barely knew our family were sending prayers and dropping off food to us! I knew then, what a special group of people they were!

So here we are December 2012, ...8-5kʼs...1 Beach to Bay Adventure and a 1/2 marathon under my belt(and checked off my bucket list). I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I could run a 1/2 marathon! I canʼt believe how much I have accomplished in these 21 short months! Thank you to my sweet husband, Riad for loving me every day. I appreciate you so much! Brodie, you are such a wonderful young boy. I canʼt wait to do many more 5kʼs with you! You make your momma proud! Thank you to my dear friend Sheri, who has been with me since I started, encouraging me along the way. You are a true definition of a friend! Thanks to my B2B group from this year. You ladies are awesome! I canʼt wait to join you all again in 2013 for another B2B journey! Channel, Michelle, Gina, Alisha-Thank you for your firm, yet kinds words during every WOD! Just when I think I canʼt go another round, I hear that famous bootcamp phrase...”You Got This!” and that keeps me going! “I have my own unique road that has had many exciting ups and heart breaking downs, but one thing I know is that my journey is not over and the best is yet to come.” Quote from Ryan Hall, Olympic marathoner. Freijy

12-8-12 Spotlight Boot Campers: Kory and Kayla Klein!!Krazy K's 4 QTR Football WOD

1st Quarter
Partner up & over PU

2nd Quarter
WB throw 20 Burpees

1/2 time

3rd Quarter
Long Jump dip dive

4th Quarter
400 Jump Ropes

10 shared tire flips

Tailgate Party
400m partner run

and a few added in penalties... Holding, Offsides and Unsportsmans like conduct..
AMRAP 30 Minutes

Awesome Krazy Klein WOD!!! Y'all Rocked It!

We wanted to say thank you to our Boot Camp Family for the nomination of Spotlight Boot Campers! We have found ourselves WODing extra hard so as not to let anyone down! There are many emotions going on right now in our family because we will be moving from San Antonio back to Oklahomain a few weeks. One thing that has been weighing heavily on us is the fact that we have to try to find a replacement for aMAZEn Boot Camp in OK. Somehow I am just not sure that will be possible! With the encouragement of our dear friends, we tried aMAZEn Boot Camp last February and we have become true believers in it! I played sports for as long as I can remember and was always active as a young child, teenager, and young adult. I started to concentrate more and more on football as I progressed through high school and ultimately was blessed with the opportunity to continue my football career at The University of Oklahoma. As a defensive tackle, from my freshman year of high school until I was 23 years old I was always in some sort of weight gain mode. I consumed as much food as possible at all meals as well as drank and ate protein/supplement shakes, bars, and anything else approved by the NCAA (I never fell into the steroids trap). My weight peaked in college at 285lbs, and got up to almost 300lbs during a brief stint with the NY Jets. After at least 10 years of abnormal eating and training habits, I was rudely introduced to the real world in the fall of 2004 when I got my first real, full time job in the business world. No longer was I able to go through intense training 2-4 hours/day, and I was now sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen for 8 hrs/day. Quickly, more job responsibilities, kids, job transfers, and trying to spend time with my family all took over and before I knew it any form of exercise ceased to exist. The muscle mass I had acquired from years of heavy weight training migrated from all the right places to fat in all the wrong places. It was (and still is) hard to change my eating habits. On top of that, I never drank while I played football, but now that my football career was officially over I started to socially have drinks from time to time. Fortunately our family was given the opportunity to move to San Antonio. When we bought our house here in 2008, there was only 4 houses on our street and we had no neighbors. While I was extremely focused on my career the Lord slowly introduced me and my family to new neighbors. Little did I know at the time that these neighbors would become our 2nd family. From day one, our neighborhood family has gone out of their way to treat us as one their own. They’ve invited us into their homes and their families life’s, and have always been there for any of life’s ups and downs over the past 4 + years. Through the encouragement (or constant nagging) of my wife and neighbors, I was introduced to aMAZEn bootcamp. I weighed 305 lbs when I came to my first bootcamp in mid-late February. My pride and competiveness almost got the best me. If I couldn’t be the best, the strongest, or the fastest, I didn’t want to do it. Luckly I had a support group that wouldn’t take no for answer and made me keep going. As of this morning I weigh 243 lbs. I’ve been able to maintain my weight at 245-250 lbs for around 8 weeks now. Through the support of everyone at bootcamp, this is the first time since 2004 I’ve started and kept working out, as well as been able to maintain better healthy eating habits. I estimate my caloric intake is approximately 25% of what it was during my collegiate football days. I was 17 years old the last time I weighed 245 lbs. I thank God for putting such wonderful people in my life while we’ve been in San Antonio. I haven’t completely given up all my bad habits (beer and ice cream on the weekends) but I have finally changed my life style, and have changed the way I look at food. You hear it all the time, “It’s a life style change, not a diet.” It really doesn’t sink in until you actually do it, and I wouldn’t been able to take the first steps without Chanel, Michelle, all the coaches, my fellow bootcampers, my friends/neighbors, and my wife. As we begin the next chapter of our life back in Oklahoma, I know I’ll be able to continue to lead my new lifestyle thanks to everyone’s help in San Antonio. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and my family. Kory

My story is a little different than Kory’s. I have always tried to stay active, even as an adult. When we started having a family, it became a little more difficult and I found myself very bored with typical exercise. Then a little over 4 1/2 years ago we moved to San Antonio and our family was embraced by our wonderful friends! It just so happened that a couple of them in particular were very encouraging to me about staying active! Thank goodness for them! Because of them I was introduced to Boot Camp, and they convince me to train for the ½ Marathon every year (this year I actually ran it) among other things! I actually look forward to Boot Camp! I always know it is going to be hard, but never boring! I love seeing my fellow Boot Campers working hard with me, and the encouragement from the coaches always gives me the extra push right when it’s needed! I love that my children get to see their mom and dad working out together, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle! Thanks to Boot Camp I am in better shape then I have been in a while and feel even better! This truly has been an aMAZEn experience for our whole family, and we are so blessed to have been able to get to know all of you! Keep Workin’ Hard Y’all! Kayla

11-27-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Shelly Hollums!!

Holla for Hollums WOD

(1) Suicide Run
12 Curtis P's
12 Side Tap Push Ups each side counts
12 KBS
Holler Burpees on the min
Amrap 26 min finish round

A: 2 burpees
B: 4 burpees
C: 6 burpees
Last Burpee Holla 20min


I want to say that I am surprised and humbled by being nominated spotlight boot camper. I have been coming to aMAZEn boot camp for almost a year. It all started when a sweet friend of mine asked if I wanted to try a boot camp class with her – surprisingly we are still friends! I thought I was in pretty good shape but during the first month of attending and not being able to move I realized my previous workouts were not as challenging as I thought. I have always been active, I swam competitively growing up until my senior year. I still have one record on the wall of my high school pool, not bad 25 years later. I have been a member of nearly every gym – Bally’s, LifeTime, Spectrum and Gold’s. My kids still remember me bribing them with donuts if they were able to stay in childcare the entire hour I was in class. I have always enjoyed group exercise and I will admit I still like a good step aerobics class every now and then. Boot camp has made me push beyond my comfort zone when it comes to exercise. Let’s say I used to just kind of go through the motions. I would do a class or jog but never really pushed myself. I think withbootcamp I have found a total package for fitness. Not only do we all get a great workout but I love Channel’s challenges – she not only encourages us to eat right but be better people and give back to the community. I love coming to class and being surrounded by the encouragement from everyone – I LOVE when Channel yells “Look around this is hard for everyone!” I may not love it at the time she is yelling it but when I am finished it does leave me with a warm fuzzy. Thank you to my family for supporting my attendance at bootcamp. Thank you to all my fellow boot campers I would never make it through a WOD without you. Thank you to all thecoachers for your encouragement and for believing in all of us even when we think we cannot do it you are there to guide us through it all. And I thank the Lord everyday for guiding me to such an aMAZEn group of people! Shelly

10-24-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: John Hinkebein!!


30 jump ropes
25 push presses
20 curls reverse lunge ea
15 Burpees
10 Back Squats
200 run
AMRAP 30 min


My name is John Hinkebein and I am coming up on my two year mark for joining the boot camp family! Before boot camp I had been your traditional gym/running person...I had even done 3 marathons. I came to boot camp frustrated about flat lining with my work outs...and bored to death with the same old same old. After my first day of boot camp I couldn't walk for days (and was super angry at Channel) was the worst sore I had every experienced and I knew I was hooked. Steadily for almost two years I have seen progress in my personal goals and I am never bored! My marathon time has dropped and I am on my way to my next PB in the SA marathon in just a few weeks.

Everybody knows that bootcamp is a great work out and it will kick your butt...but I come for so much more than just the work out. I love and go to boot camp because they help people transform their lives! I love all the 5k we do, the prayer request that go out each day, the out of town events and of course the challenges! Their is a word in the bible called "shalom" which means peace and wholeness...not just peace in your heart but also in your mind, BODY and soul. I believe boot camp is shalom to our community...because it has been to me. A few months ago I was in The Loft Coffee house and was having a melt down moment...I was getting ready to speak at friends funnel and I totally train wreck...and their was a group of boot campers there that came over and prayed over me. Where else can you find that type of community!

I loving knowing that every time I go to bootcamp I am gonna get a great work out in place that in encouraging and is deeply invested in the community. Our coaches are the the BEST! So thankful for all you do for us and for the community! HINK

10-15-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Tammy Wambles!!

We WAMBLES but we won't fall down WOD

Buy in 400m
(B-4 each segment) 15 Partner AB Twist
(After each segment) 40 jump ropes
Run back

Down field
Plank walk
Long jumps
Up & Over Pushups
Wall Ball Throws with 5 Slams
High 5 Burpees
Buy out run 400m

A: 2 rounds
B: 3 rounds
C: 3 rounds run w / ball

Big Hearts Tammy!


I am so humbled to be the Spot Light Bootcamper! My journey to Amazen Bootcamp began with Mel Daves always telling me about "a bootcamp workout that was quick yet, hard and it was held at elementary schools". Well, I had no idea her persistence would pay off in my lifestyle totally changing. I have always battled with my weight. I was an athlete in high school and never paid attention to what I ate as I worked it off daily. Then I went to college and gained the "Freshman 30" and the weight battle officially began. I dabbled with Jazzercise (yes, I was pretty good with Jazz Hands), Zumba, walking, running, joined Weight Watchers and the list goes on and on...I would lose a few pounds here and there but the weight never stayed off. I found myself "just working out" so I could eat and drink more. This viscous cycle was spiraling me into high cholesterol, increased weight and overall just feeling yucky. I remember seeing on Facebook all the accomplishments Jodi Machacek was making with weight loss, races and just overall success with getting healthy. Low and behold, she was an Amazen Bootcamper too. So on August 22, 2011 (Big Hugs to Mel and Jodi), I attended my first bootcamp at JRES. I never hurt so bad and had never perspired so much, but I was hooked! I kept coming back of fear of never being able to get off the toilet if I took a break!! I began to notice the weight come off but it was slow. I was working out but had not changed my eating habits. I did my first Paelo challenge, went cold turkey on Coke Zero's, sweet, breads and beer and I began to notice the change physically and my energy level increased tremendously. Once the challenge ended, I could not even stomach a Coke Zero! TOO sweet! I continued to eat for the most partpaelo... Yes, I do enjoy pizza, burgers and beers, but now it is a treat, NOT an every day occurrence.

Turning 40 this year also impacted me more than I imagined. I felt like I needed to make this year be the "YEAR ABOUT ME". I started to run in 5k's, ran in Beach to Bay, Muddy Buddy and just last weekend I competed in the Tough Mudder. Our team conisted of 11 people including fellow bootcampers, Stephanie Perez and Meredith & Kevin Greeman We weren't the fastest or strongest, but our team had the most HEART. We completed 12 miles and 22 obstacles and our "endurance" truly came from working out atAmazen Bootcamp. More importantly, our passion and desire to complete each obstacle as a team I believe is a direct result of working out with the great spirits at bootcamp. The bruises and sore muscles have finally faded, but the love of my team will never disappear or the passion for pushing other people to be their best. If anyone would have asked me about competing in all these races a year I ago, I would have told them they were INSANE!!! I have noticed a pattern with my races, I THRIVE on the team component. For example, Nicole Liebau and I are running in the 1/2 Marathon Rock and Roll Relay in November, once again I need my peeps!

Amazen Bootcamp has given me the BEST TEAM on the planet. I never feel alone during WOD's. I get the biggest rush when someone yells "WAMBLES GET GOING" when I am feeling at my lowest in the WOD. All the great ladies and gentleman I work out with daily, have blessed my life beyond words. I am so grateful for all the coaches, Channel, Gina, Sara, Michelle and Juanita. Your encouragement and ability to push us through a WOD is what keeps me coming back for more. To all my fellow bootcampers, I am the lucky one to walk into the WOD with you. The energy from each one of you, is an addiction that my body needs.

I am not a big measurement girl and I finally put the scale away. I now realize that pounds are just a number. Yes, I have lost weight, lost body fat and gained muscle during my year at bootcamp. My clothes fit better and I feel healthier and stronger than ever. Thanks to my Amazen BC Family, I received the greatest compliment of all from my husband, Scott. Those of you that don't know him, he is a southern boy from Alabama that is a true outdoorsmen. Our family conversations (I have 2 sons) revolve around guns, hunting, fishing, football and golf. Over the past year, he has made comments about me "looking good" as my clothes began to fit looser. However, we just don't normally talk about what we do at bootcamp. However, Sunday out of the blue, told me how proud he was of me for changing my lifestyle for the better and pushing my body to be the healthiest I can be. That my friends, is what bootcamp is all about. It is not about a size, it is about being healthy and hopefully encouraging someone else to make that change them self. My husband is now going to dedicate himself to getting healthy... yes, it is contagious.

I thank God daily for my extended family as I am now healthier, happier and blessed with the strongest and most positive people in my life everytime I WOD. Don't ever stop being YOU! Before we began the Tough Mudder we all had take a pledge..."I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time." I hope in the WOD on Monday, you keep this thought in mind. That is what it is all about! Wambles

10-6-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Carol Perry!

Carol Perry WOD:

26 Dunks
47 Curls
26 Pushups
47 Jump Ropes
26 Bent Over Rows
47 Back Squats

A: 4 rounds, 1/2 reps
B: 4 rounds
C: 4 rounds, 2 laps, all pushups on toes


One of the many wonderful things about being spotlight boot camper is that I'm finally getting my husband to join us for the day. He has always been athletic and for many years encouraged me to join him in his runs without any luck. So his answer to my many request of joining me at boot camp has been no for all the no's he received when inviting me to run with him. Nothing like guilting your husband into working out with you, he had to say yes to the spotlight boot camper!
I tried a few things here and there but nothing that I committed to long term. This is where aMAZEn Boot Camp was different. I started working out 2 summers ago and have been committed to my workouts ever since.
I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis shortly after my son was born and told I could take medicine for the pain and inflammation but not stop the disease and it's effects on my body. Okay... Ignore for a while and surely it would go away. It didn't and only got worse. Here is one of the awesome/crazy things about doing a WOD the osteoarthritis doesn't bother me. Sure sometimes I start out stiff or my hips hurt but that's part of being 46!!! Another part of MY 46 is having muscles to help ease those damaged joints!!! I love it! I love the work out, the coaches and the awesome group of people that I get to start my day with, sweating together, complaining about the 5000 burpess and encouraging each other.
Life is good! God is good! I am forever grateful for the leap of faith Channel took in starting this little boot camp and being such a good stewart and humble servant of the gifts she has been given to physically train and encourage me to stay committed. Yes I am committed! Carol

9-21-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Tracy Martin!


Buy in:
A:22 hands up pushups
B: 44 hands up pushups
C: 44 hands up pushups on toes, or clapping pushups

4 &, count up by 4:
 Box Jumps
 Mountain sets
 Jump ropes x10


What an absolute honor ...a total shock but still wow...what a great feeling. And that is what runs through my mind when I think about aMAZEn Boot Camp and about Channel. It absolutely gives me a great feeling to be a part of this wonderful thing going on. I first came to A.B.C. 28 months ago. Most days way back then there were only 4 of us, the original 2... Mary Mulkey & Julie Lucas...then myself and (Amy Schuler -to whom I will be eternally grateful for getting me to go and give it a try in the first place). First four I guess you could say. And WOW how it has grown!! 4+4 and waaay more now ;) This boot camp is better than ever with so many awesome people. And honestly its one of the best things (blessings) in my life ...even though it seems just as difficult to me today as is did that first day over 2 years ago. But I guess thats a good thing. Its true what they say, "the more the merrier" because with each new person who comes it only continues to get better for me. Oh wait, or is it the saying "misery loves company" ...does that apply to physical distress. Haha ...totally kidding there ;) but that is what me & my work-out bud ms. altum used to I may not always have a super smile on my face (prolly cause I'm having trouble breathing) but I can promise you this, I AM always happy to be there, glad I can do it, or try.
Boot camp came along for me when I was struggling ...not so much with weight but with sadness. We had just recently moved here from the Dallas area. It was a difficult move (one in what seemed like a series of moves we had been through) and I was completely unhappy. (And though I've always been a small built person I was so NOT in shape)...I mean NOT at all. I didn't have exercise in my life at that point. Hadn't had for many many years. I guess my emotional self and my physical self both needed something back then. Who would think I would find all of that in one place. A boot camp. Really?! Well, I did. I have a testimony on aMAZEn boot camp web-site that goes into a lot more into detail about all of that (the move, the sadness, etc.,) ...please feel free to read it ... but for this testimony today I want to concentrate more on the positive...which is kinda what boot camp has done for me. Put positive back into my life. I feel more positive, more helpful, more energetic and absolutely happier when I go to boot camp.....and I feel like that spills over into every part of my life. I know without a doubt I am in better shape than I have been in for like 20 years. That's both on the physical side and the emotional side. And thats a great feeling. What this boot camp means to me is hard to actually write down, as is what (Channel -the heart & soul of it all) means to me.... and wow how that list is growing, with all the great coaches (friends) *Lyell, Gina, Alisha ...and each person there ...the "boot-campers" ... I love you guys. Really!! I feel like we are all a family, a community. Its infectious. I constantly yack my hubby's ear off about it ...the great people, this crazy wod, that insane wod ...prayer list...activities, etc., as well as my son's ear and my parents and my parents in-law ....anyone who's unfortunate enough to not go to boot camp...has to hear all about it...all the time. I drive them nuts, but its ok, I don't mind.haha. I love it, love the people.
So to me, this is a great big part of my life ...and I wouldn't change a thing about it. (unless I could magically make burpees disappear). I feel that I am in such a better place now, at 44 years old, than I can ever remember. I love this boot camp and what it has done to make not only my life better, but SO many others better also. A healthy body, a healthy mind = a healthier outlook.... something Channel figured out, and shared with us all. I am grateful for this place and for all of YOU people. I'm grateful for all the positive changes its brought to my life. Its just a great feeling! Huge hearts for Channel and her vision.... aMAZEn Boot Camp, for what its done for me. And for making me want to do for others. What a gift. Tracy

9-15-12 Spotlight Boot Campers: Nancy Moran and Sherry Outlaw!

Grannies on the Run WOD

P1 reps / P2 runs 100m
124 Slam Balls
124 Ball Tap Sets
124 Burpees
124 Supermans
124 Jump Ropes
124 Front Squat with Ball
124 Pull Back Sets
124 Wtd Situps

A: 1/2 reps, 200m Buy in/out
B: 400m Buy in/out
C: 600m Buy in/out

Nancy’s Testimony

I would like to start by thanking everyone at aMazen Boot Camp. No not just the coaches who happen to be the best coaches anywhere, but everyone I see there every time I go.
The first time I heard about boot camp was at the gym I was going to. One of the girls I worked out with told me about a place on Hwy 46 called the Power House. I was looking for an all around work out, but the power house was 30 min. away. Of course you probably guessed this girl was Sherry Outlaw. I didn’t even know her name then. A few months later my daughter (Melanie Little) told me she was going to start working out at the Power House. She had been with me through some hard times and I decided I was going to be a workout buddy with her. The rest is history. You guys couldn’t get rid of me if you wanted to. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I’ve never been a long distance runner so sometimes I’m the last one to come in ( I have to work on that ). My favorite days are when my family shows up to work out.
I thank the Lord for all of the blessings I have received, and for allowing me to be able to do the things I need to do. Over the last couple of months my mother broke her leg. She is in a wheel chair unable to put any weight on that leg. My brothers and sister are unable to lift and maneuver her by themselves. We do have someone we hire during the week to come in and help, but on the weekends and some weekdays I go over to my sisters to help lift and move my mother. I thank Jesus for this gift of fitness and truly think this was all part of God’s plan. Proud to be here with you. Nancy

Sherry’s Testimony 

Girls and Boys,

I am writing this as I am riding through the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Dan and I stopped at Carl Sandburg’s home. I saw a quote that describes me to a “T”.

“I may keep this boyheart (girlheart) of mine…I am an idealist. I don’t know where I am going but I’m on my way.” Carl Sandburg

As my mother would say, “I’m a jack of all trades and master of none.” I love to learn new things. Once I know how to do something, I go on to something new. You could call me distractible, or ADD, but you girls and boys keep bootcamp new and exciting every time! Thank you.

A few years ago, I had a fall, barefoot, through my old oak table, barefoot, on to my tile floor…crushing my heel…pity/Bluebell party for six weeks…thinking I would never be the same again. 2 ½ and 20 lbs. later thanks to the encouragement @ bootcamp, I am better than when I was 40. I still have work to do.

In this 2 ½ years, not only have I lost 20 lbs. I could not do 1 burpee or a 10 second plank. My total cholesterol is down from 286 to 204, blood pressure down from 140/85 to 110/70. Now I am working on my blood sugar. I am borderline pre diabetic and I understand that as I loose more belly fat and watch my carb intake, that it will correct itself, too. With all of your encouragement, I know that I can do it.

Thanks for keeping this granny running,
Running from getting “old”,
Running to a healthier me,
Running on to my goal.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Be blessed,

9-5-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Lisa Hanson!

HANSdown WOD - 52 pick-up!
Happy Birthday Hanson, we loved honoring you today! You are precious to us!~

Diamond: 200m run (only run 1x no matter the # on card)
Heart : Burpees
Club: Jump Ropes add o
Spade: 1 arm swings/switch in air sets
AMRAP 30min

Lisa's Testimony:

When I saw the FaceBook post that I had been selected as Spotlight Boot Camper, honestly, my first
thought was to call Channel and say "No Way!" I'm perfectly happy coming to Amazin' Boot Camp,
finding a spot in the back, and s-l-o-w-l-y working my way through each WOD, unnoticed. However,
I realized this isn't "about me", it's about all of us, about the fellowship and feeling of family we all
receive at ABC. It's about getting to know each other in a way we wouldn't otherwise. I have been so
blessed reading the testimonies of others, and I am now thankful I have this opportunity to share with
you. God gave me a wonderful husband, we truly had an idealic marriage of 21 years. Matt and I were best friends from the time we met to the time we were parted. We were also blessed to have been called by our Lord at the same time, so we grew in faith together and raised our kids according to His Word.Through years of worship, prayer, study and service, I know He was showing me what a loving, compassionate Father He is. He was also teaching me to trust Him, just trust Him, no matter what. The morning of April 8, 2008, as usual, I was making lunches for the kids before school when paramedics walked up to my door. Matt had had a massive heart attack at Anytime Fitness and they could not revive him. He was 50. He was never coming home again. Never again would I hear "hey baby, I missed you today" as he came in from work. Nor would the kids be able to share in his love and guidance in all their accomplishments in worship, school and sports.My oldest son, Matthew, was a freshman at A&M, Cara was a sophomore at SV, Joe was in 7th grade& Josh was in 3rd grade. Four kids, four schools, how could I ever do this without him, how could mykids be without their daddy? God (of course) already had a plan, and through this Amazing, Beautiful, Caring, community, He has met our every need, even to this day, 4 1/2 years later, friends love on us in ways I never could have imagined. Simply put, if you allow it, you too will be blessed by the abundance of fellowship and love this community has to offer.

I started out with Channel 3 years ago, when there were only 4 or 5 of us, now there are over 400,
and I know why! It's because Channel personifies everything I've been trying to say. She is Amazing,
she is Beautiful and she is Caring, and everyone who meets her and her coaches feel it immediately.
God, in His Wisdom, has given us ABC! He has given us a place to come to work hard, to feel better,
to look better, and most importantly, to love on each other. No one can deny that we are drenched
in love - alot like the sweat! - every time we choose to show up. Thank you Channel, Michelle, Gina
and Alicia for showing up every day, for loving us enough to push us to our limit, and always being an
encouragement. We are truly blessed by each of you and I am so grateful God has brought me to this
wonderful place. With love and gratitude, Lisa Hanson

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.”

8-22-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Monique Pugh!


10 OH Burpee Dumb Bell taps
9 Weighted Sit Ups
8 Nasty Sets
7 Farmer Carry Lunge Sets
6 Table Top Planks
5 Curtis P's
4 AB Skiers
2 Burpee Long Jumps
1 100 Jump Ropes
O Farmer carry 100m

33 min AMRAP


My journey through life as far as health has been gaining and losing weight over and over. I’ve done it so many times in my life. I've put my body through too much. Out of high school, I gained a little weight, but then started being more social and gained a lot of weight. I lost it playing tennis and not being so socialL. A few years later I met my soon to be husband and moved to Baton Rouge to be with him and gained a lot of weight. I didn’t have family or friends so food became my comfort. I think I was at my highest weight – 165 at 5’1”. It was the happiest day of my life (wedding) but a little part of me was sad that I didn't lose the weight for our wedding. A couple of years later, I lost it by almost starving myself everyday, a personal trainer and whatever DVD was popular that year. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I felt desperate. Then, we expected our first baby and I let myself have that free pass. The weight came on super fast. My Doctor said nobody ever puts on that much weight in 3 months. Thanks Doc! I gained about 40 pounds and I was back to 165. I lost it again with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I’ve tried it all. I was happy at my size 6 but I was still a little soft and didn’t enjoy my workouts. I never ever pushed myself. Almost 3 years later, we expected our second child and that free pass was just so easy to do again. I stopped working out about 4 months into being pregnant and the weight came on fast again. My daughter was born in February 2011 and this time I was at 151 and the big 40. It took me a while to get into the swing of things since I had two to take care of and my metabolism wasn’t the same. For some reason, I always felt like I needed to bring myself to the lowest of lows to lift myself up again. I would eat badly for a few days until I couldn’t take it anymore and then I’d start on Monday J I had a lot of – I’ll start Mondays. So, about 6 months after my daughter was born my husband went and lost his baby weight. Thanks a lot! We would go for family walks and I couldn’t keep up. My son would look back for me and tell me to hurry. I couldn’t hurry. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had reached my ultimate low. I hated to hear my son wonder where I was and my husband having to make an excuse for me. My husband losing his weight and being able to go up our hills with the stroller and 2 kids motivated me to finally get off the couch and start eating right and losing it once and for all. I started off on the treadmill, The Firm and P90X. All helped a little but I still wasn’t motivated to push myself. I would skip through the parts of the video I didn’t like........ pushups ? I ain’t doing no stinkin’ pushups! My husband bought me everything I needed from videos to machines, bosu ball, stepper, etc. I still wasn’t happy to be in our little gym, a.k.a Stinky’s Gym. From time to time we wondered what that Power House was but never ventured back there – come to find out there’s a Boot camp. Of course I said maybe I’ll do that. Every once in a while my husband would ask me if I had made it out there. Each time I said, “Nope. Not yet”. I was scared to find out. I had also been in one of those” 46 accidents”. I was hit so badly that my Sequoia was totaled. I was terrified to stop and make that left turn. Ha - I guess I could have made a right turn, but I was usually making an excuse to not get to Power House. Then one day in October, my husband came home and said,” Here”. I looked up and it was my first Amazen Boot camp punch card. I said with a smile, “Thank you” but I was really thinking OH SHIZNIT! I made it to my first WOD and the first person I met was Michelle. She made me feel so welcomed and calmed my nerves. I finally found something that makes me happy and motivated me to work out and be healthy. I am truly amazed that I can actually run and like it. Family walks are fun now and not deadly. I love feeling strong. I finally feel like I’m ok now. I feel like I can live a little and not beat myself up over a little indulgence. I love being there and talking with everyone. Channel, Michelle, and Gina, thank you for all of your support and caring. Thank you for pushing me when I wanted to stop. Y’all make it so easy to be there. I want to thank my Husband for taking care of the kids when I WOD and for always supporting everything that I have tried in the past and thanks, Hubby for taking that first step for me. Monique Pugh

8-15-12 Spotlight Boot Campers: Andress Family!!

Andress 4x4 WOD

20 KBS
20 BJ's
200m Run
20 Burpees

Each person on the team rotates to each station once everyone on team is done.
Amrap 30 min


BootCamp Family, Channel, Michelle, Gina, Juanita, Sara and anyone else I may have missed,
Thank You! And Thank you Leigh and Levi Montgomery for introducing my family to boot camp!
You guys are all awesome! To my bride of 21 years...Thank you for encouraging me to attend and
become part of this great workout. As we all get older we tend to put off things we need to do
the most, and dwell on the things that tend to drag or slow us down. Without our health, we have
nothing! No amount of money in the world can pay for a healthy body. It's all a personal decision and
one you or someone like Lynn cares about. This has given Lynn, Matthew, Abbey and I a way to get in great shape and stay healthy! The memories we will share later in life of all working out together will last a lifetime. The friends and fellowship have made all the difference in completing each W.O.D. and staying healthy. Wow after playing college football, I never knew there would be such a great way to stay in shape! And yes, I was much younger when I played football, but boy some of these W.O.D.'s rival those of my college football days. Lol The motivation and enthusiasm are contagious. I have enjoyed so much becoming part of this bootcamp family and it's really flattering to have people say how well you look.  May God continue to bless all of my friends, families, and those whom I have not met yet. Thank you for all the encouragement and friendships. Keep on encouraging others in all we do! We only live once and it's the right thing to do and makes you feel so good to do so. God Bless you ALL and thank you once again Channel! You are truly amazing!
Bryan Andress

Never, Never, Never Give Up"~ Winston Churchill

The thing I like the most about Amazen Bootcamp is that it’s a great time to bond with my family and enjoy a good workout. The people at bootcamp are so encouraging and I loved coming this summer when I couldn't go to Strength and Conditioning Camp. Matthew

My testimony on doing aMAZEn Bootcamp is that I find myself stronger both mentally and physically! Lately, I have been going to aMAZEn Bootcamp more than I do with tennis or with tumbling. Since going this summer I have seen a major difference in both tennis and tumbling. I have almost landed my tuck when before attending aMAZEn Bootcamp I wasn't even close to where I am now! Another thing I love about Bootcamp is that it has made me BELIEVE that anything you put your mind to, you can do!! I can now say I am an "addicted boot camper" I'm so glad that God provided me with a healthy body so that I can do these things!! Thank you so much for all that you do, you are a true inspiration in my eyes and the rest of my family! :)

God bless you,
Abbey Andress

First of all I am happy to say that I am so glad that I have put myself and my health as a priority. For many years I have dedicated myself to helping my kids, my husband and family to be the best that they can be...however with that came a sacrifice in my own health. I slowly began to gain weight and could not seem to find an activity that keep me "interested" I met a friend, Leigh Montgomery who talked about her workouts, this thing called a "Paleo Diet" and I could see her body totally transforming!! She began to teach Bootcamp classes at the high school and encouraged me to attend. I was so incredibly overwhelmed by this new workout concept and level of intensity that I honestly didn't believe I could finish ONE class. As I got in better shape I started to desire more than 2 times per week to workout out....I then started attending Amazin' Boot Camp. I had always heard of Channel and the next thing people would say..."She is so sweet, cute and you are just going to love her!" Well they were right!! She is all of that and more!! I felt a bit overwhelmed as the classes were larger, but I was excited with the energy, enthusiasm and fellowship each time I attended.
I am so happy that I have survived my "first year of Bootcamp" I love the fact that my sweet husband, Bryan, and children Matthew and Abbey like to participate too!! It has truly been a time of bonding as we are presented with a challenge (W.O.D.) and we each complete it with help and encouragement from each other. So blessed beyond belief to have met Channel and such an awesome group of people, who truly care about each other and encourage me when I need it most!!!
Take Care,
Lynn Andress :)

8-10-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Jen Sayago!

SAYAGO 61 WOD (to date 61 lbs lost!)

400M Buy In
15 Overhead Squats
15 Box Jumps
15 Burpee One Arm dumb bell Push Press
15 Deadlifts
Suicide (four lines)
400M Buy Out

A: 4 rounds
B: 5 rounds
C: 6 rounds

Sayago's Testimony:
Wow!! I am so honored to be the spotlight bootcamper. ABC has changed my life!! I have always had a struggle with my weight. I played soccer from elementary to high school. I was always the heaviest on my team. I left the team after my Junior year. My weight slowly began creeping up. It continued to go up all through my years at A&M. Finally, in 1999 I had enough. I weighed 265 and was just miserable. I went on the Atkins diet and over the next several years I lost 80lbs. I maintained that for 5 yrs. I met my husband in 2005. He was deployed our entire engagement and I lost a little more weight before our wedding. We got married in Sept '06. We decided to start trying for a baby right away because we were both in our 30s. This started my journey with infertility. With the monthly emotions of not being pregnant, came the emotional eating. My weight slowly started creeping up again. After a year, my OB sent us to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, meaning they were clueless. We went through 3 rounds of baby. We then started the hormones to do In-Vitro Fertilization. That brought along weight gain with it. I had gained back 35lbs by the time of the procedure. While waiting to find out if we were pregnant my hubby, Job, got the call that he was going to be deployed. The IVF worked and we were finally pregnant. I had an ok pregnancy until I was one day shy of 32 weeks. I went into labor..enter into the world my sweet Alaina Kate weighing a whopping 3lbs 10oz. She was and is a fighter! I started working out with a trainer about 3 months after she was born. I lost all my baby weight and a little more. Back to that 80lb lost weight. Job returned and we decided to try again. IVF worked first try and this time we were pregnant with twins!! Scared, many emotions. First sonogram we found trouble. One was already lost and the second was on their way. We were devastated. We did weekly sonograms for three weeks while this little one held on. On Alaina's first birthday, the second twin died. I can't even tell you what that felt like. Our dreams of increasing our family felt all but over. It took a few months and I came to terms with everything. Our God has such a sense of humor. Four months after the twins died, I got pregnant. What a huge surprise! Then a week later, I started bleeding. A week after that, I lost the baby. Devastation and anger were the only emotions I felt. My husband got a job as a civilian with the Army. We were transferred to Augusta, Georgia. We were off on a new adventure. We got there and a week later I found out I was pregnant again. No doctor would see me until I was 10wks. They didn't know my history and didn't care to listen when I tried explaining. I was so stressed while trying to settle in to our new life. About 8 weeks into pregnancy the symptoms stopped. So, our appt comes and they do the sonogram. I knew what I saw even when the tech wouldn't tell me. Our baby had no heartbeat. So, my third miscarriage in less than a years time. I told Job I was done. We had 4 angel babies and I couldn't bear to lose anymore. Alaina deserved a mommy that didn't cry all the time. They went ahead and did all testing. You have to lose 3 babies before insurance will pay to see what is wrong. It came back that I had a blood clotting problem that caused a folic acid deficiency. My OB put me on folic acid even though I told her we were done with babies. She said I needed it for me. Well, God has his own plan. I found out 3 weeks later I was pregnant. Everything looked perfect. Strong heartbeat every sonogram. Then my hubby got call. Headed to Afghanistan. Another labor wo him. Alaina and I came back home so i wouldn't be alone. The pregnancy was complicated. I was put on oral steroids which caused rapid weight gain. At my 27week appt, she decided to check me. I was already dilating. I was put on strict bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. My handsome boy, Aaron Luke was born July 25, 2011. Perfect in every way. As I was gaining all my weight back, my sis Jodi was losing hers while doing bootcamp. She insisted I would join her as soon as I was able. I admit being skeptical. She always likes the extreme! Me, not so much. So, as I was being examined at my 6 wk post-partum visit, her hubby Mike was texting me to see if I was released. I showed up that day, September 8, 2011. It was so hard and I cried on the way home because of how out of shape I was. We started a challenge the next week. I think I only lost 4lbs the whole challenge. I was frustrated but I refused to give up. I was actually enjoying it. I continued bootcamp and started eating clean. The weight started falling off. You could say, I drank the kool-aid. I have never felt stronger. I'm doing this with my little sister which I can't even explain how much that means. I have met the most amazing group of people that I will communicate with forever no matter where the Army takes us. I have developed lifelong friendships that are centered around being healthy. We are so lucky to have such amazing coaches. They each bring something so special to the table. Channel, Gina and Michelle have each inspired me to be so much more than just a spectator in my own life. So much so, that I took the Crossfit Level One course in July and became a Crossfit trainer!! Woohoo! It is now time to give back and help others reach their potential. I want to thank each and every one of you that are a part of ABC. I wouldn't be here today 61 lbs lighter without you! I want to thank my hubby, Job, who supports and encourages me daily all the way from Afghanistan. His world is going to be so different when he returns!! And, most importantly I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ!! Through him, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Sayago

8-1-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Katie Allbritton!

Kate - 8 WOD

400m Buy In
7 Burpee Long Jump
7 Burpee SDHP
7 Burpee Bar Jumps
7 Burpee Thrusters
400 m Run
Amrap 34 minutes

Katie's Testimony:

Um... well... I don't even know where to begin. I am so honored to be spotlight bootcamper and so so very privileged to be a part of such an aMAZEn group!! Before I came to ABC I was a gym rat. I took any class I could almost every day of the week. I worked out for two hours a day on most days, but I just couldn't get to where I wanted to be. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. I suffered from terrible depression and anxiety and just an over all imbalance. I put off taking prescription medications for as long as I could because something in me just told me that they were not the right path for me. I finally gave in and started the prescription anti-depressant journey that I thought would never end. My doctor tried me on everything. Traditional SSRI's, anti-anxiety meds, mood stabilizers. In a two year period I tried 15 different medications!! The medications and the switching of medications were making me worse off than I was to begin with. It was a vicious cycle. It wasn't until I went on a women's retreat through CBC in March of 2011 that I realized this just isn't the way to heal myself. I was already starting to explore the concept of healing yourself through food. I had read many articles and books on food sesitivities and mental health problems and was just starting to explore that for myself. When I got to the retreat I had a roomate that they put we with. God surely had his hand in this because she was a holistic nutritionist who specialized in helping people heal through elimination diets!! I mean what are the chances?? She really just gave me the reassurance I needed that this is what I needed to do. So when I got home from this life changing retreat I slowly weaned myself off my medication that I was taking and began the elimination process. I cut out anything and everything that I could possibly be having a sensitivity to, which was basically the Paleo diet except I ate quinoa and brown rice. Within one week I felt a change, within one month I was a totally different person. No depression, no anxiety no ridiculous mood swings just Katie. :) I honestly felt like I was living for the first time. Unfortunately after several months of eating like this I fell off the wagon and it hit me pretty hard. Sugar was my weakness and I had no accountability. I started searching the web for help. For some kind of accountability and I kept coming across Paleo diet info and crossfit (which I know aMAZEn is NOT :) ) and I remembered my favorite neighbor Michelle Lyell talking about some bootcamp that she coaches at and that they do Paleo. So I decided then, which was January of this year, to check it out. The funny thing is I just wanted the accountability. I mean I loved Lifetime and I wasn't gonna give that up. :) Little did I know ABC was EXACTLY what I was missing in my life. I mean obviously the workout is awesome, but the accountabily, the love, the amazing presence of the Holy Spirit at work everytime I come. I am overwhelmed!! Everyone at ABC has blessed Brian and I so so very much with your friendships and your prayers and your support. It has not been an easy year for us and I can honestly say we both credit ABC and the Lord for the way we have handled this mountain we are climbling. Without being able to come to bootcamp a few times a week we would both probably have a little too much time to focus on what we can't do instead of witnessing what God can do.
Channel I love when you talk about your puzzle pieces that you get in your little blue boxes and how they have come together. It truly shows that God is showing you His favor for all the work you do for Him. You truly are His hands and feet.:) Love You!!
Lyell your friendship has been a blessing from the beginning. You continued to nudge me about bootcamp and I am eternally greatful. You are always there when I need an ear and I am ridiculously sad that you are not going to be my neighbor anymore!! Love You!!
To the rest of my bootcamp family I love Y'all and I'm thankful for y'all every day!!
Last but not least if it were not for my aMAZEn husband and his never failing love and support through all of my highs and lows and crazy elimination diets and crazy... well, me :) I would not be where I am today. I love you so much honey!!

7-21-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Coach Gina Dillon!!

Dillon's Dirty Dozen:

2 rounds, 50 sec on / 10 sec rest:
Jumping Jacks
Reverse Lunge with Twist
Jump Ropes
Plank Jumps (oh my!)
Air Squats
Mountain Climbers
Slam Balls
Table Top Planks
Push ups

OK, we didn't really do 2 rounds....Gina motivated everyone into doing a 3rd round!! (30/10 sec). Always pushing us to do more!

400m Indian Run
Awesome Abs


Well when I found out that I was the spotlight boot camper for the week I was like "Oh My". I couldn't believe it and I feel honored! I would first like to thank Channel for giving me this awesome opportunity to help coach at the best boot camp there is in San Antonio/Bulverde! I have known Channel (the encourager) for the past twelve years and she has truly shown me what Grace is and I admire her for all that she has been through and everything that she has done for me! I also want to thank the amazing coaches that I work with! Michelle (the motivator) is always there to give me advice, encourage me and to support me in every way! Juanita (her smile lights up the field) and Sara (her sweetness is impeccable) are always there to help me set up/take down and give me the support that I need! Thanks for everything that you have done for me! I feel truly blessed with the friendships that I have made at aMAZEn Bootcamp. Ok so about me. I really don't like to talk about myself and would rather be the listener than the talker. So this will be the Readers Digest version. I have always been an active/athletic person who constantly worked out. I started competitive USA swimming when I was 9 years old and swam competitive year round until I graduated high school. There was never a break from swimming/swim meets. My workouts consisted year round of a 3 hour workout in the a.m. followed by a 2 hour practice in the p.m. (summers) and for the school year we also had a morning and afternoon practice. So needless to say my summers/weekends were all about swim meets and nothing else. My family vacations were where ever our swim meet was. So when I was senior in high school, I was burnt out and decided I was not going to swim in college. Yes it was a shock but I knew that I did not have to desire to compete at that level anymore. So when I graduated high school and was no longer swimming and competing at the level that I was used to panic mode set in and eating/ self esteem issues (OCD) were beginning to develop. I went for college at Oklahoma State (Go Pokes) and had the best 4 years of my life. I continued to workout in college but it was different and I was struggling with my OCD. I wanted to be a nutritionist but I also had a love for law enforcement. I decided on law enforcement and received my master's degree in Criminal Justice. I moved to San Antonio and joined SAPD 17 1/2 years ago. I did not know one single person when I moved down here and it was a complete culture shock! I wanted to quit and move back home but “I'm not a quitter”. UGH!!!! I met my husband Willie in the police academy and we have an awesome 13 year old son Joshua! Willie has always supported me and has always been by my side. He is my #1 cheerleader in supporting my dreams/goals. For the past few years my love for fitness was growing even more (it never left). I was in a running group and loved it! I knew I wanted to get into coaching and I really didn't know where to begin. I would see Channel coaching at the Rim Rock Ranch Park. Every time I drove by the park I was thinking to myself, but that's what I want to do, that's my passion! So here I am today, coaching and doing what I love! It is so exciting seeing all the transformations in everyone and the hard work that each of you put into your workouts! I still struggle at times (many times) with my OCD. I have learned to adopt the 80/20 rule- meaning that I try and eat clean/healthy 80% of the time and loosen up the other 20% of the time. For me, eating clean 100% of the time is not realistic and when I did that I would obsess about it and spiral out of control! Life is way to short and I really want to enjoy the life that God has planned for me - Jeremiah 29:11. With that said, thank you once again for all your support that you give me each and every day!  Gina
   Hebrews 12:1- And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

7-13-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Michele Woodman

Shin Guards Required WOD


Nasty Sets
Jump Ropes (add a zero)
Side Tap Push Ups
Box Jumps

A: Start at 20 (no run)
B: 200m buy in/out
C: 400m run buy in/out


This is SUCH an honor… I’m so excited to be this week’s Spot Light Bootcamper! Thank You so much! I’ve been working out with aMAZEn Bootcamp since October 2010. My first day we were in the tiny little outdoor pavilion at Rim Rock (not even on the tennis courts yet!!)…OMG!! Can I just say THANK GOD for Power House and artificial turf!! I remember telling my husband it was probably pointless for me to go. It’ll be just like all the other things I try….3 days and I’ll quit. Well…here we are 21 months later!! It’s been an awesome journey with a little blond fire cracker (and all our other awesome coaches…love you!!!) who knows how to and LOVES to push my buttons to get me in gear! Love you Channel! So why the “Shin Guards Required WOD”? Box Jumps and I have had a love/hate relationship…I love to hate them. (along with running and kettle bells!) We had box jumps on my very first WOD and I thought “WHAT??!!” My brain literally could not comprehend jumping! I used to be in really great shape, used to be in the Navy, used to ride a road bike all over creation, “used to this” and “used to that” and now hadn’t worked out in 10 years and you want me to what??!! So I didn’t…I hopped on the ground and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Fast forward 1 ½ years and I went from hopping on the ground to jumping the 24” box. WOW!! Huge accomplishment! Well sometimes accident happen, plus I’m stubborn and even when I KNOW I should stop because I’m too tired I push forward anyway. Needless to say, I fell. Gashed up my shin pretty good. Did I mention I’m stubborn?? Two weeks later, leg almost healed, just finished 100 out of 110 box jumps and I fell again. Same leg, same spot…hello 4 stitches!!! After that I lost my mojo and the box got into my head. I did the 6 inch for a while after that and was honestly good with it. Sweet Michelle Lyell emailed one day and said, “You ready for something bigger yet??!!” Hmmm….Sure- so I went out and bought shin guards! The first day back at it God and I were having a conversation while I was suiting up. “What if I fall Lord?” “I don’t think I can do this, Lord.” Then I picked up my shirt and the back of it just happened to be staring me in the face. Ahhh…only God could be so sweet. Right in front me of was his reply on the back of my aMAZEn Bootcamp Shirt…”He will catch me when I fall OR He will teach me how to fly.” I have always battled my weight and emotional eating. Six months ago I was right where I wanted to be. I was looking great, feeling great and lost a ton. No way I was gonna fall away from my goal this time. Then life happens….my husband is a gifted teacher who was working for a school consisting of inner city and underprivileged kids. It was extremely demanding and time consuming and took a toll on our family. He decided to leave that position and start his own business last year…we all know how the first year of a business goes. We’ve been battling foreclosure, financial pressure and discovering I have a 50% chance of developing breast cancer…all of which catches up and my strong stubborn self could no longer deal. I admitted I needed some help and started anti-depressants. Emotional eating kicks back in and I’m no longer where I want to be in spite of continuing my boot camp work outs. As Channel says it really is 80% what we eat….but it’s also about giving ourselves grace when life happens and continuing to put one foot in front of the other. So just like that dang box, I will pick myself back up (with the help of God, my family and lots and lots of friends!!!) and get back it!! (Plus some shin guards) “He will catch me when I fall AND He will teach me how to fly!” I LOVE my boot camp family!!!  Michele Woodman

7-6-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Christi Hodges


2 rounds:
41 KBS
11 Burpees and Butterfly Situps
11 Burpees and Butterfly Situps
41 Lunge with KB
11 Burpees and Butterfly Situps
41 Bods
11 Burpees and Butterfly Situps

A: Buy in/out 200 run, 1/2 reps
B: Buy in/out 400m
C: Buy in/out 800m


I am honored to be the Spotlight Bootcamper this week. Here's a little bit
about me. I am mentioning a not so pleasant part of my life first, because it is a
huge part of my life and it's important to me. It has made me a stronger person, who is able to appreciate the positive aspects in my life so much more than I think I would if this wasn't in my life.

I have had Systemic Lupus since 1986. I was 15. I have had to take high doses of steroids many different times, other powerful drugs to suppress my immune system, and for a year and a half I had to take the chemotherapy- Cytoxan, when the disease attacked my kidneys. Needless to say, over the past 25 years my body had gotten so out of shape and so did my eating habits. I have never been an athlete and so to get in shape at this stage in my life seemed so far out of reach to me.

I started bootcamp two and a half years ago, when Channel began coming to Specht. It was super challenging to a girl like me who hadn't done much in the way of true exercise for many years.
Regretfully, I didn't start back up with bootcamp once the school year started for 2010-11. I had gone to physical therapy all that summer for a meniscus tear and honestly was scared of hurting my knee because at times it would swell and I would have to wear a knee brace. Meanwhile, Sheri
Whitney and Sandie Schneider transferred to SES that year, and they started going to bootcamp. I watched them get into terrific shape, saw first hand how they ate Paleo faithfully and watched their bodies transform into workout machines. I knew I had to get back into it as soon as my knee was
strong enough. So after a MRI, several steriod shots and having fluid drained from that knee, I finally began feeling like I could work out again. So, since August, I have gone to ABC fulltime. I have also run (for the first time in my life) two 5Ks, and a 4 mile fun run this past school year. My entire third grade teaching team- Sheri, Sandie, Susan Hankosky and Jessica Corn were all doing bootcamp too and it was so fun. When one of us would be tired at the end of our teaching day, and would rather get in our car and just drive home, someone would be there to push the other to workout. I also loved the fact that our counselor, librarian, music teacher, nurse, speech pathologist, other teachers, and parents would be there too, all with encouraging words and support. Each with their own battles and demons, all like me in that they wanted to look and feel better. I have to look at life positively. You know, I was completely healthy until the spring of 1986 when I began my first symptoms of what my family and I would learn to be Systemic Lupus. It has definitely not been an easy disease at times, but I am so thankful and blessed for great doctors, my husband, Bret, our two sons, Dylan (14) and Dalton (4) and for my friends and extended family for all their love and support. I feel very blessed too that I now have Channel, Michelle, Gina, and Juanita in my life, who keep me going until each and every WOD I start, is completed. I also love the fact that I am meeting more and more people every time I go to PowerHouse this summer. I love all the encouragement and positivity from all of you. I look forward to many more WODs, friendships, and powerful moments together!
I would like to dedicate my WOD to all SES faculty and parent bootcampers, whom I am going to miss next school year, dearly. You mean so much to me and I hate that I won't be able to work out with you on M*W at 3:30 anymore:( Love you guys~
> Sue
> Sheri
> Sandie
> Jessica
> Michelle
> Juanita
> Kelly
> Stephanie
> Adrian
> Jasmine
> Sheryl
> Diane
> Dara
> Beverly
> Chrisanne
> Rhonda
> Charmaine
> Jennifer
> Lauren
> Sam and Keith
Keep it up guys, love you all, and I will still see you at PowerHouse!!!!!!!

6-29-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Anna Hofer

Gotta Go WOD!

Buy In/Buy Out Run
Jump Ropes (add a zero)
Squat hold w/KB (reps equals seconds)
Pike Hold (reps equals seconds)
"gotta go" run down and run back

A: 1/2 Reps 400m Buy In/Out
B: 400m Buy In/Out
C: 800m Buy In/Out

Anna's Testimony :

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been attending AMAZEn Boot Camp for almost 3 years now! Where has the time gone? I remember the first time I went to ABC. It was at Specht Elementary, where I taught at the time. I was very hesitant to go, since I was quite a workaholic at the time, (and still am). When I was in the Army, I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but a few years into retirement, I had lost my zest for fitness. I found myself always having an excuse not to attend boot camp at school, and when I did, I always had an uncomfortable feeling throughout the workouts, and I also had a couple of “accidents.” Thus, the title of my WOD, “Gotta Go!” I was so subconscious about this, and the fact that I didn’t have the energy after a long day of school. That excuse and my little “going” problem, kept me away during Channel’s first session. When it was decided that she would continue there, I decided to not only to force myself to walk out of my classroom at 3:15 p.m., but to deal with my problem as best I could. Then we had our first weight loss challenge. Prior to learning about and turning on to a paleo lifestyle, I signed up for the challenge. I could see the disappointment on Channel’s face, during the final weigh in, when I didn’t lose any weight. It was then, that I made a commitment, not only to myself, but to this amazing woman, who had the faith and confidence in me and others, to do whatever she needed to do to make us fall in love boot camp as much as she loved it. And that she did. Throughout the next two years, I continued to lose weight and attended regularly. I thought of surgery to take care of my “going” problem, but chose to control it by constantly excusing myself throughout the WOD’s, or by just doing those things I needed to do to take care of myself. A few paleo challenges, 5k’s, partner half marathon and 20 pounds later, I feel great! My self confidence is back, and I am healthier and stronger than I was throughout my 20+ years in the Army. I continue to attend regularly, and I know I am losing more inches than pounds in recent months, because of this. I now judge my weight by my clothing size and not the scale, and I try to eat paleo at least 80% of the time, as recommended. There’s no doubt that our workouts are often just plain hard, and some days I simply may not have the mental attitude to “git‘r done” the way I wish I could. But what gets me through it, is to believe that EVERYONE respects SOMEONE who works hard at each workout and finishes every rep no matter their fitness level. I always try to be that SOMEONE. AMAZEn Boot Camp is what you put into it. But I truly believe that if you don’t cheat (yourself), you’ll find people look at you with a lot more respect. Therefore, I am not concerned about being first or having the best times. I’ll never be the fastest, but I will feel better about myself when I do all my reps and try my best, even when I don’t think I can go on another round. I know Channel expects nothing less than that, and I don’t want to disappoint her ever again! Thank you and God Bless you, Channel, for pushing me, caring about me and not giving up on me! Thank you to all the AMAZEn people I have met here, for cheering each other on and pushing each other to limits that we never thought we could reach. I especially want to thank my fellow teacher pals, who’ve become more than just co-workers, but the “bestest” of friends. And finally, I want to thank my husband, Dean, and my son, Abel, who have supported me and joined me on this fitness journey. (Notice I didn’t say “weight loss” journey.) We’ve become closer as a family because of Channel and our AMAZEn boot camp buddies! I think you’ll have fun with this WOD! Sorry, gotta go! We got this! Anna

6-19-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Veronica Schindler

V-17 WOD

17 reps of each
Kettle bell swings
Shoulder taps Sets
Sit ups
Box jumps

A:400m 4 rounds
B 600m 6 rounds
C 700m 7 rounds


Wow. First off, I am very honored to be the spotlight bootcamper this week. There are so many bootcampers that work their butts off and are deserving of this distinction. I am grateful to be a part of this and for each one of you. Okay, so like everyone else, where do I start? I guess I can give you some background info about myself. I don't want to get too sappy but here it goes. I grew up in Miami in a very disfunctional and abusive family. Through all of this I always knew God was there for me and he would get me through it all. He did and those days are so long gone that I almost don't remember the bad times. I learned to not use excuses or anything as a crutch and I have always been a "strong" individual. It is so easy to give up or not try sometimes but what is the alternative? I have been fortunate that I have not had serious weight problems but 4 years ago I was feeling very tired all the time. I went to my family doctor and they suspected it was my thyroid. I was in denial so I never went to the specialist until a year later and only because it was getting worse. Once it was confirmed by the endocronologist, I knew I had to take my health seriously. I was working out frequently at Lifetime and at times had a trainer. Even though I was seeing results, sometimes it was hard to just go. Fast forward to 17 months ago to January 2011, my sweet friend Alisha tells me about this bootcamp and some blonde lady named after a perfume :) I was scared to try it but I saw how excited Alisha was and how she was looking so good so I decided to give it ago. I must confess I was scared of Alisha too LOL. Anyway, I am so grateful I decided to go and I have been a bootcamp regular for 17 months, hence the V-17 name for the WOD. Amazen Bootcamp has not only helped me to stay fit and amaze how the docs are great my test results are, but, it also nourishes my soul. I can't tell you how much of an impact each and every one of you has on me. I hate to miss a day of bootcamp because I'll miss y'all and your encouragement and I need the workout. I can't forget to thank my husband Travis for putting up with me. He isn't able to join us as often as he'd like to, but I am happy when he can. He knows how important it is to me! He also never complains about food not being on the table or my coming home late because I am enjoying conversation with my fellow bootcampers. Thanks again. Veronica

6-13-12 Spotlight Boot Campers.....Clint and Annie Tiller

THANKFUL (partner) WOD

Hollow Rock,
Angry Gorilla,
Front Squat,
Long Jump


THANKFUL for that awesome WOD!!!


TESTIMONY: Disclaimer....trying to make it to bootcamp in time so please ignore typos and grammer, no time to edit and was just speaking from the heart.

Here goes...Wow, Spotlight Bootcamper, what an honor. There is still so much more I want to achieve and do not feel quite deserving but thank you very much. As I sit here I am not sure what to type but here goes and I hope it is not a small novel! August 2011.....depressed, feeling tired, lazy, no motivation to do anything, planned daily agendas around taking a nap, hated myself in pictures, dreamed of taking naps, hated to be in a swimsuit much less naked, envious of people who had the will power and motivation to workout and eat healthy. I hated my weight and how I looked but was doing nothing about it. Often I would use the excuse that Clint loves me no matter what so I'm good. We would sit and look at each other and say "I love you babe, I love you too baby, okay let's order Mexican food and pig out, YUM!". You can see the potential for a major health train wreck, for the both of us! For most of my life I was able to maintain a healthy weight by doing almost nothing. I would fluctuate with babies, spells of depression, etc. but was just now realizing that the glory days were over, my metabolism was not the same, and I was sitting at a weight heavier than when I delivered my first baby and at 31.4% body fat. It was time to do something. I tried to get Channel to do classes at my school and after a month of large district red tape we knew it was not going to work. I was so mad and sad when it did not! I wanted the convenience of it being close, easy to fit in the schedule, not too far out of my way, excuses, excuses, excuses. This was when a short, pretty, spunky powerhouse (we all know who that is) challenged me to do the September Paleo challenge. She wanted me to do it for 6 weeks and go to class at least 3 times a week. She wanted a total commitment. Anxiety and nerves began immediately, could I do this? Did I want to do this? I read the email on a Sunday, made my decision and began the challenge that Monday. FEAR......Was I going to be the most out of shape one there? Was everyone going to be hard bodies? Was I going to be embarrassed by what I could not do? So on and so on..... When you are short (5'1") and in smaller size clothing it is amazing what you can camouflage. At times people would make comments that I was too hard on myself. My standard reply was "you have not seen me naked", in my mind I was like "you do not feel like I feel"! Let me tell you, that first day at ABC I was asked to do less than I thought I could. Oh, please, I am not that out of shape, I can do more than that. I must have been remembering the glory days because everyone kicked my ass! I was totally having to do the step out burpee and really wanted to skip count so it seemed like I was not as out of shape as I was. No one would know if I counted correctly or not, right?! I remembered Channel saying that this was "MY" workout and no one else's. I had to be true to myself and to others that were there working on the same thing. Weeks of anxiety before every class followed. As those weeks went by and I was encouraged by others and I fell in love with this process. That is how this ABC journey started for me and there are so many things I am "THANKFUL" for. Thankful for Channel and what she has provided to my family and me. Our journey together in each others lives dates back to 1997 and I cannot even express in words the bonds that I have with this beautiful lady.

T- Teamwork- thankful for how everyone pushes each other and works together. Showing our kids that we are putting health as a priority and working as a team. Love the even my 61 year old mother in law does this with us as a team!

H- Happiness- Feel so much happier in day to day life, when those endorphins kick in there is no denying them. Happy to by a sleeveless shirt and actually feel good wearing it.

A- Acceptance- Acceptance of what I can control and change and what I cannot. This has really empowered us in the decisions we make.

N- Never ending encouragement. I remember doing the Murphy WOD back in the fall and really thinking they were going to close the building down before I finish. Lyell and Sandie (who I barely knew) sandwiched me during the final run and pushed me to the end. I remember thinking "do not talk to me because I am concentrating on just breathing and putting one foot in front of the other" as they talked with ease. Thankful to everyone who encourages, notices, and simply says Hi! It makes a difference.

K- knowledge-Knowing that I have the best hubby who never once complained about me leaving him in the evening to feed, bath, and put to bed 3 kids while mommy went to boot camp. His support is unending and I would have never been able to do this without him.

F- Full of energy.-No more naps on the brain, instead it is all about how much I can get done in one day.

U- Unity- The fact that Clint and I are on the journey together makes it all the better. I love that we now pass up happy hour with neighbors to go workout together.

L- Love- the new love I have for working out and making it to bootcamp. Loving myself more than I used to and loving the new friends I have made on this journey. Love how HOT my hubby is looking! Love, Annie

First I would like to say just how “Thankful” and honored I am to be an “aMAZEn” Spotlight Bootcamper , especially together with my wonderful wife. Thank you Channel and those who thought us worthy. I was talked into this journey by Annie this past November and let me just say I was truly surprised. I weighed about 236 lbs. and my body fat was 26%. I just felt uncomfortable all the time. I would go running 3-4 times a week and felt that was doing good. I remember sitting on Channel’s front porch one day telling her that I was running all the time so that I could still eat whatever I wanted. The look she game me was priceless. I guess the run was not doing much. Every time Annie would come home after a WOD and say “that was a tough one” I would be thinking “you’re just not use to it, how hard could it be?” However I started to notice the changes Annie was going through, how much better she started to look, the healthier she started to eat and the love she showed for the boot camp family. I wanted that and she wanted that for me. My first WOD was Tuesday W.O.D. Count up by 3's, pushups, back squats, box jump (16”) and I did 24 in 20:30. I was not a happy bootcamper the next day, but thanks to my fabulous wife and her dedication I stuck with it and I feel so much better today. For that, I truly thank Channel, and all the girls that help her so very much, for making me a better person and getting me healthier at 40 than I have been since the police academy back in 1993 at the age of 20. You all are awesome, great motivators and great people. Annie, thank you so much for being there for me and giving me the motivation and support that I needed to push through this, I love you very much! Clint

6-6-12 Spotlight Boot Camper....Kirk Schneider

Shat Happens WOD

Butterfly Situps

A: 400m buyin/out 40,20
B: 400m Buyin/out 40,30,20,10
C: 800m buyin/out 40,32,24,16,8

Kirk's Testimony:

I am still shocked that I am the aMAZEn Spotlight Bootcamper. This is such a honor, challenge and compliment. I was introduced to aMAZEn by my lovely wife Sandie Schneider a year and a half ago. Soon after that I was challenged to attend a WOD with her, I quickly declined. At the time I was an extremely unhealthy 240 lbs. with blood pressure of 225/195, needing prescription medications (only 34 years old). I soon started noticing changes in Sandie. She started to lose weight like crazy and get muscles I have never seen on her. This motivated me to try to prep my body so that I could attend a WOD with her. I was so scared to go to aMAZEn Bootcamp in fear of my ego, that I would be made to look like a fool, getting whooped by girls and people a lot older than me. Well, it took till mid October 2011 for me to have a life changing moment. I decided that if I wanted to be around to see my children grow up and enjoy the most important moments of their lives and be the best husband for my now hot-bodied, energetic wife I needed to make some serious life changes quickly. That took me controlling some bad habits. I hesitantly went to my first WOD. I about died and was wondering if getting healthy was going to kill me first. All I remember about the WOD was there were lunges and on the second set I lunged and instead of standing up, I stumbled backwards and fell flat on my butt. Luckily, I was in the back row and I don't think anyone saw it. On that first day I immediately felt welcomed by many different types of people, I felt as if I was joining a new family. I loved it and needed it at that time of my life. In no time I was feeling stronger, faster and started losing weight. After about two months of WODing and paleo I went to my doctor. I had not been on my blood pressure medication for two weeks and I pleasantly found out that my blood pressure was perfectly normal. I thank God, and Channel for making aMAZEn Bootcamp exist. I am now on my eighth month of bootcamp and have lost 40 lbs., 8% body fat and actually feel that ABC is one of the most important things in my family's life. Thank you, Sandie, for prying me off of the couch and being my mentor in this journey. Thank you Channel for all that you do in so many peoples' lives, including mine, and thank you ABC family for always being there to push me and carry on each of your journeys along side me. I have achieved goals and have made new ones that I would have never thought I could do. I truly love my ABC family. THANK YOU ALL!!!! WE GOT THIS!! BTW I hope ya'll do not kill me after this "SHAT HAPPENS" WOD. Kirk

5-30-12 Spotlight Boot Camper....Shanna Dreibrodt

Drei Run WOD

50 Jump Ropes ea series
Run 200m ea series w/bar

A:Start @ 8
B:Start @ 10
C: Start @ 11

Shanna's Testimony:

Oh My Gosh is all I can say and if you know my that is hard to believe. I couldn’t believe it when I read the email Thursday morning saying I was this weeks spotlight bootcamper. I heard a few years ago of this new thing called aMAZEn Bootcamp. I met Channel when her son Weston was at our school. I had done the Curves and the Why Weight thing but wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see. Of course I’ve tried EVERY diet known to man. My cousin was trying to get me to do Crossfit but I’ll be honest that scared me to death. My Aunt Sheri talked about aMAZEn bootcamp for a while and I considered it but I wanted to loose weight before I went. HA HA!!!! Then September 7, 2011 Amanda Shippey said just come with me... That day has changed my life forever!!!! Never in my life have I looked forward to working out. I get upset if my schedule doens’t allow me to go to bootcamp. I’ve even been known to do my own wods when I can’t go to class. I just love the family that has been created. These people really care about what’s going on in your life. I thank God each and every day that they were brought into my life. ABC hasn’t just changed my life but also my kids. My 11 year old makes us wods for us to do together. They want to run with me during 5ks. We have burpee contests at home. Reagan, my 6 year old can’t wait to go to ABC kidz. My husband is just wonderful through all of this. He just knows now when I say I’m going to bootcamp there’s no arguing. I’m going... And that’s it. :) I’ve set goals that I never thought I would achieve. Six years ago I watched my best friend run her first half marathon. At that point I just wanted to do 5ks, I just never thought that was possible. Because of Channel, Gina, Michelle and Juanita I’ve been able to see my dream come true. I even did Beach to Bay this year and can’t wait to do it again. Thank you ladies for the encouragement and push I need. I owe my new life to all of you. If I can do this truly anyone can!!!!! I love you all!!! SHANNA

5-23-12 Spotlight Boot Camper....Donnie McIntosh

Happy 1/2 Hour WOD
24 Beer Curls Each (Reverse Lunge Curls)
24 Slam Shots (Slam Ball and Burpee Combo)
1 Beer Run (Run)

A: 200 Amrap 23 min
B: 400 Amrap 27 min
C: 400 Amrap 30 min


First off let me say I am honored and did not expect this at all! My boot camp journey started two years ago watching Channel chase her dream of not only owning a successful boot camp, but also teaching and motivating people like me to be fit. Mulkey and Lucas would show up every day harassing me, wanting to know why my ass wasn't doing it! I just ignored the fact that they were right, afterall I was 202 pounds with 26% body fat. I live within yelling distance to Powerhouse. Every morning I would wake up to the sound of Channel's voice pushing, encouraging and motivating each of you; I think she would yell louder on purpose to wake me up! So I figured since I am awake I might as well try it. I showed up and did the workout; and to be honest, I HATED it!! I kept coming and in time this 202 pound guy dropped to 178 and my 26% body fat went down 17%; I truly felt better,I have more energy and I have been hooked ever since!
I want to thank Channel for keeping me motivated and helping me change not just my body, but how to give and do for people in need. Not trying to brown nose the leader, but we are very blessed to have such a wonderful Godly women in our lives that inspires us to be a better person. I want to thank everybody that is a part of amazen boot camp I consider yall all my friends. Donnie

5-7-12 Spotlight Boot Camper....Beverly Almaraz

Veinticinco WOD

25 Jump Ropes
25 Slamballs
25 Supermans
AMRAP 25 min

Beverly's Testimony:

First and foremost, I am very honored to be selected as your spotlight bootcamper of the week! What a true encouragement that is!!! Thank you, I am very appreciative! My aMAZEn bootcamp journey started in November 2010 after much encouragement from many fellow Specht teachers telling me I could do it. Needless to say I was very intrigued from seeing all the fantastic results happening before my eyes. i.e. weight flying off, taller and toner looking teachers!! I have always loved to walk and can do it for miles, but I wanted a challenge, so I signed up, officially bought my first punch card, tied my shoelaces and was ready to go. After that first session with Channel was over……..I quietly limped away and said to myself, “What have you gotten yourself into???” Oh my goodness..….I was hurtin’ and feeling that pain for a week with thoughts running through my head saying, “Oh noooo, can I really do this… really did it this time!!!”
The one thing I will confess is that I am not a quitter. Even when something is incredibly difficult, there is no way I am stopping…my mind will not let me go there. It will get finished, even if I am the last one! So week after week I made a beeline from my classroom to the gym, staring off with one WOD a week, slowly increasing it to twice a week. As of May 2012, I have seen more results in my body then I have ever seen or felt before with any type of workout. I am so thankful to God for planting me where He wants me to be and for giving me that tremendous and life-changing opportunity to be a part of Channel’s aMAZEn bootcamp. With the help of Channel, I have dropped 25 pounds, 2 dress sizes, completed the Race at the Ranch 5K, where I actually ran the majority of the time, am toner, healthier, happier and just love life!!! So thank you once again Channel for bringing the gift of exercise to us in the schools and instilling & setting the example that is needed for success. I also want to thank all my fellow boot campers for their smiles and words of encouragement in helping me get through the WODS. I really do need that push at times, especially from Juanita, Jasmine, Sheri, Sandie, Channel and Coach Michelle. I just love ya’ll a lot!! Also, it was fun thinking and writing up my own workout and I hope ya’ll like it. It is called the, “Vienticinco WOD,” and that’s how you say the number 25 in Spanish, considering that’s the amount of weight I have lost so far. Lastly, I want to thank God, who is the most important person in my life! I praise you every day for the wonderful & healthy bodies you have given us. May I always be reminded to not take that lightly, that you are my utmost strength whom I can always rely on. I LOVE YOU! Hugs, Beverly 


Beverly is such a joy to see at Specht. I absolutely love her smile!!! So beautiful. No matter how hard the wod, Beverly never complains and she gets it done. Don't let her quiet and smiling ways fool you - She is very determined and tough! I am proud of her for working so hard, and she has lost 25 pounds! Thank you, Beverly, for always being a ray of sunshine! Lyell

I'm so excited that you are the spotlight bootcamper this week! You are so awesome. I love to work out with you. You always have a great attitude when we are doing the WOD that it is contagious. I also love that you give it your all when doing a workout and that inspires me to keep working harder. I appreciate that you don't try to be the quickest but focus on technique so you get the most out of your workout. Bev, I love you and love being your friend. You are also looking great! Keep up the good work and keep spreading those smiles. :) Staci

Beverly is such an inspiration to me. She reminds me to get your work out done! Period! Simple, never any whining or crying about it's just finish it!Her diligence and positive attitude have paid off! Beverly looks wonderful and her trained body is looking good!!!!WTG Beverly! Thank you for being such a great example of a hard working woman! Love you friend! Juanita Gatrelle

I am so proud of the journey that Beverly is making in her quest to become
healthy. Beverly started about the same time when I did and I can totally
see a difference with her energy, commitment and physical appearance. Also,
I have noticed that she gives it her all during her WODS and pushes through
to the end. She is always up for a challenge and is willing to try new
things. Congratulations Beverly, on being chosen as Spotlight Bootcamper.
You rock!!!! Jasmine

You are such a beautiful person inside and out! You're like a ray of sunshine on our Specht campus. I love that you come to every WOD with a smile on your face. You have a positive outlook no matter what torture we're about to go through! We've all seen you push yourself over many months, getting stronger and running further. I'm so proud of you! Your hard work is paying off. You look great! ((hugs)) Sheri

When I think of Beverly, I think of 2 things. Smiles and Hard Work. This is a lady that works hard to complete each and every WOD she faces. She competes only with herself, working each and every day to better herself and get stronger. AND she always does it with a SMILE on her face! Whether she is doing her first curl, her 50th burpee, or her last 400m run, she is smiling and cheering on all of us. I admire her work ethic, her stamina, and her enthusiasm. As a colleague, Beverly is just as supportive, happy and hard working. She is so caring to each and every one of her students. She helps teachers, like me, by giving strategies and ideas for how to help struggling students. She is an expert in her field, and it shows in the progress of her students.Beverly, I am so honored and excited to be a part of a WOD that honors YOU. You deserve this, and I am looking forward to working out alongside you tomorrow and for many days afterward! Big Hugs! Sandie

Beverly is a quiet source to be reckoned with. She is a tenacious, go-getter! Her choice to get healthy has been so wonderful to see over the school year. My 4 yr old sees her once a week for speech, and has noticed a difference in her appearance. To quite him, " How come Ms. Beverly is not as fluffy?" I of course am appalled when he says things like this, but children just say what they are thinking!
Her way with children is amazing, and so is her positive attitude at bootcamp! Way to go Beverly! I <3 you!

I feel like I've gotten to be a part of watching you learn how to ride a bike for the first time. Prolly a weird analogy, but I've watched you go from training wheels in Boot Camp to flying down a hill full speed with no hands!!!!! Yes!!!! Your transformation, confidence and abilities have been a blessing to watch! I love walking up to you and you giving me the head've got this and your gonna do this you just need a second and then before I know it your off and running again. You are a coaches dream as you have the willingness and drive to work as hard as you possibly can. I'm so excited to get to do this WOD in your honor! You are an incredible blessing to our Boot Camp family! Much love, Channel

4-30-12 Spotlight Boot Camper....Coach Michelle Lyell


Nasties - each
Jumping Jacks

A:5-10-15 1/4 Myell Run 15-10-5
B:10*20*30 - 1/2 Myell Run - 30*20*10
C: 20*30*40 - One Myell Run - 40*30*20

*13 Burpee LJ's- ea series
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We LOVE our skippin' and bouncing Coach Michelle!!!!

Michelle's Testimony:

Wow! I was shocked and in disbelief when Channel announced me as the Spotlight Bootcamper - "What?!? I'm a coach! I don't deserve this", were my thoughts. Then I started to think about how I have gotten to where I am today, and why aMAZEn Bootcamp is so important to me - this can be some deep thinking! I would not be where I am at if it weren't for my family, Channel, and all of you aMAZEn Bootcampers - I mean that! I am so blessed and happy. This spotlight is a "thank you" to each one of you...from the originals who believed in Channel and got this awesome bootcamp started, to those of you were once the newbie and are now the pro's helping others along, to those of you who are always so welcoming and supportive, to those of you who just started and are making a difference in your life, and as many of us know, that difference spreads to others. I love seeing my family doing bootcamp with me, with my girls even making up wods at home, and being on this journey with me. What you bring to my life is indescribable. Your presence has helped me so many times when you don't even realize it.
My story, well, I've had a pretty normal life. I loved sports, and wish I could have competed in more sports. Anyway, I was a Swimmer when I in elementary school, then we moved. I ran track a year (but hated it). Then I joined the high school swim team in 10th grade. That is when my love of fitness really developed. I learned the importance of team work even in an individual sport, how working hard pays off, believing in myself, doing things I did not think was possible....reminds me of our bootcamp today! My dad also had a stroke during this time (I was 15), and I was in charge of taking him to his physical therapy, and I worked with him in the pool. This is when I decided I wanted to be in Sports Medicine / Physical Therapy. Fast forward a year or so later, time to move AGAIN (4th time, I think)....during 11th grade. By this time, I think my friendships all became superficial...I figured there was no point in making good friends when they will just be out of your life again. Also, everyone already has friends, so why would they want me? Swim team was a joke, so I lost all I worked hard at. By the end of the 12th grade, time to move again, but this time I said no. Completely on my own at 17. Guess that'll make you pretty independent. I got a boring accounting degree cause that is "safe" when you have a jealous way would Sports Medicine work...he also took about all of my self esteem away, and I was on my way to an eating disorder. Finally, I broke away, and graduated college and built myself back up, cause you shouldn't depend on anyone else to make you feel good about yourself.

Fast forward through the rest of my 20' married to my wonderful husband Shane, (we are about to celebrate 16 years)...years of eating and drinking was intermittent, though it always made me feel good....worked hard....moved...
Then I get close to 30, I start working out often and I am in pretty good shape...lowest weight I've had been in many years. Then I am pregnant - yea! Wow, that little Mallory really turned my life around. My focus changed to setting better examples, growing up, and eating to fuel me. Trying to work out diligently is hard while balancing a full time job, but I maintained ok. Then baby #2. Not sure of all the weight gain with each. But it sure did take some time coming off (ok, it didn't really come off over the years). Then at 2, Sydney lands in the hospital with an infection in her hip from a upper respiratory infection. I had just started a 2nd job right while we were moving (again). This is when I learned to readjust my priorities, making God, family and health most important (yes, I am still growing in these areas, but I am trying!). I think through this experience God was telling me to slow down, enjoy life and my beautiful girls, and to "do what you like, like what you do". I am grateful to Shane for supporting me in this. I started exercising at the local YMCA, a small one located in our neighborhood. I still had my 1st accounting job, which by now is part time from home, but I was not passionate about it (**NEWS FLASH>>> As I am writing this, I think, why am I still holding onto this job, no matter how easy it is....SO I just now called my boss and quit! <<<***). What I wanted to do was help others in their journey to health and happiness...I wanted to teach fitness and become a personal trainer. So I hired a personal trainer, learned as much as I could, got certified, and after a few months working at a kickboxing/personal training studio, I was asked to work at the YMCA. This is where most of my learning took place, with my personal trainer being my mentor. I was in the best shape of my life, using many functional total body- style moves and workouts (like we do at bootcamp) and I lost about 25 pounds. Things were going well, I had a good life/work balance, and the girls were happy - I was finally feeling my gypsy spirit settling down. I was learning from a military wife who had reached out to me as a friend, that no matter how long you are in a place, go ahead and make it the best you can, and don't hold back from making friends. But then it was time to move, this time away from family, to Texas!
So, here we are, with no one around. Months go by. I try to work out, just can't find my groove. The big gyms just don't appeal to me, none of the classes are doing it for me, I hardly go. Then all the pains start coming out from arthritis and other ailments in my knees and back. So, I stop trying, and the pounds come on. The physical therapist tells me I need to strengthen my muscles so that my joints can be supported. What, after where I was 8 months ago to being told I was not strong enough?!?
So, I see Channel walking around Johnson Ranch looking good in her I heart Bootcamp tanks, and most importantly happy, and I see her car in the parking lot with the aMAZEn Bootcamp magnet on her email. I knew I needed a change, so I thought I would check out aMAZEn Bootcamp (I watched a class at Specht before being brave enough to participate). I became addicted immediately! With aMAZEn Bootcamp, what I feel from the environment and from the people, how I feel after a workout, and even before a workout, can't be beat. It is all I do, usually 3 times per week (maybe 4 when I can squeeze it in), plus some yoga. I have lost about 8% body fat and 15 pounds.
I subbed for Channel last June, and was it hard to fill those shoes! But my passion was re-ignited. And it hasn't stopped - I am always studying and trying to learn more about the body, sport, and injuries. It excites me! When she asked me to become a coach in August, I was beyond thrilled. I knew God was guiding me. You see, I have always been a Christian, just maybe not practiced it outright. Through bootcamp, I have grown so much spiritually, and for that I will forever be grateful. I learned it is ok to be comfortable in your faith, it is ok to ask for or accept help or prayers, and I pray daily for everyone at bootcamp, whether in whole, or by name. I have met so many outstanding and inspiring women and men who make me a better person. As a result of some of my life experiences, I still have a hard time growing in my friendships, learning to not hold back, but so many have reached out to me that I am so touched (yes, crying right now).

What all this comes down to is Not how I look or what shape I am in, but how I have been blessed by this opportunity and by your friendships, and how I have learned that focus on my family, fellowship, and faith is important. I have never felt so loved and welcome and embraced as I do from ABC. You have been there for me when Shane was in the hospital, when my dog died, when I needed advice, when I turned 40, for bible studies, when I am having a bad day, or even when I am not! I am learning what friendship and fellowship mean, and how to be an example of Jesus to others. So, thank you to my family for supporting me and being awesome, to Channel for the opportunity and inspiration, and to each one of you for the little things that are big things. This wods for you!

Disclaimer....The Myell High Wod name, although super cool, is due to Channel's crazy and creative thinking, which resulted in the run....wish I would've just come up with a name myself....sorry! You know I don't exactly enjoy running, and that I envy many of you for that, but I guess we need to be more thankful that we have a healthy body that allows us to run.....and walk......Lyell
Affirmations for Lyell:

I was excited and a little nervous when Michelle
told me that she was going to be the spotlight bootcamper. Excited
because I get to put this note together, nervous because that means she is
going to be putting together a WOD.
In May, Michelle and I will have been married for 16
years. I cannot believe that it has been that long. It has been a
pretty good ride for Team Lyell. We met in Atlanta, GA. Michelle
was a bartender and working on her accounting degree. I had just recently
graduated from college and was starting my career in the restaurant industry.
I was Michelle’s manager for a brief period of time and as I like to say,
“at least I was her boss for a minute or two”.
Michelle and I have moved around quite a bit. It
was during our second stay in Orlando that Michelle found what I believe to be
her life’s work and passion. She was always good at accounting but I
don’t know that she was passionate about it. We had joined a small branch
of the YMCA and Michelle was taking a few classes and one day she came home and
said, “I am really enjoying taking these classes and going to the Y. I am
thinking about getting certified and becoming a personal trainer and class instructor.”
My response was, “go for it”. Michelle said, “First, I probably
need to look the part” and in my usual supportive way I responded, “yes, that
is probably a step in the right direction”. You see, Michelle
wasn’t always the fit, buff, burpee machine that she is today. Two kids
and our lifestyle took a little toll. For a longtime our motto pre-kids could
have been summed up as work hard and play harder. Often the play part
involved malted beverages and chicken wings. I have some pictures of Michelle that
really aren’t that old that would be very motivating when compared with
pictures of today. It wasn’t like she need to lose 100lbs or anything
quite that impressive but I’d say she has dropped a good 30-40 and she now has
muscles that she never had before.
Michelle embraced her new fitness endeavor with
fierce motivation. She got a bunch of books from the library and I mean a
bunch. We are talking everything from fitness certification manuals,
books on diet, biology, exercise physiology, muscle training, etc, etc, etc.
She also started working with a personal trainer at the YMCA and it
wasn’t long before she was getting the needed certifications to teach group
fitness classes. Along the way she also impressed the fitness director at
the YMCA with her commitment and passion. Michelle started filling in
teaching classes and it wasn’t long before she was teaching strength classes,
cardio, cycling, abs, and even zumba. From a work standpoint this was one
of the happiest that I had ever seen her and she had always been pretty happy.
I knew she had found her true passion and life’s work. Well, all of
this great stuff was going on, and my company asked me to relocate to TX.
For me it was another step and accomplishment of a career goal. But
I came home that day thinking, how do I bring up to Michelle another move?
The first thing she said is, “what am I going to tell the Y?” After
long discussions and thinking about pros and cons Team Lyell made the decision
to move again. I just personally thought to myself that perhaps I had
made a very big mistake. I have a wife that has supported me through 16
years. She has sacrificed her career at times so that I could grow mine,
she has been and is an incredible wife and great mother, she has put up with my
B.S. too many times to count and here we go, off to TX and she gives up
something that she has put so much time into and has been so passionate about.
We get to Texas and we join Spectrum but I could
tell that Michelle just wasn’t all that into it. She really didn’t like
the gym or the classes. She would go and takeover a little corner of the
gym and work harder than most anyone in the gym. When I would ask her
about getting back into teaching or personal training she would respond with, “maybe
in a little while once we get settled”. I am thinking to myself as much
as we have moved it doesn’t take us long to get settled and we are settled.
It just seemed like the passion she had was gone.
So I don’t even know how it happened, I will leave
that story to Michelle, but she ended up taking some classes at Comal Crossfit
and then at Amazen Boot Camp. Michelle started talking about these
classes and I could see that fire in the eye again. She started
researching crossfit and studying again. One day she came home and said,
Channel is going out of town and has asked me if I will teach some of her
classes. My response was cool and my thought was I hope it works out
well. The week passed and Michelle was very excited when Channel returned
and told her that the group had given her favorable reviews. Michelle was
even more excited when Channel asked her to start teaching on a regular basis.
The rest, as they say is history, and God’s will. And to think for
a second that I was second guessing our move to the Lone Star State.
I just have a couple more things to share. I
believe that Michelle is so passionate about fitness and teaching because she
has a gift for helping and inspiring others. Often, she is up late on the
computer doing research to help someone modify an exercise or find out how to
help treat an injury. Even to this day she continues to educate herself
to better help others. She has rediscovered her true passion in Texas.
Michelle loves Amazen Boot Camp, Channel, the Boot Camp Family and everything
for which it stands.
Over the past 16 years I have watched Michelle
grow into a strong, confident woman. She is strong in her faith in Christ
and her belief in the importance of family. She is smart, funny, and is
passionate about fitness and inspiring others. She can be intense and
pushes hard but most things worth having don’t come easy. Most
importantly, Michelle is a fantastic mother and wife. I often wonder how
I got so lucky.
Shane Lyell

-My mom is awesome. I love her so much. She is the best mom in the world. I love how she always helps me when I need it and she is funny too. She helps me with my homework and takes me to fun places. She is also a great coach for all the people at boot camp.
Mallory Lyell

-Mom reads to me every night and I love that. I also like when she gives me a big hug. I have the best mom ever.
Sydney Lyell

I love Coach Lyell. I
remember when she first started coaching at ABC and I thought, "Man, she's
really big on stretching." I've come to appreciate the attention she gives
to stretching and form. She really pushes me to do my best. Coach Lyell always
has a smile and a great sense of humor about everything she gets from those of
us who can't help but verbalize how we feel throughout the WODs. I am so inspired
by Coach Lyell's passion for physical fitness. She sets a great example for all
of us. I've never seen anyone do nastys like her..and with a smile! And those
arms! OMG, she has awesome arms!
Mostly, I love Coach Lyell's spirit. She is such a
genuine person and so kind. I can always see God's love and kindness in her.
Yeah Coach Lyell!!! Can't wait to do your WOD!

I remember when Coach Lyell started boot camp when
we were working out at Rim Rock. I knew immediately that this girl knew
her stuff and there was something special about her. Boy was I right.
She has been such a positive influence in my journey to getting healthy.
Always there with positive reinforcement and an encouraging word.
AND knowledgeable about the body? YES….just look at her! She
is amazing and she leads by example. Did I mention thoughtful? When
my husband was down after having two surgeries back to back, Michelle was
always calling and texting to check on him…and me….she keeps up with my Dr.
appointments on my shoulder and knee, and will text to see how it went an how I
am doing…and then took the time to write me up a very detailed list of WOD
modifications for my shoulder injury. I love this girl and am
thrilled to have her as a teammate for Beach to Bay. Michelle…you and
Shane are very special people. I am so glad that God has brought you into
my life and our bootcamp family. Thank you for all that you do and just
for being you. Big, big hugs! Love you girlie!! Sheri Kitchen

I am so thankful that I get the best of both
worlds with Michelle. Not only do I get to coach with her but I also get
to WOD with her too! When Michelle is coaching me I know that she will
push me to that point where sometimes I don’t want
to go, but with her inspiration she makes me! Ha Ha- good stuff!
And when I workout with Michelle she also pushes me to work out just as
hard. Michelle is such a giving and loving person and I can see that
through the way she gives to everyone and to her family. She has been
there for me when I needed someone to talk to. Michelle is so thoughtful
and I truly admire her. I always learn from Michelle whether it is from
the spiritual side, the loving side or the coaching side. The goodness of
her heart shines throughout her face and I am so ever thankful that she is a
part of my life and a true friend.  Many Blessing,Gina

Michelle, your smile and energy are contagious!
Thank you for the cold towels… you are always serving up safety with a smile! Melissa

When we moved to Indian Springs you and the girls gave us such a warm welcome. You
really helped our new neighborhood feel more like home. I appreciate your
friendship so much!! Thank you for consistently nudging me to come to ABC!! I
love it!! It has changed my life! I appreciate your on going encouragement as
well as your accountability. You are such an inspiration and I hope that
somewhere down the line I can at least be half the coach that you are. Thank
you for all that you are and all that you do!!
Love, Katie

Michelle I think you are one of the sweetest
people I know!!! My first week at Bookcamp you were so nice to me! Always with
a smile on your face! Made me feel very comfortable going! Also you totally
rock as a coach!! A little scary!! Haha!! Even while you are in the middle of
your own workout , you are still cheering people on!! I have heard more people
talk about how great you look also, that you are an inspiration to them, and to
me !!!! Thanks for always being there with a smile on your face and so
cheery!!! You so deserve to be in the spotlight ;) Kristi Gevara

Is so beautiful inside and out. She is a great
motivator, is very genuine and she does burpees like a machine!

Lyell, Lyell, Lyell~
Where to begin... The first time I met you was
what seem to be forever ago you were coaching a class for channel because she
wasn't feeling well... I had never seen you before but you in your always
loving manner approached me like we had known each other for years and taught
an awesome class (like always). We later became closer as you began coaching
more and soon you became my inspiration... I want your arms! Every curl,
thruster, push press, burpees, push up I do... I always say, "don't quit
if you ever plan on getting Michelle's arms". Later as I began coaching we
became friends... I really appreciate your friendship, your wisdom, your go get
em' attitude, your beautiful daughters and your love for fitness... You are
super woman and I am honored to know you! Thanks for being an awesome coach!!
Luv ya! Waters

Sweet Michelle - your smile lights up the whole
place. Even when you are yelling, I mean encouraging, you are smiling and
lovely. Thanks for the pushing, instructing, and soothing words that keep
me motivated when I don't want to be. Your kindness shines through you
all the time. I especially enjoy when you are teaching and Channel is
working out with our group cause she gets yelled at, I mean encouraged, to do
more and it makes me feel good!!! Is that mean of me? I wish you a
great WOD and a beautiful life because you deserve it. - Tammie Onderdonk

Michelle, the coach with the eyes in the back of
her head! I swear! My first day of cross fit ever was
at Specht Elementary (a performance WOD) with
Coach Lyell. I was terrified, and out of shape! She
welcomed me, gave me great instructions and
modifications and I was on my way. I didn’t feel awkward
or singled out like I was expecting. Michelle
knows just when to push and how and still makes you feel
good about it somehow? It is really hard to
explain….It’s like she is some kind of mind reader! I think
she knows when I am just about to give in, because
that’s when I hear “come on Sheryl, get it lower!”
or “you can go a little faster!” Every once in a
while she will decide, not me, that it is time for me to go
up in weights. I LOVE that! Michelle is a coach
with a heart of gold, and a spirit like no other.
Sheryl Moreno

M-yell, Excuse my rambling but you will get it at the
end......Me, like a lot of folks don't like change. I started this new exercise
program called Crossfit Bootcamp March 2010 because what I was doing was
obviously not working...drug my feet. Used this thing called a kettlebell...oh
that's 15lb the lightest? Jump this 12 in box (yes that was the
smallest we had) uh, no way. Squat & lift that bar over my head that
weighs 12lbs (yes again lightest weight) okay but I'm not happy! Then Channel wanted
to quit. WTH ? I'm committed now.
Then it happened a few months later. If you build
it they will come. More people start to attend. More locations were added. More
times per day. Now she is spread too thin. Channel is hiring more
coaches. She's going to slim her schedule down & have others coach us. I'm
not going if I have another coach, I don't want someone who does not know me
"yelling" at me. Period.
I read the blog page about the new coaches to get
the scoop.
Then, I meet Michelle because she was coming to
Powerhouse to workout. Holy moly she makes EVERYTHING look so easy when
we are working out. Bouncy. Smooth. Effortless. Weightless. Beats me by
10's of minutes not just minutes! I will say I was not used to her voice
at first...she is so dang positive, "you got this Mulkey!" I am
more honest & sometimes (most times) yell back how I really feel...cause
it's not always "I got this" it is usually "this sucks!"
I do like how she pushes me especially when we work out at the same time.
Some how she can workout, breathe, count & cheer you on-at the same time.
She is a keeper! The change was good.
Congratulations on YOUR special day Michelle! Mulkey

I remember when Michelle Lyell initially came to
bootcamp, as a participant. She was quietly supportive while being a
strong physical force. Then when Channel decided to expand her class
schedule, and add more instructors, Michelle seemed a logical choice because of
her training in physical fitness and conditioning. However, it must have been
hard to bring someone in to conduct classes in the same gracious, loving,
supportive and spiritual way that Channel had been. As I began to know
Michelle better, it became obvious that She WAS the perfect choice. She
is thoughtful, highly knowledgable, insightful, kind and always offering
suggestions on technique and form to prevent injury. Michelle, you have been a
blessing to me and to countless others. Looking forward to being teammates at
B2B, and enjoying life's journey together. Xoxoxo Fullerton

I adore Michelle!!! She’s like this quiet strong
force who has such a fun way of loving and motivating each of us. I think she
literally bounces half the time!! Where do you get your energy???!!!! (must be
the Spark!) She is always smiling and has such an incredible heart and genuine
care for each of us. I’ve gotten to know Michelle on multiple levels….coach,
church member, teammate (24 day challenge and Beach 2 Bay….Go Runnin’ Like the
Winded!!) and friend. You are the real deal and I can’t wait for our girl
weekend in Corpus….oh yea….guess we’ll have to do a little running somewhere in
there too!! HA!!! Love Ya! Michele Woodman

Michelle was the first person I saw when I walked
through that door scared about what I was about to get myself into. She
made me feel like I had known her for a long time . It got me through my first
class. Since then she has always motivated me- when she coaches and even
when she is doing the WOD. Thank you so much , Michelle !!! Pugh

I just love my new friend and coach Michelle!
Michelle - so thrilled God brought you into my
life. You are so fun to talk and laugh with. You have an inner
strength and steadfastness about you that just draws people to you.
And on the boot camp field - you are a force to be
reckoned with! You push and challenge just the right amount - so
that we truly appreciate you when it is all over.
With your sweet and confident head shake and direct look, you inspire me
to keep going when I would rather quit. Thank you for all the
encouragement and for believing in us all! Blessings,Cathi Heare

Michelle has been such a positive addition to ABC!
She has personally helped me so much with my hip injury and given me so many
ways to help myself. Thank You Michelle for caring about me and always smiling!
I have never seen such positive energy come out of someone. I enjoyed getting
to know you even more at our Bible study this Fall. You are awesome! Kelly Raney

We are all so blessed to have you as a work out
buddy, a friend and a great coach.
You are consistantly up beat with a beautiful big
You encourage all of us to work hard.
You are purposeful yet easy going.
Your directions are so clear and complete.
You have always made me feel welcomed and
You have a peaceful and grace filled presence.
Thank you for being you. Love you, Sherry Outlaw

Love Me Some Coach Lyell! Not only are you
knowledgable, motivating and challenge us to be our best, you are an amazing
woman, with a heart for giving and lifting up others. And last ( but not
least) you have the BEST arms in town. My personal goal is to have 1/2
the V Coach Lyell has. Love and admire you! Carol Perry

Michelle -
Thank you for always being so supportive of all of
us. You smile and caring personality help bring me to class each day!
I am so glad to have gotten to know you over the past 8 months. Thank you
for always pushing me and helping me reach the next stage and weight. You truly
very inspiring and a wonderful person.
Jennifer Wanjura

It's awesome that Michelle is in the "spot
light" this week. She is a great leader & coach, a great fellow boot
camper & a great inspiration. Her attitude is always uplifting, just
what I need when I'm in the middle of a WOD, complaining or not ;) and she
always let's me (complain) ..all the while keeping that smile on her face &
in her heart ... To see her skipping around the field and hear her words of
encouragement the midst of a tough WOD (& aren't they all) ... I
swear she gives me strength to push on, to finish ....especially lately, during
the hot 4:30 wod's .... I can feel her willing all of us through it!
She is just all around great. And finally, I feel she is a great
friend. I'm so honored and lucky to know her, and to even have become friends.
Big hearts Michelle. Your just an awesome person whose love of fitness is
contagious. You are such a genuine person. Luv U. ~. Tracy Martin

MICHELLE, I LOVE YOU!!! What an inspirational person AND so, so nice! One of the
first times I met you, I was having trouble with my back. You offered advice
that I took to heart, and remember every time I lay down to stretch. :) When
you speak to me, I truly feel your geniune desire to HEAR me. Whether it's a
question of "How are you?" or "What did you think
about that wod?", you really listen and I appreciate that. Thank you for
all your hard work in trying to make me (us) better and healthier. I love it
when you skip around before the WOD to get us pumped up. It makes me
smile - even tho I'm getting ready to do something that I know will be really hard.
haha. I hope you're skipping on Monday, cuz I plan on comin' in skippin' to
honor you. Congrats! You are awesome!Love, Lori Mooch

First of all I have to say it's so nice to have another GA girl around!
I have enjoyed so much getting to know her over the past few months thru our little chats at Bootcamp! She is amazing with her physical ability and strength to speed thru a WOD and I could only wish one day to have her incredible muscle tone!
She has been a huge part in helping in my Bootcamp journey. She has constantly pushed me as a coach and when I have the pleasure to workout with her she is always so encouraging.
It is such a joy to see her big smile .... It can just brighten any day! You are well-deserved to be in the spotlight!!!!
Congrats and thank you for always being so kind! Jan Cannon

WOW, you are such a great lady! It doesn't matter if it is for an early morning WOD or a sweltering hot afternoon WOD, you are always so full of energy! You don't walk, you skip ;-) You are so encouraging as I struggle trying to get through those jump ropes that I love so much ha, ha (and not trip on my two left feet as I am trying a new way to jump) or when I challenge myself to the "C" WOD. I can't wait for the Myell High WOD tomorrow! You deserve all this good, sweet lovin that is comin!!!! Tammy

You are truly one in a million. A kind soul with a heart of gold. A dedicated, loving, amazing mother, a Christian woman, and a selfless friend. I loved Channel's recent quote, "Lyell where do you hide your angel wings?" I would like to know!!! How refreshing to see your smiling face after a stressful day or before we are about to burpee until we drop. (Do 10 then rotate, do 10 then rotate, got it!!) You are FULL of positivity and encouragement. Thank you for that! When I hear you telling me that I CAN swing that kettlebell 50 more times and that I CAN jump that highest box, I believe that I CAN. You are a wonderful coach who knows how to motivate people and just how far to push them! Who wouldn't want to push themselves to work harder when they have you as a role model?!?! Talk about athlete! You inspire us all on a daily basis!!! It's easy to listen to a coach who practices what she preaches. You are so incredibly fit that you amaze me. I'm proud to call you my coach and, more importantly, my friend. I'm so happy that I've gotten to know you over the past year. YAY that your family will be staying in San Antonio for at least a few more years!!!!!!(((hugs)))Sheri

Dear Michelle,
You have been an amazing asset to the boot camp trainer family and a big part of it’s growth. You always show up with a smile and very subtly encourage us to push our limits before we even begin the workout. Thank you for pushing me like you always do. I also appreciate the explanation of some of the stretches, and that has been a very big help to some of us who don’t always like to stretch. You give every command a purpose and a reason. Please keep that up! Thanks for everything you do for us! I’m so glad you are the spotlight boot camper, but very afraid of what’s to come of your WOD! Be gentle on us!Anna Hofer

When I think of Coach Lyell, the words "boundless energy" and "beast" come to mind. You are THE poster child for what being fit can do for someone's psyche! So upbeat and happy. I watch in amazement as you skip around the field bringing encouragement and good cheer to those of us struggling through the WOD. You are a terrific motivator and coach. Each time you explain an exercise for the newbies, I learn something that I haven't been doing correctly and can feel the difference when I do it the right way. Hope you feel the love today as we do this WOD in your honor. You are one special lady! Mary Repole

Dear Michelle,
I started ABC the last November. Since then, you have been a driving force and inspiration to me. Thank you for your encouragement!! You Rock! Missy Duran

I just love Michelle. She is just another reason aMAZEn bootcamp is so wonderful. She is always jumping, skipping, running and smiling. She's there to push you through a WOD and there to pick you up at the end. So glad God brought her into my life. Thank you for everything, Michelle.

I met Michelle my first day of bootcamp last July. I was so nervous but she cheered my through that first week. Since then she has been nothing but supportive and helpful- she has great advice about WOD techniques to help me get through them without crying! She is such a real and caring person- never without a smile. I love seeing her skip across powerhouse! Melissa

Michelle and I met last summer when our daughters were at a summer acting camp. Our daughter's instantly became friends which brought us together to visit. We had a few common friends and we exchanged numbers to connect later for playdates and such. If anyone knows me I am terrible with loosing little pieces of paper and of course lost Michelle's number, but God had bigger plans and knew our paths would cross again. Several of my friends had been urging me to go to boot camp and of course I told them every excusein the book but finally my dear friend, Christy Mills, convinced me and I took the plunge. It just happened that my first day to boot camp Channel was out of town and Michelle was the coach....see how God works, chance happening, heck no!! It was a meant to be kind of thing!! I am so proud of Michelle and her dedication to health, her family, her bootcamp family, and living a life dedicated to fitness!!! You deserve this special day of recognition and I applaud you friend!! You always greet me with the kindest smile at class and you just have a special knack of making someone feel like they've known you for years; like an old soul!!! You are an important piece to the huge pie of what Channel has created with aMAZEn bootcamp!!! Congrats girl! Jessica

Michelle is one of those people who can fit in and bring excitement to any setting! We met Michelle through aMAZEn bootcamp last year and are honored to call her a friend. She is a super strong athlete who knows how to make WODS fun in a heathy competitive way and always pushes us to do our best. Michelle has a way of bringing out the best in everyone through her encouragement, compliments, and willingness to help. She is the definition of a selfless leader as she is willing to do or give all she has and expects nothing in return. We feel blessed to have such an amazing Woman, Mom and Wife in our presence and as a coach as we trudge through our daily WODs... Thank you for your friendship and support! We are grateful to have you and your family in our lives!! We hope your WOD was created off the fun free spirited side and not the I'm not scared to move the mountain side.. Either way we heart them both!
With Gratitude - Keith & Sam Smith

Michelle, you are such a positive person and it just radiates all through you. You have always inspired me and you have that very special talent of making people feel like you are there justfor them. You are so personable and attentive to each "wodder". You are beautiful inside and out and I am blessed to know you. I love the stretches that you "make" us do and I love that rock-n-roll, baby! Thank you, Michelle, for giving so much! Love you, Betsy Bochat.

Doesn't happen often, but I'm at a loss for words. Not sure where to start or how to do this affirmation for Lyell and for it to contain all that I want to express. Lyell came into my life as a client of
ABC, but like the rest of y'all hold a piece of who I am today and my heart. Gods timing and placement is perfect and Lyell is a testament to that in my life. I have such admiration for all that Lyell knows about " the body". I will be the first to share that if u have a need for a stretch or modification or help dealing with an ache that Lyell is your go to person! We are blessed to have her and I can't imagine ABC any other way! It was an awesome blessing when Lyell started coaching at ABC, but a scary one for me too! If you haven't noticed I'm a bit of a control FREAK. I think I remember telling Lyell when she started coaching " take care of my babies" it's kinda funny because just today Lyell and I were talking about her leaving her girls with a sitter Friday night and how anxious she was to get home to them. I felt the same way when I left town for the first time . For a little over a year it was just me and I didn't leave y'all. The reviews were amazing of how much y'all loved Lyell and it was incredibly obvious as to how much Lyell loved and fit right in with each of you. I thank God each day for bringing Lyell to our little Boot Camp Family. I can't imagine it being any other way. I love u Lyell!! You are precious to me and so many others!
Ps. I've decided that Monday is my rest day, so I won't be participating in the Myell High W.O. D. ......I'm just kidddddinnnn! Muah! I wouldn't miss it! C u Monday! Skippin Big Hearts with ya! Channel

4-20-12 Spotlight Boot Campers.... Christi Ingle and Ricki Anderson!!!

ShAkE n BaKe BaBy Obsatcle Course W.o.D. TODAY!

A: 26 minute AMRAP
B: 28 minutes
C: 30 minutes



For someone who usually shies away from the spotlight, it is hard to know where to
start. First, I have to say I am very honored to be nominated as Spotlight Bootcamper
along with my "partner in crime" Ricki Anderson and so very thankful that I finally made
it to this aMAZEn bootcamp about 14 months ago! Being a part of this family has been
a true blessing and one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I love it, I believe
in it and I wish everyone I know could have the opportunity to be a part of something
like this.

Over the past 14 months I have met so many wonderful people and enjoyed the
benefits of working hard and eating healthy. I have lost roughly 15 pounds, 2 pant
sizes and accomplished things I never knew I was capable of. I ran my first race in last
year's Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. For someone who grew up with asthma never
believing she COULD run until about 10 years ago, this was a huge accomplishment. I
was a cheerleader in high school and always believed my sister had gotten most of the
true athletic ability in our family. However, since starting ABC, I realize there is a part
of me I had never tapped into. Since running the Beach to Bay last year, I have run in
several other 5K's and the SA Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon. And, the funny thing is... I
look forward to more!

For me, what Channel has created with ABC is so much more than just a good workout.
I've tried many other exercise programs... from self paced, to gym memberships, to
personal trainers. I've never seen results like I've experienced with ABC nor have I
ever stuck with anything for this long or had as much fun in the process. For me, ABC
has the perfect mix of accountability, variety, challenge and camaraderie. I would never
make it thru these WODs on my own. I am not that disciplined! But seeing everyone
push themselves through the workout challenges me to push for my personal best every

It is with a heart FULL of gratitude that I write this today. I'm thankful God has blessed
me with the good health and opportunity to participate in ABC. I'm thankful for my
sweet family for all their love and encouragement along the way... even thru all the "look
at what we did today" demonstrations and Paleo eating! :) I'm thankful for my friends
(Ricki, Kellie, Kandy, Mary and Susan) who I watched do ABC for almost a year
before I finally got my rear in gear and joined. These ladies inspired me even though
they probably didn't realize it at the time. Watching them do something positive for
themselves, look like they were enjoying it AND having great results made me want to
claim some of that for myself. I'm thankful for all my new ABC friends for showing up
and sweating it out each and every day. You are each uniquely amazing and I look
forward to seeing you each week. I'm thankful for our aMAZEn leaders...Channel, Gina,
Michelle, and Jaunita for making this fun, challenging us to dig deep, and encouraging

us every step of the way. And lastly, I'm thankful Channel followed her dream and
stuck with this to make it the successful, life changing program it is today. Never
underestimate the difference you are making. Love you all! Ingle

Ricki's Testimony:

Let me start knees hurt, my hands hurt, my back at times hurts & my 'periformis' (yes, I actually know what that is, now) hurts. That said, I am so happy that they hurt because that means i have been able to do something to make them hurt!!!! I have my limitations because I spent so many years NOT doing anything physical that I am paying for it now, but it is SO worth it!! (Channel, please remind me of that occasionally)

In 2009, I couldn't even get out & do stuff with my boys except maybe walk, let alone want to. I went to camp with some of my middle school kids that I do ministry with & took pictures & laughed & talked & prayed with them. But, that was the extent of it.

2010, Channel re-enters my life (I've know her since our kids were in Kindergarten)...then I WENT TO CAMP!!!! With 13 teenagers, I played ultimate frisbee, I did the high ropes course, I ran across the field with them on the scavenger hunt, I played basketball & I got on stage and had banana squished all over my face trying to get it through the panty hose that were over my head to win the challenge. All this because I started doing BootCamp & with people I am so blessed to now call friends & family!!

Today...I love to get out & hike, rock climb, go fishing or whatever. I just like to get out and do! I think about what I eat (still love potato chips) but I think about it, now. I opt for a salad, leave off the bread, eat more fruits & veggies.....and drink more water.

I believe God put Channel & this magnificent BootCamp family in my life & I am ever, ever so grateful!!! Especially for my 'partner in crime', Christi Ingle! Shake & Bake!!!!

Ricki Anderson

What a truly exceptional person you are, Christi. I have so much admiration for you and your work ethic - even when we are skipping out on abs to go grab a shake...hahaha. You just drive yourself to get it done & are now one of the class leaders. So impressive!
I feel God has placed you & your beautiful family in my family's life and I am so thankful that picture also includes us getting healthy together.
Thank you for cheering me on in class when I'm wanting to drop on the ground & breathe, instead of continuing. You have been instrumental in many bootcampers getting through many, many exhausting BC classes. THANK YOU, CHRISTI! Shake & Bake, Baby!
Ricki...aka Ricki of Ricki Bobbi fame

Ricki, ricki, ricki... where does one begin??? I love this girl. Ricki is one of those people
that you want on your team! Truly... if Ricki is for you, who can be against you? Ricki
is always looking out for me and countless others. She has a heart of gold and would do
anything to lend a helping hand. I have absolutely been blessed by our friendship and
had so much fun since joining forces as the infamous Ricki Bobbi... Lol. Somehow this
silliness has distracted us from the sweat and tears we've encountered at ABC. From
the loads of turf we track out of powerhouse each day to the countless shake dates
and talks we've shared you have made it so much fun Ricki. I admire you for many
reasons... you are a wonderful mother, wife, encourager, servant, and example. And,
I'm so thankful to call you my friend. Thanks for all you do to serve our community and
youth. You are making a difference for many. Now let's shake and bake baby!
With much love and admiration, Bobbi (aka Ingle)

I understand that you are doing a spot light wad with Ricki today and I wanted to write and let you know my thoughts on what your boot camp has done for us. First of all, Ricki and I have been married for 23 years now and I don't know that I remember a time where she has been any happier with herself or life in general then she has been the last couple of years. Now I can't give you and your boot camp all the credit because I think her strong belief in God and her wanting to study and learn more about what he has in store for us has been a constant force in her happiness. You on the other hand have provided an awesome place for like minded people can get together to improve themselves not only physically but mentally as well. Since Ricki has been attending your boot camps she comes home not only feeling better about herself, but looking Hot as well! That is after you get past all the whining about being sore and what not! I can always tell when she misses some of your classes because she gets uncomfortable with herself not only physically but mentally too. Not saying she gets grumpy or anything like that when she misses your classes, but....Anyway, I want to thank you, all of your coaches and the close nit group of regular participants that you have put together. Y'all not only provide a great service but a great support group as well. Keith Anderson

Christ - I cant tell you how proud I am of your accomplishments…what a strong women. I'm very blessed to have you in my life! You have been a great role model for our family in many ways; one of which is your determination to become a more healthy and physically fit person. I can remember those days when you really did not have the stamina to run and how you, through much hard work and sweat, have become a 44 year old trapped in a 25 year old body!! Thanks for all you do for my wonderful kids; your are the glue that holds our family together….I love you very much. Wade

Miss Channel,BootCamp has changed my moms life. She is way more fun to be around, she has a better attitude, and when we go do stuff like hiking at Enchanted Rock she goes with us and keeps up. She has also started eating better, which in turn means that the whole family is eating better. Thank you for all that you have done for our mom. Sincerely, Caden Anderson

Mom <3 You are such a strong woman inside and out. You always have been. Through a difficult move, stressful high school, and a rocky health you have been my comforter and greatest advocate. You are a rock in my life and I am so blessed to have such an involved mom. Bootcamp has made you even stronger and I have loved seeing you become more fit, create lasting friendships, and realize even more of your potential. I am so proud of you. I know you are capable of anything you set your mind to and make a difference in more lives than you know. You are an excellent role model, a beautiful servant always watching out for those around you. Thank you so much for being such an amazing mom and friend. I love you so much!! -Ashton

Mrs. Ricki!!! I am so happy and blessed to have met you. You are making such a difference to so many young people with your sweet spirit and involvement. Thank you for always being there to encourage me and listen. You and my mom make a great team. Shake and Bake baby! I love you!! -Ashton

Mom, you are awesome. You have so much self-motivation and determination to go out and do what you do. Although sometimes I think that your burpies while I'm trying to watch TV are annoying I think it is awesome that you take those challenges. I love you!! -Brad

What 2 great women! I had known them from morning bootcamp, and they have always been so sweet, friendly, and caring. But I really got to know them during 2 things that happened at the same time in the fall: bible study and preparing for the surprise "We heart Channel" wod (aka WE GOT THIS). Christi was willing to help with the shirts, and she truly spent many hours working on this, practically handling all of the details, and Ricki jumped right in an offered her assistance and even drove to the printing place. All of this done so selflessly! What a monster of a feat! I am truly grateful for them, as there would have been no way I could have done this. During bible study, I learned what wonderful women they were as well, women of God. They are concerned with the well-being and discipleship of the future generation, Ricki involved in WyldLIfe, at a time where kids are most difficult to deal with, she jumps right in and loves them. They are also great examples of what a loving mother is. Ricki is so kind, always finding tall socks to share for the upcoming holiday. It is enjoyable to have them in class, and to wod next to them, as they are so encouraging and tough. Christi, I love your smile! Again, these ladies give from the heart and truly care about everyone. Can't wait to see what matching ensemble ou will have for your wod! Thank you! Lyell

Ricki is such a wonderful spiritual person. I was lucky enough to have her sons, Caden and Brance in my class. Ricki was that one parent you could count on to do anything you needed, and get it done right. I thanked God many times for Ricki. I was especially thankful for her at Sole 2 sole when she forced me to run. :) She always brings a smile to your face. Thank you Ricki for being you! Shanna

I met Ricki a few years ago when our sons played on the same football team. But I have really gotten to know Ricki this past year through bootcamp and found out what a Godly women she is. Ricki has a kindest heart and is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone. Ricki is such a giving and caring person. I have seen this through her kids, bootcampers and her church friends. I am so thankful that I have Ricki as friend because she makes my life more complete. Gina

Christi is such a sweet and caring person. She always has such a positive attitude at bootcamp and works so hard during the WODS. Christi is an incredible person and it brightens my day when I see her. Thanks Christi for being such a sweet and kind person to me. Gina.

I feel truly blessed to call Christi one of my closest friends. She is an inspiration to me in all that she does. Christi is the true example of the Proberbs 31 woman. She is devoted to the Lord, her husband, her children and her friends. She has such a sweet and calming spirit that I strive to be more like. I am so thankful to be able to raise our children together and to have gotten to know Christi these past four years. I am still trying to get in good enough shape to keep up with her at boot camp! Bless you christi!
I love you, Kellie

How fun it has been to have gotten to know Ricki. I have never met anyone so willing to help, support and care for others. Ricki is a true Christian leader for the children in the community....her devotion to this ministry of hers is an inspiration. Ricki is always there for her family, friends and fellow boot campers. She has been rockin at boot camp for the last year and looks great!! I am truly blessed to call Ricki a friend and sister in Christ.
I love you, Kellie

Ricki Anderson
When I think of you Ricki, I immediately break into a smile. You are such a kind and considerate soul. Always encouraging everyone, always so upbeat. You seem so at peace with yourself and the world...someone who really has their priorities straight. And on top of that, you're fun to be around! I admire your work with Wyldlife and from what all the kids say, you're the bomb diggity. I can tell by how you interact with your boys and how well they behave that you are one terrific mom. You are one of those people that all of my friends have been friends with for years. I wish I met you sooner, and hope to get to know you even better... Thank you for bringing your sunshine to our Boot Camp Family. It's always a brighter day when Ricki Bobbi is in the house! Mary Repole

Christi Ingle
You are always so nice, asking me about my girls and checking to make sure if I am still alive after our WOD. LOL! You have an absolute beautiful fact, the girls say Ashton is perfect, and they add, "for REAL!" You must be so proud. What a great mom you are. I am so glad that our paths have finally crossed. I only wish there was more time to get to know each other better. Maybe this fall, when our girls head off to college, we can keep each other company! I'd like that. Congrats on being our spot light Boot Camper. You and Ricki Bobbi Rock! Mary Repole

Ricki and Christi

I am happy to have gotten to know you ladies a bit better through bootcamp, and appreciate all your encouragement and friendly smiles hello. Thanks to Ricki especially for helping me with the jump ropes. You ladies are Awesome!! Jodie

RIcki Anderson and Christi Ingle are the two of the nicest women you will ever meet. I like to watch them work out together. They work hard but never take themselves too seriously. More importantly than these women being good work-out role models is the fact that they are wonderful mothers. Their sons are respectful, moral and courteous. Only really good parents create that type of young men, and I am grateful my son calls their sons a friend. I could go on and on about how they encourage people during WODs but to know these women outside of class is to be blessed with knowing two incredible ladies. - Tammie Onderdonk

What can I say about Rickie and Christi? They both have got to be the sweetest people that I know. Always smiling!!! When we have a WOD, you never see them give up and pushing hard! When I see Ricki at a track meet or football game, every kid knows her! They never walk by without saying hello (I feel like I'm with the Mayor). I love you ladies thank you for being wonderful friends! Jen Antoniolli

Hi Girls!
Congratulations on being in the spotlight ! Early on when I first started Bootcamp and I was scared to death (don't get me wrong I still am!!! : ) You both were always so kind and encouraging to me and you still are to this day and I really appreciate you making me feel so welcome! You brighten everyone's day and ABC wouldn't be the same without you sweet ladies! Thanks! Jan Cannon

Dear Ingle,

You have this ever so calming presence about you. Even when I want to yell at you from the top of my lungs, I find a natural tone down when your name roles off my tongue. I just love your sweet kind spirit. I love how you have motivated your entire family to get healthy and how supportive you always are of everyone! It's folks like you who remind me how fortunate I am to get to do what I do everyday and get to be around such awesomeness. Love, Channel

Dear Ricki,

I'm so grateful that Boot Camp has allowed me to really have the opportunity to get to know you. I love that we have known each other for so long through our boys, but love even more now that I feel like I really have gotten the opportunity to get to know you. I also love how your sweet Brance and my Sweet Weston will prolly be friends forever, the type that just pick up wherever they left off even if years have passed. I love all the tall holiday socks that you bring me and I really look forward to it! You are always thinking outside of yourself and what it is you can do to make someone else feel special and that is way awesome! I love yo big!

4-5-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Staci O'Bryan


Nasties set,
front weight squats,
(50) Jump ropes
(1) suicide run

Staci's Testimony

I feel so honored to be chosen for Spotlight Bootcamper this week. I started with boot-camp up at Specht a little over a year ago after a my friend Tina had invited me. I've always enjoyed being active and outside, but not so much into an actual exercise class. I had joined different gyms in the past, but couldn't keep myself interested in going on a regular basis. I never felt like the instructors or people in the class would miss me if I wasn't there. With Channel, I always feel like she notices when you aren't there and so do the rest of the people in the class. They really do miss you when you are gone. I do the same. I miss when others aren't there. The camaraderie is awesome. I love the encouragement we give each other.

The first thing I noticed at boot-camp was that everyone was at different places in regards to their fitness level. This made me feel more comfortable as being a new person joining. I didn't feel like I was starting way behind everyone else. The exercises were tailored to different skill levels. I loved also how Channel challenged you to do more than you thought you could make it through. I fell in love with that thrill. There is nothing more satisfying than looking at the workout and working through your doubts to finish a WOD.

Channel is a great encourager. She challenged all of the boot-camp family to sign up for a 5K. I have never been a runner and never enjoyed it because it hurt my knees and I got out of breath quickly. After doing cross-fit for a while and running in class, I felt like I had the stamina to sign up for my first 5K- Soul to soul. I was nervous before it started but so excited when I crossed the finish line in under 30 minutes. After a minute of finishing the race, I felt like I had already recovered where before I would of been panting for a while trying to recuperate. I also didn't experience any pain in my knees. Since that first race, I have ran in several others - one being a 10K cave race in Kansas. My Indiana friends are in disbelief that I am now a runner. One of my friends had made a comment, "Is this the same Staci who never ran and had a collapsed lung?" - It is! At my last doctor apt., my doctor was listening to my heart and he asked me if I was a runner. I said, "Why yes :)" He said he could tell because my heart rate and pulse were so low and mellow. My family doctor was also very impressed with my blood work. He said that he could tell that I was a healthy eater and that I exercised based on the numbers. Awesome!

I think for me, my biggest challenge is mental. I look at the workout and size up whether I can do it or not. If I start with doubt in my head, the workout becomes much harder to complete rather than starting with the attitude that I "can" do it.

I love that I am setting an example for my kids for healthy eating and being active. They are my biggest supporters. My oldest daughter now has a growing interest in running races with me. I can't wait to run one with her.

I feel like I am in the best shape of my life at 41 years old. I find myself lifting things that I couldn't lift before or wouldn't try. I'm carrying the 5 gallon jugs of water myself without much effort. I moved up to a 20 pound bar and 25 pound kettle-bell. I used to have bad lower back pains often and they have since disappeared. I always hear Channel in my head saying, "Use your legs, back straight, squat when your picking that up- even if it's a pencil." :)

Channel, I really appreciate all of your encouragement you give everyone. I love that in the middle of a workout you specifically say our names and "We can do it" and help us push through. I love all of the time you devote to your nightly emails. (It doesn't go unnoticed). I love to read them and find encouragement through your stories and Bible verses.

I'm super sad that I will be moving in two months but am hopeful that I can find a group as great as this. :) Maybe I can help be the catalyst there to continue something you started here. It's been a complete blessing. Staci O’Bryan


I love you mom and I am so proud of you!

I love you mom! Thanks for being a great mom, thanks for making me smile! Keep up the good work.


What can I say about Sunny, Shining Smiley oh so happy Staci!!! I love you! You make bootcamp so much fun when it's oh so hard!! You are a great inspiration. You cheer everyone on, you make us all smile, but most of all your a great friend. I'm lucky to have met you and have you be a part of my life!!
Shine on sweet friend!!
Love, Lauren

Oh I just love me some Staci O’Bryan! She has the most cheerful spirit I have ever known. It is so fun
to be around her because her good moods are contagious! I can remember one day at boot camp we
were doing waiter carries back and forth and she looked like the statue of liberty with her long arms
and “serious” face. So many times, especially in the beginning for me, I only finished the WOD because
she was encouraging me. She didn’t even know me! Now she is in our paleo coop group and we see
each other and laugh and talk often. If anyone deserves the spotlight, it’s Staci!! Love, Sheryl

Staci is so sweet and always comes to boot camp with an awesome attitude! I can truly tell that she enjoys her workouts and always pushes herself to the next level. Stace is always there for fellow boot campers to help them get through their WOD as well. Stace's beautiful smile brightens up the entire Spect gym floor or field at power house. Thanks Stace for being such a positive role model to me and other boot campers. Good luck on your new endeavors! Gina

Staci....what can I say about you? You are one of the sweetest girl I have ever met! You are so fun to be around and you are such a motivator!! Thanks for helping me out when I am down and taking my burpee naps! I am going to miss you do much when you move! BC won't be the same without you!! Sam Tina Poulsen

Staci is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. She always brightens a room. If I see Staci and I am not having a great day she always changes my mood and day and brings a smile to my face. She is so funny and energetic. I am so sad that are days are numbered with her and hope she will stay in touch! Thanks Staci for always being so cheerful and making this year of bootcamp and Specht so great! As you say "just living the dream"! Jennifer Wanjura

I met Staci last year at her birthday party. She is one of the most sincere and genuine people I have ever met.. When I started bootcamp I got to see her real energy come to light. She is full of life and would give the Energizer bunny a run for its money. While carpooling to Powerhouse we are all blown away by her positive attitude and excitement for life! I feel blessed to have met Staci through Sam and getting to know her more through ABC. She is always supporting fellow boot-campers and willing to help in anyway possible. Staci is more than deserving to be the spotlight boot-camper and I look forward to doing whatever crazy wacky WOD she comes up with.. You will be missed when you return home!
with Gratitude ~ Keith

Stacey is the sweetest and most caring boot camper. She has a way of suckering you into doing the hardest level WOD with the higher level weight. Ha...Every time I work out with her, she always pushes me to do my best. She has this aura about her. She cracks me up!!! She is the most genuine person that I know and she always has a bright smile while at the same time encouraging others to work out and do their best. We are definitely going to miss her when she leaves this summer. Way to go on being our Super Boot camper. Jasmine

You are such a bundle of positive energy!!! The mood is lighter and everyone seems to be happier whenever you are with us for a WOD. You always make those around you smile. I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know you over these last months. I have seen you work hard, push yourself, encourage others, move heavier with kettle bell and bar weights, run fantastic 5K's, and all the while wearing a smile on your face. You are aMAZEn and you truly are a blessing from above. Thank you for being such a sweet friend to me. Love, Sheri Whitney

I love, love Staci. Anyone who has the honor and privilege of being around her are blessed to be around a wonderfully well rounded, positive woman. When your lucky enough to meet someone like Staci you're made aware of how we should all be. Positive, giving, generous in spirit and forgiveness.
And on top of all that, her wit attracts me as well, I appreciate funny and Staci I love your humor.
Thank you Staci for inspiring me to be a better woman, mom and friend. Love ya, Juanita Gatrelle

Dear Staci,
It has been so much fun WODding with you at Specht and at Power House this past year. I really hate to see you go. I truly thought we had you hooked in Texas for good. It was fun running into you at Sandra’s, and seeing each other at other than boot camp. I am really going to miss you. You make every WOD seem so easy. I never see you sweat or breathe hard. It really worries me as to what kind of WOD you are gonna come up with for us. You always come in with a smile, and you have always encouraged me to do my best and pushed me when I needed it. It has been a pleasure to have gotten to know you. I am so glad you are the spotlight boot camper. I will miss you when you leave us in May. But at least we will always have a WOD to remember you by! Thanks for your friendship! Anna Hofer

Staci, you are such an amazing person with great spirit and drive. I remember when I first started boot camp I knew you only as OBrien since that is what Channel would shout out all the time. You were one of the first people to come up and introduce yourself to me and encourage me in my times of weakness (which were a lot). You are always in such a happy mood no matter what the wod is, how hot it is, what day it is, etc. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I love to be around you. Keep up the great work! Annie

Staci, Staci, Staci, what a BRIGHT ray of sunshine you are! I can't think of a more positive, fun, optimistic, caring, sharing, etc, etc, etc person than you and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You are never afraid to try new adventures and you want everyone and anyone to come along for the ride with you while you are motivating us along the way. You have such a simple elegance about you in the joy you find in each new day and everyone you meet. I am sad about your upcoming move, but in true "Staci Style", I'm excited about the opportunities it is going to bring you and your family. It will also give me a new place to travel to! :) Thank you for being a great friend and congratulations on being our Spotlight Bootcamper. Go O'Bryanators!!! Kari

Staci is truly the kindest person I know - I seriously cannot remember a time she has ever said anything negative or even remotely not nice....even during a grueling wod! She is always smiling and supportive and willing to listen, a very giving person with a heart that reveals her Christian spirit. I first met Staci at MOPS at CBC after I moved here. She was what I called "the craft lady" - so very creative (and patient with us not so crafty people)! It was a big group, so we did not get a chance to speak very often. However, my first day of bootcamp was at Specht, and I saw Staci there, and was so relieved to see a familiar face - it can be scary being in a new group doing something as hard as bootcamp! She probably thought I was a weird, needy person with no friends (could've been true...), but she never made me feel unwelcome. To me, her smiling face really brought comfort. I am so grateful that bootcamp has brought us together, and we have become friends this past year or so. She is an awesome mom, too!
Staci works hard during the wods, and is such an encourager to others. She never complains or considers giving up, even when her long legs makes it harder/takes longer for her to do squats and other leg exercises :)
She's got a lot of things going on in her personal life right now that would make most of us frazzled, but you would never know as she handles such things with grace, humor, and trust in God - she even started a bible study in the middle of it all! I love being around Staci - she inspires me to be a better person.
Thank you, Staci! Michelle Lyell

Things I KNOW about Staci...
••You are ALWAYS smiling ....throughout the WOD's I have attended with you and it IS infectious. But really, I am happy to just be breathing.
••Speaking of that, I think you talk more than me throughout the wod...but you are probable lucky enough to be able to smile, talk, exercise, breathe, & count at the same time!
••Um....your legs are as long as I am tall. I have tried to stay up with you while running but you are ahead of me in no time....about the 1st turn of a 400m at Power House.
••I love your enthusiasm--balances me & a few of us others who hang out at the opposite end.
Congratulations on becoming the spotlight bootcamper, Staci. Mulkey...please don't make it too exhausting :-)

MY SHINY HAPPY STACI!!!!! What a blessing you have in my life! You make me laugh, listen when I cry, and ALWAYS know how to brighten my day. You are such a strong, beautiful example of a wonderful Christian mom. Your kids are as close to perfect as can be. You have taught me how to be more patient, more adventurous, and more fun! I am so blessed beyond measure to call you my friend. Oh! Wait! Am I supposed to say something about bootcamp? Ha! You are so happy during a WOD that it is annoying! ;) You yell, "Comin to get ya!" Right when I want to quit. You have a way of brightening every room you are in... Even the gym! Bootcamp (and SES) won't be the same without you. Thank you for being my friend!!!! God's blessings and hugs to you! Sandie

Staci, Your smile is incredibly contagious. Even when I'm yelling at you, you still continue to smile...Maybe you have your teeth clenched in a forced smile, but none the less you are still smiling :) I love your heart and I love the way you are such an amazing Mommy. It's been over a year ago, but do you remember when we ran into each other at the river for the Kids fish thing? I was so grossed out by the worms and bait...and I look over at you and you are being a rock star helping your kiddos catch the biggest fish of the day. I've never shared this with you, but by watching you it got me off my hiny and placing those slimy creepy disgusting...pull their bodies apart cuz they were to big for the hook blah blah worms on my kids fishing hooks. So Staci, when I grow up I want to be like you. Full of life and always willing to brighten someones day. You are amazing my sweet friend! Channel

3-29-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Jodie Thompson

Grasshopper WOD

Jr's/Run w/ball
100 Partner Bods
Jr's/Run w/ball
100 partner Wall Balls
Jr's/ Run w/ball
100 SB's/ Squat hold
Jr's/Run w/ball
100 Burpees/Waiter Carry
Jr's/Run w/ball

A:100JR/200m /50 reps

Jodie Thompson's Testimony

I just want to start by saying that I am so grateful to be able to join this amazing group!  I had somehow gained some unwanted weight sometime after I turned 32 or 33. I never really had a weight issue before and my eating habits were more or less the same so I was perplexed by the fact that my clothes didn't fit anymore.  I decided to join a gym and really never saw any results and found it difficult to actually get myself there.  I knew I should go more, but I just wasn't enjoying it.  I did start changing my eating habits, which began with the purchase of a Vitamix blender and the decision to stop drinking soda!!  My husband convinced me to try going on a completely RAW diet which did help me lose some weight.  However I found myself plateau with the weight loss and noticed others around me losing lots of weight and getting super fit.  I thought that I needed to step up my workouts and try challenge myself more.  Shortly afterwards I ran into Angie Altum and asked her what she has been doing since she looked so healthy!  She told me about bootcamp and convinced me to come try it.  I almost didn't go, as I was nervous that I would be in way over my head and make a complete fool of myself.  I changed clothes about four times that morning, work out clothes to regular clothes to work out clothes to regular clothes when Angie called and said are you ready?  I am coming to pick you up.  It was that extra push that did it and I thought I might as well go try it one time, although I might never go back.   The reason I was so nervous was because as a child I have always struggled with coordination and was never considered athletic.  I am the girl who could not jump in Kindergarten so my parents had to try and teach me to jump over a string on the floor.  Which they realized was not so easy.  I am the girl who was always picked last for teams in gym class.     Not because my friends didn't like me, but because they wanted to win.  I never ran in public as I was teased about how I ran.  I struggled with throwing a ball and catching it was even worse.  Riding a bike also proved to be challenging.  The only thing I enjoyed doing that was related to physical exercise was swimming but we didn't have a swim team.    So the first week of bootcamp was hard and I know I cried more than once and threw up a couple of times but I somehow fell in love with it.  I love how Channel helps motivate you and is so positive and encouraging.  I love how everyone is so supportive of each other and friendly.  I love how it is modified for everyone not only the super in shape athletic types. I love how the woods are always changing but always challenging.  I love the challenges and the chance to win free classes.  I love all the personal testimonies shared, and the affirmations given to each other.  I love the support and prayers given by the fellow boot campers to those who need it.  I love the Sappy Channel messages.  I love how I feel when I know I worked my hardest. I love when I have a personal victory and do something I couldn't do before.  Victories for me include running a mile and now a 5k, jumping rope, doing a 16" box jump,being able to do real push-ups and  real butterfly sit-ups without the ball for help, and using heavier weights.  I love the way clothes fit me better and shopping for clothes is actually fun again.  I love the compliments I get now.  I love eating Paleo.  I love knowing that I am getting healthier, stronger and setting a good example for my children on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  I love that my children and I can now exercise together.       I still feel like I have a long way to go and sometimes can get discouraged when I look at the times.  I still feel a bit intimidated by some of the WODS but I know it is all worth it and little by little I am improving. Jodie

My mom, the inspiration, she has inspired me to work harder and to go to boot camp. It is a lot harder than it looks. I thought it would be easy, but turns out it isn't easy, it is actually really hard. So I am very proud to say that my mom is able to jump now. But no seriously she is a lot more athletic/fit than she used to be, showing me if she can do it I can too.(although she could stop bragging about it every once in a while)Donald
I don't know jodie well but what I do know of her is that she shows great strength and perseverance. I have seen her get so much stronger in her workouts. She is a sweet, quiet spirit in her workout routine but always pushes herself to do more and maintain the race. Keep up the great work jodie! You look great!
Kellie McKay

Jodie, you absolutely amaze me in your determination and commitment to Amazen Bootcamp. I usually show up for the class after you, but you are always working hard and giving it your all. Even if it is a hard WOD, I don't see you quitting, frowning, and/or yelling. You just seem to do whatever it is that needs to be done and then leave with a smile on your face. Congratulations on being the Spotlight Bootcamper! Kari Brown

Jodie, sweet you know that you are one of the reasons I keep coming to boot camp?  You are the last person I ever expected to be addicted to such an intense form of  exercise.  ;-)  You are so laid back and easy going, and I love that about you.  But you’re like the Energizer keep going and going and going, even when you don’t think you can.  You have made such great strides since starting boot camp.  You go at your own pace and when you get the confidence, you step it up.  And I really look up to you for that.  That keeps me encouraged and keeps me going.  You are a strong woman!  Keep up the great work!! :-) Craft

When I think about Jodie Thompson, two words come to mind: commitment and perseverance. I have the opportunity to work out with Jodie frequently and she is as committed to the WOD as anyone I've ever seen. She never complains but rather commits herself to the work out and works faithfully until she is done. She gives the appearance that she is unfazed by it all, but I believe that speaks more to her sweet and gentle character. Way to persevere Jodie!!
Lisa Fullerton

Jodie-You are the most thoughtful and kind person I know. Thank you for being such a wonderful neighbor/friend to me and my family. In the past few years that I have known you, you have come so far. I remember just last summer when you were just starting to go to bootcamp and you felt like you couldn't do it and you were constantly telling me how sore you were. I remember you telling me after the first week or two how you couldn't see any difference (physical change) in yourself and that you had hoped it was worth it. Look at you now! You look FABULOUS!!!! You seem to have a better self image and you seem much more positive in who you are and what you look like. You are beautiful both inside and out. Look at all the accomplishments in the past year. You've even conquered a few 5k's! I am so proud of you Jodie! Keep up the GREAT work! Denise :p

Jodi,  I have admired you for so long.  You are such a beautiful lady, inside and out, and I have enjoyed so much getting to know you.  Your diligence, perseverance and determination to finish each WOD - no matter what! are simply awe inspiring.  Thank you for being a light among us all.   With Love, Lisa "Hanson"
Lisa HansonI can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I had the pleasure of doing a partner WOD with Jodie and she was awesome! She is always so kind and funny to talk to before and after our workout. I see her trying her best everytime and it's so encouraging when I am about to give up. On Monday nights when she is at Power House for her son she is still cheering us on while we are huffing and puffing. Thank you , Jodie !! Monique

Jodie is such a sweetheart! She comes to boot camp with a smile on her face and has such a positive attitude! Jodie truly cares about everyone and always takes the time to ask how I am doing. I look forward to seeing her each week because she provides me with a sense of calmness and peace. Jodie pushes herself and works hard every time she comes to class! I enjoy coaching Jodie and also working out with her! Thanks Jodie for always putting a smile on my face! Gina

Congratulations Jodie! Love your kind smile and sweet spirit. It's been a blessing getting to know you through our bootcamp family. You always push yourself through every wod and it is a privilege to celebrate you today. All the best! Christi Ingle

Jodie, you are one of the kindest people at ABC!! I have never once heard you complain and your soft spoken encouragement can truly make someone's day! I'm so excited to be on your team for B2B!!!! You're Amazen, keep up the good work!! Laura O'Toole

I love that I've had the opportunity through ABC to get to know Jodie. She was so quiet when she started and I'm not sure she was loving the workouts in the beginning. I see a new dedication in her the last few months and I'll never forget the day I saw her jump that 16" box!
Congratulations Jodie on your great accomplishments!!
Julie Lucas

Sweet, wonderful Jodie.  I remember my first week coaching for Channel in June last year, and you had recently started, I believe. I had a lot of faces and names I was learning, but I specifically remember you on the end of our semicircle. It was the burpee bar hop wod with thrusters, burpees, and running. I'll just say, you've come SUCH a far way since then!  Your form, strength, and stamina has improved tremendously, and your jumpropes! So proud!  I know you are often down on yourself for your performance, but I think you are doing great, great, great!!! Remember those accomplishments you have made. And you totally rocked the Kelly wod, which is typically dreaded by others (impressed your son wodn with us that day, for sure!). Your body has changed as well, and not so much in the weight loss as in the prouder posture and toned - bikini worthy for sure! Jodie has also surprised me as being the motivator when trying to get a group run together in our neighborhoods. She is the one posting on facebook or meeting at the specified time to get our butts out the door and go for a run -no excuses!! She is also a great paleo Cook, sharing recipes and trying to spread the healthiness to others. You inspire me!! Continue to believe in yourself and you will continue to Make improvements.  Keep up the great work!! You are doing so well. I am so glad we have become friends during bootcamp. You are a sweet, awesome person and mom!  Lyell


I remember when you first started Bootcamp. You worked so hard and never gave up. You listened to your body and week by week you got stronger until now you pass me up. I am so proud of you. You are a perfect example of hard work and determination paying off.

Even more important, it has been great getting to know you. My favorite thing about you is your sweet spirit and the way you make people feel significant. Your smile, your quite peaceful presence, the way you listen and act interested make you a good friend. I appreciate you.

Most of all, I love to watch you signing the music on Sunday mornings at BUMC. You are so graceful and there's that pretty smile. I love the way our congregation is learning to sign with you. I have never seen so many hands raised praising our Lord. Your team of ladies add so much to our worship together. Thank you for serving God in such a grace filled way. Keep doing what you do. You are a sweetheart.
Love and blessings,

Dear Jodie T.... you are just one of the reasons I finish every WOD we do together. I am cussing up a storm under my breath & I see you just chopping away to get through, not complaining and doing it at your own pace. It does not matter what is on the board to do ... You finish and you are always smiling...or you are just smiling at me and my grumpiness. I was hoping there would not be running in "your" wod cause I am ssooooo slow but I will gladly run as long as there are no box jumps, ANY day! But grass"hopper" does make me nervous.... :-) Congratulations my friend, Mulkey

Jodie is such a strong lady. I love her determination. When I first met her I thought she was so pretty and such a go-getter. Now that I have had the privilege of watching her grow and take on new challenges there is no doubt in my mind. She is truly an inspiration to me. I am so happy to be on her B2B team.

Jodie - Amazing what we can do when we keep at it! Your dedication and hard work has paid off - you look fabulous! Congrats Grasshopper!
Carol Perry

Sweet Jodie.

What an amazing woman you are! Always giving 100% and always smiling in the process. I have seen Jodie make serious improvements in her stamina, strength, and endurance. She has made “leaps and bounds” (literally…haha) since she started her bootcamp journey. This is a girl who literally couldn’t jump when she came to her first class….now look at her… jumpin’...dunkin’…side jumpin’…nasties…you name it and she can jump it! Way to go Jodie. Congrats on being the spotlight bootcamper. I look forward to your WOD….and I’m thinking it should have some JUMPS in it….Just sayin’ ! Love, Alisha

I am so glad to have met you during bootcamp Jodie! I now call you friend! I love seeing the progress you have made since joining our little fun filled world of blood, sweat and tears! I always want to laugh every time you doubt yourself about being able to do the WOD of the day, because somehow you pull it off! Much more sucess to you my friend on your quest to get stronger! I love chit chatting it up with you everyday after we have finished our ab workout! That's the benefit to being last with me everyday! LOL Much love to you my friend Jodie!! DeLona :)

It's going to be hard to do this in a few words.... Moving to Bulverde and adopting Collin soon after- not knowing anyone, I was desperate for "mom" friends. I met Jodie and although we were VERY far apart in age we totally got each other. She helped me so much in those first few years of being a mom cause she is so laid back, and I love and needed that! She is an altogether 'it's not what I need, what do you need?' kind of person. I have watched over the years as she has offered childcare, meals, friendship to any and all! I am so blessed to call her friend. It's really amazing that she has no idea what she gives to people, and is so very meek and unaware of her impact on others lives. She convinced me to try boot camp last July, telling me I would get hooked. And I did! Now I am disappointed when I go and she is not there, cause she makes it fun :) I truly love you my sweet friend! Melissa

I first met Jodi through our boys... I was excited to see her at bootcamp, always to herself and super quite... But as many of us know she has come out of that shell. Jodi is motivated! ... Just watching her change before our eyes and become this healthy strong woman is a true testament to the kind of woman she is. Congrats on getting spotlight bootcamper!! You have certainly earned it!! Waters

It is not surprising to me to see the spotlight on Jodie! She is a true testimony to "it works if you work it". Jodie suits up and shows up day in and day out and pushes through the toughest of WOD's. I have witnessed her getting stronger and faster. I have also noticed a woman who shows more confidence in her actions.. Jodie always has a smile to offer and a super kind spirit that is contagious. I feel blessed to have met her and look forward to the "Grasshopper" WOD.. I think. With Gratitude ~ Keith

To my favorite Saskatchewan, Canadian!!! I am so very proud of you Jodie for being the Spotlight Bootcamper this week!! How well deserved! Jodie is the most unselfish person I know. She puts her family and friends needs at the top of her priority list in life; something I admire when my own priorities get out of whack from time to time! :)) Jodie I have known you from the beginning of your bootcamp journey, all the way up today and it's been so inspiring to see you set goals for yourself and accomplish them (running a 5K or two and Beach to Bay) as well as being the driving force at home in keeping your family health conscience. Way to go girl!!! Enjoy this special day! Your friend, Jessica McAnelly Dear Jodi,
I love your calming spirit. I love your kind heart, I love your determination, I love that I've gotten to be a part of you being able to accomplish so many things physically and I really just love you in general. I love how the day you jumped the 16 inch box that so many folks celebrated with you, because that was such a huge victory. I will never forget the day you told me about your parents placing a string on the ground and having you practice jumping over it. It gave me a new appreciation for how hard you have worked to accomplish the things that you have. I love how God has given us all different talents and gifts and I love how we can celebrate together when someone is victorious in something that has been a struggle in the past. I hope you feel us all cheering you on each day...we learned how to do that by watching you! So now you can jump and make the best paleo fruit roll-ups ever!!! Oh... and one more love... I also love how you do the sign language signing @ church for the Sunday morning service..what a gift you have my friend! It just keeps getting better!  Love, Channel

3-20-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Rhonda St. Amant

The Saint WOD

Count up by 1
Mountain Sets
Run 100m
AMRAP 20 minutes


Ok well here goes, I have prayed about what to share and not to share.  My purpose for  sharing these parts of me is so it can be used to serve others in anyway on their own healing journey in life.
Sam Smith took me to my first ABC at Specht in April of 2011. I was so scared and worried about my fat flying everywhere and being the biggest person there. I could hardly do butt kickers and I was done. I was so embarrassed and felt so much shame.  I went very infrequently over the next few months to bootcamp. I would always leave feeling angry and sorry for myself. I was a dancer for 17 years, I was in the US Army, how did I get to be 292 pounds. What the hell did I say to myself to make it ok to be so unhealthy, so unhappy and  so out of control? What I realized over the past year is that I had given up on myself and had been living as a victim to life.
After I got out of the Army,  I put on a little weight so I went to the doctor to get on at the time, this new miracle pill called phen-fen. I dropped the 25 pounds I had gained very quickly. I also had a seizure and a stroke. There I was in the hospital at 24 years old and had no movement and control over the right side of my body. My face was drooped, my fist was clenched and curled up into my chest and I couldn't walk.  Through prayer, PT and OT I was able to recover physically. My brain however, was not the same. I struggled to find the words I wanted to say. I was scared, frustrated and felt alone. I found that food was comforted to  me. I didn't have to be scared, frustrated or feel lonely when I ate, it filled up all those things for me in those moments. I continued to gain weight and feel sorry for myself because my life was not going the way I had planned it.
In the fall of 1997 my family was the victim of a horrible crime. The court case dragged out for five years. During this time, I had to deal with a tremendous amount emotional pain and grief, marital strife, financial troubles, and pressure from the media and attorneys. My life was in limbo there was a court proceeding almost every Friday for over a year. I would be in line at the grocery store and people would be talking about the case. I would turn on the TV and see and hear the updates about the case on the news. I felt like everybody was watching me, I was isolated and the only thing I had was food. It made me feel better, I could eat and become numb to my reality. It was also doing this time I experienced my greatest moment as a child of God-in the lessons of compassion for others  and forgiveness of others. However, I did not extend that to myself.
Over the years, I managed my life- not lived it. I had moments of happiness and joy but I didn't live happiness and joy.  I would manage to be happy for certain events, I would manage to have fun here or there. My entire life was all about how my life would be if I was thin or what I will do when I lose weight.  I was so disappointed in who I had become, I had been a smart, spiritual, young woman with so many opportunities and I had such a calling to be of service to others. The joke among my friends was I would have been a wonderful minister if I just didn't swear so much!
In the summer of 2010 I moved to Texas for my husbands job. And as usual I was angry and full of self doubt and self pity.  Over the next few months , my friend "Food" was slowly killing me. I was consuming so many calories, and I was drinking about two 2 liters of regular coke a day.  I just wanted the pain in my head, my heart and my body to stop. When I had my first child in 1993 I made a choice not to drink alcohol anymore because alcoholism runs in the family and I didn't want to continue down that path. But that choice I had made so long ago didn't even seem to mean anything to me anymore. I wanted to feel the feeling of not feeling!!
I knew I needed to get help.  I was honest with my husband about what was going within me and with his encouragement I  went to the doctor and reached out to people. I found out I was pre-diabetic and I had some other health conditions that needed to be addressed. I started going back to a support group that was very helpful. I reached out to  Sam and Keith Smith and as a matter fact,  there were probably times Sam and Keith felt like they were babysitting me because I was such a mess. I slowly started making different decisions and better choices for myself.   I made the choice to stop drinking coke...OMG you would of thought I was going through heroin with-drawls. I had muscle aches and twitching, I was sweating then I was cold. I was crying and shaking.  My head hurt so bad, I couldn't think straight. After a  few days I knew that I had to make life changes in all areas of my life. At the end of August 2011  I had surgery and I was determined to come out of it and grow into the person God intended for me to be.
I started back to ABC the end of September and have made so many changes in my life.  I am  a 40 years old and am down 92 pounds (I don't want to say lost 92 pounds because I don't want to find it). I still have a long way to go to my goal weight but I do feel amazin! I feel so much love and gratitude in my heart for my bootcamp family. Through this process I have been able to step outside of myself and am learning how to live.  I choose not to  be a victim today. I choose to extend compassion and forgiveness to myself today. I choose to feel my feelings and not numb them with food and other devices.  I am learning how to find solutions rather then feeling sorry for myself. I know I cry at bootcamp is not because I feel sorry for myself, it is because I am feeling, I am doing and I am living!
I want to thank my husband  who married a 20 year old, ambitious, 135 pound, go getter-thank you for sticking it out the last 20 years. To my four beautiful children- thank you, I am honored to be your mother. To my bootcamp family, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your encouragement and support over this last year. Channel, what can I rock!! Sam and Keith, I love you both and thank you for letting me still come in your house and driving to bootcamp! Michelle you are so great and your kindness means so much to me. Alicia, I wanna be like you! Thank you for getting me through the workouts. Kari and Missy, thank you for being such true friends I don't know what I would do without you both!  Thank you Jen G, Hanna, Cari S and the Machaceks for your encouraging words every time I see you! Again, thank you all and if I can be helpful to anyone on their journey please talk with me. Rhonda


To my Mommy-
I am so proud of you because you lost 92 pounds and that's a lot of weight to lose. This has allowed you to play with us a lot more. I love you so much! You are a lot more active and you seem happier because you lost weight and like to work out. I am surprised and happy that you were chosen as the Spotlight Bootcamper. You worked really hard for it. I am so proud of you! Thank you for being my
Mommy. Love, Sophia

I am glad my Mom is working out and sticking with it. It has helped her get healthier. It has also helped her to play around with us. She can now play sports, and when we go toBeefy's, she can play "Sharks and Minnows" with us. Mom is a better shark than a minnow. I tell my Mom not to eat so much white stuff when she eats and I think she listens to me. She does make us eat more fruits and vegetables, but I wish Mom would make us eat just more fruit. I don't like the vegetables too much. I would like it if she would substitute more carrots instead of peas. I want my Mommy around for a long time and I know that eating healthy will make this happen. Mommy, you are looking great and I am so proud of you! Love, Maddy

I just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am. Your hard work shows and you deserve to be the Spotlight Bootcamper. Even after losing all of the weight that you have lost, you are still the same person I love. I want you to know everybody is here to help and support you Mom. It's fun to work out with you and help you lose your weight.
It makes me happy when you play games with us that are more active. I like to see that you smile a lot more. Don't give up! Don't quit Bootcamp! Love you Mama, Ryan

First and foremost, I would like to say "Thank You" to Rhonda. There are so many reasons to give her thanks, but one of the main ones is because she is the one that finally got me to go to Amazen Bootcamp. This has enriched my whole being with not only staying fit, but with bringing friendship and support into my life. Rhonda has worked SO hard to get where she is at today. Her visible transformation is undeniable, but I am just amazed at how she keeps plugging away at this thing called life. Even if she gets "knocked down", she will find a way to pick herself up and fit the pieces of the puzzle back together. Family, friends, health, and happiness are so very important to her and she has no reservations to try something new to bring all these aspects of her life together. I don't know that she always believes in herself or knows her own strength, but I am so happy that she is our SpotlightBootcamper so that she can get a glimpse of what a great, strong, beautiful person she really is. Shine bright girl and keep up the good work-you deserve it! Thank you for being my friend and you ARE such an inspiration! Love, Kari Brown

I am so proud of you Rhonda!  You look awesome and I also know you feel better!  You have worked really hard over the past year and I couldn't be any happier for you!  I am so honored that you are my friend!  Love ya! Sam

I am so proud that Rhonda is the spotlight bootcamper this week!   She really deserves this honor.  Rhonda works so very hard and is so determined to reach her health goals.  I love to hear her cheer for me as we pass each other on a tough round and I can’t wait to holler “You Got This Rhonda” right back at her.  Her smile is delightful and I look forward to giving her a big hug before and after each WOD.  She doesn’t quit…..she doesn’t whine…..she grits her teeth, picks up her weight and pushes forward.  Sometimes we share smiles….sometimes even tears….but we always share the victory of finishing each and every tough WOD.  Rhonda, you are unstoppable!  What an inspiration you are!  Big Hugs  Alisha

My Dear Friend Rhonda,
            First and foremost, I am so proud and inspired by your perseverance to achieve your goals. Without you I would not be where I am at on my journey, but that’s another story ; )
I have known you only for a little over a year now and I can honestly say I haven’t giggled and laughed this much in years!  You have brightened my life and touched my family on so many levels. I truly do not know what I would do without your friendship. Through your actions, you have made me want to be a more loving mom to my children. I am proud to call you my friend. Over the years, I have met many people but every now and then a person is blessed to find someone like you – a friend of the heart. I am here for you no matter what, you’ll never be alone on this journey. Thank you for being there for me, and thank you for your friendship. Don’t ever forget, “YOU GOT THIS!”
Hugs, Missy Duran

Thanks Rhonda for being an inspiration to my sister, Jill, all the way back in Georgia who was blessed to meet you on her weekend trip to visit me.  She wanted to see what this Bootcamp that I love so much was all about.... and meeting you and receiving your encouragement meant the world to her.
Thank you & Congratulations to you!  Jan Cannon

I only met Rhonda once but really enjoyed talking with her. I came to bootcamp while visiting my sister, Jan Cannon. While I was struggling to make my way through the WOD Rhonda encouraged me and was smiling every time I saw her. It was a pleasure to meet her and I was so impressed with all she could do. I think she is perfect for the spotlight bootcamper!! Congratulations!! Jill Boyer

Having the strength and courage to make a change in your life is such a brave thing. Kicking all of your bad habits to get healthy makes you a rock star! Rhonda, you have done just that. You look like a completely new person. AMAZING!! So thrilled to do a WOD in your honor on Tuesday. Wanjura

Rhonda is so sweet and always has a smile on her face when she is at boot camp!  Her attitude is always positive.  Rhonda works hard every time during her WOD and I truly enjoy being around her.  Thanks Rhonda for being such a positive role model to fellow boot campers!  Gina

Seeing Rhonda's physical transformation over the year brings such joy and happiness to my heart!!!!  I know she is determined to be a happier, healthier woman so that her loved ones can cherish her and she can be there for them too!!!  WTG Rhonda!!!!  What an inspiration you are to many of us, we cannot fail if we do not quit!!!! Love ya, Juanita Gatrelle

Rhonda is such an inspiration.  I look forward to working out with her in the mornings at Powerhouse.  We usually carpool together and we laugh all of the way there and back home. (probably more laughs on the way home because we are delirious from the workout-jk) Rhonda has had great success since she started bootcamp.  It has been so encouraging to everyone around her to see her progress. She really works hard and doesn't take any shortcuts. It makes you want to work harder.  I'm so proud of you Rhonda and you totally deserve to be the Spotlight Bootcamper.  Big hearts! Staci O'Bryan

I remember meeting Rhonda at Specht last Spring.  I saw so much of my journey in her.  meeting her brought back so many feelings and emotions.  After her first class, I remember telling her what I needed to hear after my first class- do this for you because no one is watching you during their workout - everyone is only watching themselves.  I remember this being a big deal to me at the beginning- I didn't want to stand out in a bad way.  Well, Rhonda, you have rocked this crazy thing called bootcamp and you are not only drinking the kool-aid, you are sharing it because NOW everyone is watching!!  I am so proud of you and your victories!  You are Truly amazing! XoXo, Jodi

Rhonda has been amazing to watch as she has been on this ABC journey.  I can see the difference in her attitude and of course in her sizes dropped.  She has a glow about her now and a can-do attitude.  I love getting updates on her weight loss and it is so inspiring!  The determination and dietary changes have made such a difference!  I love that this boot camp can make such a huge difference in lives and she is living proof that it can be done!  Way to go Rhonda - you are amazing!  - Hannah

Rhonda was one of the first friends I made at aMAZEn Bootcamp.  She is one of the most sweetest, kindest, and most encouraging people I’ve ever met.  I remember the first time I did my first WOD without the Mod.  We had a 400m run at end of the WOD to finish.  She finished hers, then came back for me to help me finish mine.  “Are you kidding me?”  That is what I was thinking.  “She doesn’t know me.  I’ve only seen her here at ABC a few times.  Is she crazy?  Was this WOD not as hard as I thought it was?”  Come to find out, it was a hard WOD, and NO…she isn’t crazy.  She’s just Rhonda….a kind and sweet, encouraging beast.  Michelle took a picture of us hugging after the WOD that day.  It’s in Channel’s book and I’ll never forget it.  From her kindness, I finally understood what “We got this” truly means.   Thank you for coming  back for me that day Rhonda.  Your kindness is a blessing!!!!  Jen May

I want to start by saying how proud I am of you!  I know it has not been a easy road... I met Rhonda about a year and half ago and the whole St. Amant crew. Our kids have become very close and we have enjoyed all the fun times spent with them. I'm happy to see her take the steps to being healthier and happier in her life. It makes my heart smile to see her push through a WOD giving every ounce of energy and crying tears of joy! I could do without the lack of filter and sharing that should be reserved for a girl only carpool. I will say that is getting better too.. Really you are an amazing women who has so much to offer. I'm looking forward to the "Saint"  WOD in honor of you!!
With Gratitude, Keith

Dear Rhonda, What a sweet sweet soul you are. As I read your testimony my first feeling was sadness. It made me sad to read and to know all the things that you have been through. My sad feelings were replaced with excitement in the victories that you have had over your life challenges. I believe all of our life experiences mold us to who we are today. So while I was sad I was excited and grateful because you are who you are today by the grace of God and the things He has made victories for you. He has given you the fight, your willingness and the abilities to be a survivor. I'm so very grateful to know you in such a personal way and see you shine. Your children are a testimony as to what our children want from us and need most. I didn't read anywhere in your children's testimony that they love you because of the video games or named brand clothing you buy them. They only want their Mommy to be healthy and be with them. Thank you for being you...You have reminded me today what is really important and what truly matters.....Rhonda St. Amant you are 1 superbly amazing chickadeel!  Big hearts! Channel

3-6-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Melanie Daves

MD WOD....Somebody Call a Doctor!!

Handstand Hold (15sec)
Squat Weight hold (15 sec)
KBS 15
Nasty Sets 15 (or 30 Skier Sets)

A: 200m 5 rounds
B: 400m 6 rounds
C: 600m 6 rounds


 WOW…To even know where to start! Probably the best place to start would be to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for nominating me for Spotlight Bootcamper! I am honored and very grateful, humbled
in fact, to have even been considered. It’s been a long road to get to where I’m at today, 15 months
thanks to Leslie Henry, but a road I’d take and travel again in a heartbeat with the friends I have met
and the people I continue to meet. You ALL are an inspiration to me! Watching you work hard for
your health, changing the way you eat, think and live. I myself, thrive to come to bootcamp and watch
everyone push themselves for Channel, Michelle, Gina and Juanita. YOU COACHES ROCK! The time and effort for what you do for us doesn’t go unnoticed. I praise each one of you for all you do for us! Thank you again and I hope my MD Wod was a goodie for each and everyone of you!..I had fun planning it (I hope nobody needed a dr. called)!
Mel “ARMS” Daves


I know that Mel values her time and friends at Boot camp. Not only the WODS, which she does love and looks forward to, but her time with her friends and the challenges of each and every class. Most of you know that Mel is extremely competitive and always pushes for her next best time, but the truth is that she would not be who she is without all those boot campers pushing her. She needs it, but looks forward to it as well. She thrives on being challenged and pushed to her limits…the greatest part is that love of the challenge shows in her kids.

Walton and Cassi always look to her for motivation when they are competing in anything. She is their driver and it is a true blessing to see that come full circle.

Now, I will not say much on the personal side…Mel does not like sharing that kind of stuff with the public. However, I will simply touch on a few high points. I believe that Melanie is a great boot camper…and as much as others push her, I believe that she challenges others as well. The simple act of positively effecting, or inspiring others…unknowingly…it a great and wonderful gift. I know that she unknowingly challenges me and she is much more than that. She is the greatest gift that I have ever received. She blessed my life with two wonderful kids and she is an incredible wife and mother. I often say that the Lord has blessed me is so many ways…despite myself. Not knowing my past and not sharing either…I pray that each of you could be as blessed as I am through her. She is a wonderful Wife, Mother, Friend, Coach, Teacher, Boot Camper and so, so much more.

Thank you for recognizing Melanie…I believe she deserves it and so much more.

Will Daves

Melanie was one of the first friends I made moving to San Antonio 4 years ago. Last year, Mel kept telling me about "a bootcamp class" she attended but I always said I was too busy or couldn't afford it. Well, luckily she kept insisting and since August, Melanie has been my BIGGEST CHEERLEADER!!! Melanie is such an inspiration to me! She juggles work, kids, and husband yet, makes her workout a priority. Not only is her workout a priority, but during class I love hearing Mel, cheering (yelling :) at everyone to push harder and finish faster. Mel's body has been transformed, just look at her ARMS. Her arms are strong yet those same arms are the first to give a big hug when your having a bad day. Mel has the biggest heart I know and I am truly blessed to be her friend. Thanks Mel for just being you! Love ya girl!! Tammy

Melanie inspires me just by looking at her. I don't personally know Melanie Daves (is it just Mel?) but her physical strength and commitment is so evident in her physical appearance. You get to witness it too when you do a WOD when she does, so damn inspiring!! Thank you Melanie for the inspiration.
Juanita Gatrelle.

 I met Melanie a few years ago when she taught my little Carly in preschool and over the years we have become great friends. She is one of a few that talked me into starting boot camp and I am so glad ( after 5 months of saying no) that I finally listened to her and said yes! She always pushes herself and others to do their best and it is a joy to call her my Bootcamp Buddy, my Beach to Bay teammate (yes she keeps talking me into that too.... Even though she knows me well enough to know how much I seriously dislike distance running!!!)....   .... But most of all it is a joy to call her my friend!
Congratulations my friend on your well deserved time in the spotlight! Hugs to you! Jan Cannon

Melanie Daves is an incredible athlete. She always gives it her all, and Never complains. She is also a kind, sweet person. I enjoy coaching Mel, as well as working out with her, as she is so inspiring- I just try to keep up with her, and probably work much harder because of that. I look forward to learning more about her every time we see each other at bootcamp. I can't wait to do your wod -I know it'll be tough and great, just like you! Michelle Lyell

Mel, You are a machine driven by pride. You are an athlete powered by victory. You are an inspiration leading others to the finish line! Thank you for motivating and encouraging those around you. Your triumphant spirit is contagious! Melissa Freund

The first day I met Melanie I was like,Wow! This girl is amazing! Now that I have met Melanie I can honestly say she is an amazing women! Not only is she amazing physically (yes her body rocks) but she is an amazing women with such a sincere heart. Melanie pushes me to that next level when I am WODing next to her and she always sends me sweet and funny text messages. I feel truly blessed to have Melanie as a friend and I am thankful for her being a part of my life now! You rock Melanie!

I can't help but smile when I think of Melanie. What a great personality! I'm so lucky to be able to work with her and workout with her. If ever I might think that maybe I would skip workout I'd better think again. Melanie will always strongly encourage me not to skip. She is such a motivator and cheerleader. I just wish I could bottle up some of that stamina and endurance she has. Thank you Mel for being a good friend. Love, Leslie

Melanie has changed my life. In November of 2010, Melanie encouraged me to try this crazy thing called bootcamp. Her attitude and friendship made me believe that I could do it - so I showed up. It was the hardest thing I had ever done and my first class was not without bump and bruises, but I came back and have been part of ABC ever since. Mel is always there to encourage me, laugh and smack talk. For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I belong with all of these amazing people and athletes! It really makes me proud to work out next to Mel and hear her push me. She believed in me then and she still believes in me now. Mel, thank you for pushing me to change my life - the change is truly amazing and I know that I would not have made the drive that day to Arlon Seay without you making me feel like I could do it. Love you!!! - Jodi

Geez, what an athlete! I remember the first time I saw her at aMazen bootcamp. I thought, what is she doing here? She looks great! Her arms are muscular, her legs are jacked, her tummy is flat. She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body! I still think along those lines, but she keeps coming back, and she keeps kickin' everyone's tail! Mel, when I grow up, I want to be like you! :) Thank you for all the times you finished your wod, and still came over to do more burpees with me, or helped me count, or just encouraged me to finish! You are a Godsend, and I love your work ethic, and your drive and determination. Congrats on being our spotlight bootcamper! You deserve it! (please don't kill us, you know that MD thing is not funny. With me, we probably will have to call a doctor!)
Lori Mooch

Melanie- Where do I begin? There are so many wonderful things I could say about you! First of all I don't think I would be at Boot Camp if it weren't for you pumping us up during nap time. I thought you had lost your mind when you started showing us "BURPEES" in the hallway!!! You inspired me then and you inspire me now. You show such AMAZING STRENGTH both physically and mentally. Melanie, you are treasure both inside and out! Thanks for being my Boot Camp idol. Jennie Scott

Mel- You are an aMAZEn woman. I have had so much fun getting to know you the past several months, and are really liking our Wednesday afternoon hang outs @ gymnastics. You are an inspiration to ME and so many of us. Watching you makes me want to do better @ ABC!!!
Blessings, Jen Taylor

Mel - What an inspiration you are!!! Thank you for your always encouraging words & of course doing extra reps with us to help us push through all the tough WOD's. (it means the world to us) Your endurance & strength amazes me, you are such a strong athlete! I always enjoy partnering up with you because I know you will push me to work my hardest, thank you! Congratulations on the "spotlight bootcamp" honor you definitely deserve it my hard working friend!
Love ya!! Kirsten :)

Melanie..... I'll let everyone else give you the mushy stuff! I just want you to know that I think you are a total rock star! You have a heart bigger than most I know and your irreplaceable laugh is the best in any room!!! I envy the way you push yourself; sweat and tears don't stop you! Thank you for giving me encouragement when I needed it or for giving me a swift kick in the behind when I needed that...... and most of all, thank you for being such a super friend!! Love you girl!! Laura O’Toole

Mel is aMAZEn. She is always so encouraging to me just when I need it most. Thank you Mel for being you. Shanna Dreibrodt

For those of you that have worked out with Mel, you know she’s a powerhouse! But inside that body of steel and muscle is a heart of gold. I’m proud to call her a friend.
Proud of you Melanie!  XOXO, Karlea

When I think of Mel, I think strong, courageous, capable, inspiring and so freakin' awesome!

Melanie is one of the toughest ladies I know. It is truly amazing watching her WOD. Sometimes I'll be really feeling the burn and I'll count my popsicle sticks to see how many rounds I have left, then I'll look over at Mel and think, OMG!!!! She's not even slowing down!!!...then I see her popsicle sticks and realize she is already a round ahead of me! REALLY???  Just when I start to get annoyed by her amazingness, then I hear 'Go Little!' and realize it's Mel cheering me on. Love her.  Seriously, I see Mel as a huge inspiration and a role model. She reminds me that someone my age can be healthy and fit. (Okay, almost my age.)  -Little-

What to say about Mel.. She is awesome. I love working out with her because just being in her presence makes me work harder. She is so encouraging to each and every one of us. I always say, 'when I grow up, I want to run like Mel'!! :-) Jen Sayago

I knew it wouldn't be long before Mel was nominated for a W.O.D. She is a true athlete and works extremely hard in every workout. She pushes me and yells at me when I need it and I love her for it. She was my now 5 year old son Maverick's first teacher when he was only 2 at BUMC and what I am most grateful for is the fact that she helped me get him potty trained! Congratulations Mel on all you have accomplished, you are truly someone to follow (which is probably where I will always be, behind you!) Love Ya! Kelly Raney

Well after a year of "nagging" you finally got me to come back to bootcamp! I told you coming in though that "I don't do cardio," so as expected I'm usually gasping for air, but I must say you inspire me to push through. You are a WOD rock star and I'm not sure I will ever get to your level, but I'm okay with that, as long as you stay to cheer me on! I'm blessed to have you in my life, and am thankful that our girls brought us together. I ♥ You Mel! (Of course, after doing this WOD you came up with I might change my mind!) oxoxo Hugs ~ Renae

Sweet Melanie! She is such a great inspiration for me personally. Her physical strength and motivation goes without saying. I still look at Mel and think she must be superwoman by night. What really gets me with Melanie is how real she is. She can share her disappointments as well as her accomplishments and I've watched her WOD's go from getting the fastest time, to being the best she can be. Love ya Mel. Must be hard to have all eyes on you, but kuddos to you for handling it with such grace and never letting any of us feel poorly about ourselves. Christy Mills

Melanie is a rock star! She is so encouraging and an awesome lady to be inspired by, not only by her physical ability but also by her heart. She's a great leader and I enjoy watching her finish way before I do! Love ya Ms. Mel! - Hannah :)

Mel, We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You have been such a wonderful teacher to Tanner and friend to Brian and I. Thank you for convincing me to come check out aMAZEn!! You are truly an inspiration!! Thank you!! Love, The Allbrittons

Mel is AWESOME!!! She inspires me in so many ways – she has always been so supportive and has a no-nonsense way of giving me confidence. I love how she speeds through a WOD like it’s nothing, calls out, “DAVES!” & then stands there cheering everyone on instead of resting – she’s never done until we all are! Last year I would have laughed you out of the room if you told me that I would willingly enter ANY race – I’m NOT a runner! Mel talked me into running the Beach to Bay and now I’m hooked! I am so proud of myself for doing it & am upset that another event is keeping me from running with my wonderful team this year :( Her friendship means the WORLD to me & I love her more than an armadillo!!! ;D -Elizabeth Schaeferkoeter

I have a little extra inside scoop because I get to read all the affirmations prior to doing my own. There are several things that the affirmations had in common. I had no idea how many people Mel has not only encouraged, but who came, and who still come to our Boot Camp. I was really taken back by ALL the folks she has referred. Just another confirmation of the saying "If you want what I have do what I do" People want what you have Mel. They want to be strong and healthy and they want to be the type of encourager that you are. That is some really amazing stuff right there and it says alot about you! Now for what I hope to be the funny part of my affirmation for you....So, years ago I was the "librarian" for CMO where Mel is a teacher. I remember having this overwhelming feeling of mousiness(is that a word) whenever I would go into Mrs. Mel's room to read to her students. I always had this vision of me reading to her sweet precious babies and mis-pronouncing a word and the fear that she was gonna come pick me up by my tank top straps, slam me on the floor, and yell BOO-YAH!!!! as I crumple under those big arm muscles of hers. Yep, that was the vision! Truth is she wouldn't hurt a mouse and prolly has one of the most gentle spirits a person can have. She leads by example and I can't say enough about how much I value knowing her and having her in my life. I love you sweet girl! Channel

2-23-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Raenette Klein

Raenette's WOD: The Look WOD

29 reps of:
100 Jump ropes
Weighted Butterfly
Side Jumps
Waiter Carry

A: 4 Rounds
B: 5 Rounds
C: 6 Rounds

  Raenette's Testimony:

           I’m going to try my best to make this short but after seeing the SHOCKING news that I was a spotlight boot-camper my mind starting going everywhere about my testimony. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride, probably like the majority of you. It was June 2010 when I first had heard of Channel starting a boot camp in the neighborhood that I lived so I thought ok this is it no excuses. Zane was 5 and I had just had Lela. She was 7 weeks old and I gained a BIG whopping 75lbs with her! I showed up that humid summer morning and I thought this couldn’t be that hard it’s jump ropes and stuff I did as a kid. UGH SHOCKER!!! WAKE UP CALL!!! I could not jump rope; literally, I had to pretend I had a rope in my hand and I got dizzy, but I finished it and I went back for more torture for 4 more weeks. I remember having Lela in a stroller and carrier and Channel would walk her around when she cried so I could finish when all the wild I was hoping that wouldn’t calm her and I could leave. During those weeks, I was the one that had to lay down because I was dizzy, I was the one who puked and I was the one who needed help lifting my baby and the stroller back into the car because I had no more to give.  On that 4th week I pinched my back and I was having such anxiety over not knowing the workouts that I got sick the whole day before. I told myself it wasn’t worth it and I could find something else to lose the weight that I had gained.  I HAD FOUND an EXCUSE!
        January 2011 a friend wanted to work out but was afraid to go to BC, as was I; therefore, we bought the equipment, looked at the blog and did the WOD from the day prior.  I lived for my coffee with the yummy flavored creamers. I would drink a whole pot by myself almost every morning before my friend would arrive. I didn’t eat breakfast and lunches were either fast food or something quick around the house. Dinners were usually somewhat healthy but let me just say that this South East Texas girl can fry some food and I liked to have my 2 glasses of wine while doing it!  We worked out together on and off for several months. She decided to give BC a try but I still could not get over the control issue of not knowing the WOD!
        August 25th 2011-The day I walked into the door at Arlon Seay Gym to give this a try again! Why now? I have no idea! I think it was partly knowing that I would be going with my friend Jen Taylor and it was something that we could do together and I wanted to be there for her in every way possible since her best friend had just moved and I knew that feeling of your best friend leaving. I wanted to support her…that is what I told myself then anyway. Honestly, I think God made it all okay for me. It was hard REALLY hard not knowing the workouts. YES I’m a control freak! I would walk in the door and either give Channel or the board “The Look.” It was an are you freaking kidding me or an Oh my gosh there is no way I can do this. Guess what. I did finish every time! Not first and sometimes last and sometimes with tears but I did it!  I am finally at a place where I know that I can do this with the help of everyone around me and I don’t NEED to know the WOD, but I know I still give “The Look!” Tiffany Cress gets a lot less phone calls these days asking, right Tiff? While giving all of my control issues of the whole boot camp thing to God and laying it down at his feet I committed with my friend Jen to the Paleo challenge and we WON! Go Mission Slim Possible!  I ran my 1st 5k, committed to Beach2Bay and just do my best to show up. I have lost 29 lbs, went from a size 12 to 8 and feel much better! The things that I couldn’t do I can now. like jump ropes, which I’m still not great at, I finally get the bruise from the butterfly sit-ups! I thought people were crazy talking about those but I had so much fat there I never knew it really could hurt LOL! I HATED slam balls and could not catch that darn thing!!! I have found a “new” exercise that I’m not so great at so now that is my new goal to get better at NASTYS! My goal for this is to stand across from Mel Daves every time so I can watch her form and make sure mine mirrors hers in the best way possible!
I now truly believe if I can do this ANYONE can do this! Ask Channel and Michelle, I have even used Lela as a weight or held her while running if she is grumpy.anything to get that WOD done for myself, for my husband and for my kids!  My family has been SO supportive during this journey. I am getting healthy and because I am my family is. SO if you have a hard time thinking you are being selfish by giving your time to this amazing boot camp then do it for them!!!! Ask me sometime what it has done for my family life. I truly am not the same person and I thank EACH one of you for it because YOU all are a HUGE part of that! Raenette


Baby, I am so proud of you for all your hard work and dedication.   You have always been strong mentally and spiritually, and now you are physically as well.  You are doing great; don’t listen to the enemy who wants to believe otherwise.  Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you!!!!
You have worked your butt off to get where you are at! Your an incredibly hard worker and it shows. Thanks for all your encouraging words and been such a great example of how hard work really does pay off.

Rae, you bless me more than you will know. You are the most energetic person I know. Always with a smile to share. I love you and your sweet family. I'm so proud of your accomplishment. All things are possible with G-d.
Rae, you inspire me! I could not be more proud of your dedication and your resulting success. You rock, and I love you!
Precious Rae, I celebrate each day the Lord has blessed me with our friendship! You are beautiful in spirit and in the way that you follow the Lord. What you have been able to achieve is mighty and a true testiment of your strength. I love you girl.
Kim Dean
Raenette, I am so incredibly happy for you! What you have and are accomplishing takes strength, self-control, perseverance and grit! :-)
It's not easy making the choices you've made and working as hard as you have. Keep it up...keep inspiring...keep pushing! Love ya!
Cecily Breig
Raenette ,I am proud of you, you have done a lot physically, spiritually, & your soul, may you increase & excel more than you thought you would .
Love you mom.
P.s. Wish I had your discipline.
Raenette, you are truly a hard worker and have shown how you can meet your goals by faith, dedication and self discipline. You are looking so good and have become a wonderful role model for us all. Steve & I are proud to have you as our daughter-in-law. Love you..
Rae, saying I am proud of you just doesn't seem to cut it, but I am proud of you and for you. You Rock! You are fierce, mighty and strong. Both on the outside and inside. Love you! How awesome is that to be chosen as an example for others!!!!!!
I am very proud of you! I know that the Lord has strengthened you and will continue to bless others through your perseverance and hard work! You are a picture of obedience!! You look wonderful and I can't wait to find the time to start doing the same!
Jamie King
Rae - You have inspired me with your determination and perseverance. You are a rock star sister and are setting a powerful example for others to follow. I am proud of you and can hear the great cloud of witnesses cheering you on!!!!

Linda Marceau

Keep kicking butt sis! I'm very proud of you.

Love you, Grady

Rae, I miss you because
A)  no one else calls me by cool nicknames here. B)
B)      no one else ever yells "well let's just pray about!' or "sounds like the holy spirit" or "praise the lord!"
C)      I love your loud and joyous laugh.
You spur us all on to be better people. I am proud of you! And I am proud of your accomplishment. Way to go sista-friend!!!
Meggie Fresh

Raenette Klein –
Well I have to say I don’t know Raenette very well. She’s a morning boot camper and I’m an evening gal.  But…we are teammates for  Beach to Bay so I am looking forward to getting to know her much better. However, based on the few times I have met her I can see that she doesn’t back down from a challenge and is a loyal and true friend and good person.  She has enjoyed great success in boot camp, but it didn’t come easy.  Hard work, determination and faith, seem to be  her key ingredients  All qualities that I admire.  Congratulations Raenette!  You are a great example for us all and I am looking forward to building a strong and lasting relationship with you during our Beach to Bay journey.
Sheri Kitchen

Reanette....I remember when she was scared to go back to ABC. She'd been before and knew what  was in store at that place. Eventually she made it back and wow how far she has come! Jeans fittin' a lil looser, a pep in her step, clean eatin',  and I no longer get calls asking, "What is the wod is today...does it include any running?  I HATE RUNNING!" Hearts Reanette! Tiff

I have had the pleasure of working out with Raenette on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She inspires me to keep going.  We did a partner WOD together and it was awesome. It was the only way I could get through all of those burpees.  Thanks Raenette!  I hope we can partner up again soon! Monique Pugh
Raenette is such an inspiration. In the short time I've known her, I have seen her become so much stronger. Her physical transformation is just a small piece of it. So thankful for aMAZEn Bootcamp for allowing me to get to know and and be lucky enough to call her my friend!!

Jen Sayago

Sweet Raenette!!! I adore you! You are such an amazing inspiration. I love how your confidence has grown over the last 6 months. I remember your first day of boot camp and the days that followed. Our numerous conversations and your uneasiness. You have OVERCOME and conquered your fears! God is transforming you friend and I love getting to watch from the sidelines. Can’t wait to do “The Look” on Thursday!!! Love you! Michele Woodman

Way to go Raenette - so glad to be doing this W.O.D. in your honor - you are an inspiration to so many.  Keep up all your hard work, you look amazing!
Congratulations, Kirsten  :)

I remember you were tentative when you first started bootcamp after hearing ABC "war stories" from several people who attend Riverside with us. One of my favorite memories of you is when you brought your husband to class on your birthday. You were so full of joy and pride that you could enjoy (and excel) in your fitness and Lance could see how far you've come. I'm proud to be on this journey with you and a witness to your progress.  I look forward to running Beach to Bay with you. Go "Run like the Winded"!!!
Stay strong friend. Shema,
Lisa Fullerton    

Raenette is so kind and sweet. She has been making great progress through bootcamp and I am proud of her efforts. She is always a pleasure to be around. Her love for kids is apparent, and she is a special Christian woman. I know her children are so lucky to have her as a mom.
Raenette-looking forward to your wod-keep up the great work and I can't wait to do B2B with you!!! Michelle Lyell

My sweet friend Raenette, I cannot begin to express how utterly proud of you I am. You are an amazing woman both inside and out. I remember our first bootcamp class together, I remember how exhausted we both were, I remember that you were just 6 weeks out from having sweet Lela. But you went…you preserved…you did it. I am sad that I haven't been there to share in this amazing time of growth in your life, but I am confident that you are rocking bootcamp like no other. I admire the fact that you committed yourself to bettering your health, no only for yourself, but for your entire family. You are an excellent model for all those around you. I love seeing your name and times on the daily emails that Channel sends out, even though I am not there to see you kick butt I smile and am encouraged by your commitment and dedication. I cannot wait to see you in person very soon and celebrate your victory. Kuddos on not only committing to working out, but also to changing the way you eat and encouraging your family to do the same. I am so proud of you and love you very much.  Brooke Blevins

Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae,

When we started this fun little roller coaster of boot camp in your stinking HOT driveway last summer, I had no idea how much fun it would turn out to be. You are an inspiration. You took our first challenge together, (go Team Slim-Possible!!) and have not stopped going. Like anytime you have an idea, you don't stop 'till you are DONE! You are determined, strong, brave, encouraging, loving, tough, sweet, and beautiful woman of God. I am blessed to call you friend. Love, your partner in boot camp crime (who can't WAIT to get her butt back in & work out with you & Arlon Seay!)  Jen Taylor

Raenette is a hoot!  I love the energy she brings to all that she does - all with her South Texas flair!  From being a mom, to a Children's Ministry Pastor, to a friend and fellow boot-camper, Raenette is an encourager and fun-loving spirit to all. Love you Rae-Rae! Cathi HeareRaenette,

I met Raenette when Channel started a summer bootcamp in Rivermont on a tennis court (wth?) that will be 2yrs ago come June.  Julie (Lucas) & I attended in support of Channel and to help,  if needed.  Raenette came pushing a stroller with a cute little baby girl and I'm sure she was intimidated--we had a lot of young chicks.   But Raenette had determination and she was going to compete with us all--even though there were factors...against us (experienced or not) like that hotter than hell tennis court & not being able to throw the kettle bell in fear of damaging the court when we were done.  I have seen remarkable changes over the yrs in her body & confidence (and that cutie Lela is getting so big).  I am so happy she decided she was worth all the sweat & hard work because it has paid off.  Congratulations girl and please be easy on us old ladies!
Mary Mulkey

So, today  I did  a double take as I walked up because at first glance I thought you were my daughter Jordan. When I said that to you your response was “no way she is so beautiful”. Well, sweet sister take a look in the mirror, cuz you are gorgeous. You have changed so much since that day on the tennis courts. You were beautiful then, but today you shine! The confidence you exude is contagious. People wanna know what you are doing because they want what you have. I don’t believe it’s all about weight loss, I believe it’s a combination of the victory you have with all things you do today. I’m so grateful you gave it another try and that Boot Camp is a good fit for you. I’m grateful for all the folks who have followed you because you have been such a great example to and for  them. I’m grateful for the confidence you have today and the way that you take care of His temple. I’m grateful for the Wife, Mommy, Friend etc. that you get to be today and be your very best while doing it because you are healthy. You are amazing my sweet friend and I’m better for having you in my life! Channel  

2-15-12 Spotlight Boot Camper: Jasmine Wills

Jasmine's WOD: All That Jazz WOD

Reverse Lunge Curls ea
Nasties ea or Skier sets
A: 200m
B: 400m
C: 600m

The very first aMAZEn workout I ever attempted was 20 minutes of squats, lunges and the dreaded burpees.  Sounded simple enough…I made it through half of it before I wanted to quit/vomit. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to do this.  Unfortunately, I have a lumbar shunt and a bulging disc in my lower back. When I started aMAZEn boot camp, I was on the verge of having to start steroid shots throughout my lower back.  Since I hate the thought of medicine, surgery, and injections… my doctor advised me to try focusing on core workouts to see if that would help.  I’m not going to lie; I didn’t want to do this.  I hadn’t worked out this intense in a very long time.  I pretty much just told myself to just show up, pray, and go from there.  So far, it has been approximately 2 ½ years since starting this healthy lifestyle.J
Unfortunately, when I work out, it is all psychological. While working out, some of the excuses that I’m thinking about are “Who am I kidding?”  “I’m old with back issues” “I’m not the fastest”, “I might throw my back out”, “why did I sign up for this”, and “I can’t do it.” Ha…Trust me, I have come up with every excuse to not workout, or do the easiest W.O.D., but I keep on trucking along because I know this is what I need to do to staying healthy.  I can honestly say that just recently I am able to finish a more challenging W.O.D. and have some time to spare perhaps to do another round. Ha! I have even increased my weight to 25 lbs, which I never thought I would be able to do and apparently the saying is “Once you go up in weight, you can never go back down”-aka…Juanita.
With the help and push from ALL my awesome boot camp coaches, I have learned to tailor my WODS to suit me, so that I can focus on proper form.  For the record, I have not had any back issues in over a year.  Wow!!!!
And as another added bonus of working out, I have lost about 20 lbs since starting. No more scale for me anymore. I am now far more impressed by the way my clothes are not fitting me because they are too big. J During the latest Paleo challenge, I lost another two inches off my waist!
The main thing that works for me is this aMAZEn boot camp family that I get to work out with.  I normally whine about working out, but when I finish my W.O.D. for that day, I feel happy and invigorated thanks to all of you…
This is definitely going to be a lifelong journey for me and I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong journey for you too.
Love and Hugs…….Jasmine

Jasmine-  Sweet, sweet sweet Jasmine is what I can say about you!  I love your charming personality and your precious smile!  You make bootcamp fun (can that be used in the same sentence) because you push yourself and others to the limit and you smile the entire time!  Thanks so much for the support you have given me and other bootcampers to get through that tough WOD.  You rock!!!!!!    Gina

I love coming to work out at Specht and seeing Jasmine there.  She always has a smile and a positive attitude.  It is an encouragement to be around her because she always gives it her all and finishes smiling. She has a great sense of humor and we can joke around before the workout which eases some of the anxiety before the workout actually starts. Congratulation Jasmine on being the spotlight bootcamper girl!


Jasmine is crazy! Hands down. BUT Crazy folks are usually in good company, and I am proud to say I am part of that company! LOL! Always a great motivator and a great friend to bend an ear. I will be honored to do the ALL THAT JAZZ W.O.D. and afterward I will say to her, "Hey Jasmine, you dropped something" (insert gesture here). HAHAHA! Love ya Jasmine! Thanks for all you do!


I love, love, love Jasmine.  She is my buddy that can make anything we do fun.  I love how she gets spaztic about setting a goal and working hard to reach it, I call that Jasstic!  She can be a whiner 49’er and has been known to whine through a whole wod before but that’s ok cuz she finishes the wod in great time and the extra calories burned with the whining, well that’s just gravy!
She continues to push herself, she runs faster and farther and she lifts higher weight as she wods.
I’m so proud of her choice to get healthier and to wod as much as possible, Awesome job Jasmine!!!!!!  Love ya beautiful girl! And she would be a great ad for aMAZEnbootcamp, she looks younger today then she did when she first started!
XoXo big kiss, little hug, big kiss, little hug

Oh Sweet Jasmine!  How do I begin?  First of all, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be at boot camp!  You were my first new “friend” and coworker at Specht Elementary.  You have the ability to make people feel at ease and welcome right from the start.  What a gift you have.   I will never forget you not asking, but telling me to join cross fit and that I would be your paleo partner!!  What’s funny about this is that I am usually the “bossy” one!! My husband just died laughing at first when he heard you had me going to boot camp and trying paleo.  Well, thanks to you I am hooked and have never felt better!!  I love your spirit and courage.  Cheers my friend!  Nurse Sheryl Moreno

Jasmine has really stepped things up this year with bootcamp. I was in awe of watching her use a 25 lb. kettlebell the other day. She is a beautiful person and always keeps us laughing! Kelly Taylor

Jasmine: I think of Fun, Determined, and Caring when I think of  Jasmine. She has been so dedicated to her workouts. As a result if her commitment and efforts in the January challenge, she has had tremendous results! I know she will continue to see the results of her hard work and dietary changes. jasmine is also fun to be around, making small jokes and entertaining comments! The other reason why she is great to be around is that she is encouraging of her fellow workers and bootcampers! I have enjoyed getting to know Jasmine more through bootcamp at Specht (and on Saturday's!)Keep up the great work and awesome smile, Jasmine!!
Michelle Lyell

Jasmine is amazing. She has such a welcoming fun loving spirit and folks gravitate to her. I've seen her dabble here and there with boot camp in the beginning, so I have a comparison of how it looks different for her today. I'm grateful and say the following with assurance.  I have no doubt that Jasmine has drank the kool-aid. She has journeyed to where she is experiencing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She is stronger and healthier today and she wears it well. I love Jasmine's silly, krazy side, but I also love here concern and compassion that she has for others. I have personally experienced that side of her too and its good good stuff. You are amazing my sweet friend...grateful for your fun loving spirit that you bring to our life! Channel

2-4-12- Spotlight Boot Camper: Jan Cannon

Jan's WOD: 110% Cannon Ball WOD

110 Mountain Climbers/110 Jump Ropes
100 Weighted Squats/110 Jump Ropes
90 Ball Taps/110 Jump Ropes
80 Weighted Butterfly/110 Jump Ropes
70 Weighted Lunges /110 Jump Ropes
60 Slam Balls/110 Jump Ropes
50 Side Jumps/110 Jump Ropes
40 Soul Surfers/110 Jump Ropes
30 Burpees/110 Jump Ropes
20 Dunks/110 Jump Ropes
10 Push-ups//110 Jump Ropes

A: 1/2
B: As written
C: 400m Run Buy In/Out

You are a rock star Jan!!! Big Hearts!!!

Jan's Testimony and Affirmations:

 Thank you.... That is the only way I know how to start writing anything about myself because it is not about me ... It is about those of you who were so nice to do this for me. I just do the very best I can and try to improve every time I come to ABC and I didn't know anyone would notice! This Bootcamp family is such a big part of my life now and I am so humbled to know that out of a group of people that barely know me that some took the time to recognize where I have come from in my physical journey thru Bootcamp ! My family are probably the only ones who have seen me go from an athlete in school to the weakest I have ever been about a year ago.
I grew up on a dairy farm in Georgia (and sorry Channel but I do drink ALOT of milk!!!!... Just don't make me tell you how much!!!...not paleo I know!). I had the best Mama anyone could ask for, the hardest working Daddy I have ever known and the most wonderful brother and sisters! We grew up active outside all the time at the farm... You name it we did it - playing on haybales, working on the farm, riding 'dirt bikes'... I could go on and on! Needless to say I was never a girly girl... I loved sports and animals. To keep things as short as possible - to sum it up - I grew up doing gymnastics, playing basketball and softball and running track... I loved it all! I lived and breathed sports everyday! To clear up a little for those of you who know my dislike for distance running.... I was a sprinter... BIG difference!
It is hard not to include so much about my life because that is what makes me who I am today... All the values I learned in school, from always being a part of a team and most of all from my family and my experiences. My sister and I survived a tornado that destroyed the farm my Daddy worked his whole life to build because he found us in the field and covered us to keep us safe... We helped our Mama on her trip to go to her home in heaven as we watched the sweetest soul we would ever know lose her battle with cancer....I watched my sweet husband love me thru 4 pregnancies that only brought him one child into this world. When you are surrounded with strong people you learn that you can do anything.... and that is what we all do with each other everyday as we all continue on our journey for a better and healthier life together because of the wonderful program Channel has started in our community.
We were so blessed for my husband to have a great job opportunity here in TX but I miss my all my family back in GA! When I first moved here I didn't know anyone for years! But when God took my best friend (my Mama) he also sent me my little miracle baby and my new best friend - my daughter Carly. As you can see, just as with all of our lives - we just get busy and since graduating high school, college, working, family and all the other adventures in life I easily let my health take the back burner. I was very fortunate to be smaller like my mother but as the years went by I steadily got down to the lowest weight of my life and so weak it was time for a change. I met some wonderful friends who have been such a blessing to me over the past few years and it took Miss Melanie Daves and Miss Karlea Shippey 6 months to get me to Bootcamp! I was so scared to start something I knew I would fail at doing and with my competitive nature I knew it would be such a defeat to myself. I started at 100lbs and every little bit of muscle I ever had was gone and I couldn't even hardly get thru the warm up. I remember telling Channel I just don't understand how I could be so weak... And her response was you can be skinny and still be out of shape and I was that perfect example of weakness. I dealt with defeat over and over again at Bootcamp .... Pulled muscles... You name it... My mind was determined to do what my body could not do. All that said - taking out over 3 months of injury time - in 9 months I have gained almost 8 pounds, lost body fat % and gained many new friends in the process! I have strength and endurance that I never thought was possible with where I used to be! Channel always ask when you start what kind of activity you have been doing and sadly my answer was none. I see so many people come in and start and they are already in shape, they are runners, they may be coming from another gym but please know that you can do this no matter who you are if you just give it some time and patience.
So sorry for the long message... but with all this said I chose the 110% name because I grew up learning from coaches, teachers and family that if you give anything 110% you have done your best and that is all that anyone could ever ask of you. I always ran the 100 meters - 110 yards- and I am almost back up to 110 lbs!!! My husband was always known Cannonball ... And when I started I could hardly pick up the 8 lb ball... So out of all of that came the 110% Cannon Ball WOD with most of my challenges that I have overcome being a part of it!
I have my wonderful sisters back in GA hoping to have some Bootcamp WOD's on the farm! God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I am so thankful for all of my blessings.
Thank you Channel for helping me to become a stronger person and proving to me that the only difference between now and high school is just about 17 years and that age is no longer an excuse! You have been such a good friend and I am a better person because of you, your encouragement and all of the wonderful people at ABC and their support of our same goal - to live a healthier life for our loved ones!

Big hugs and thanks!

Thank you for including Carly and I in regards to Jan being selected as your spotlight Bootcamper.  Carly and I are both very proud of Jan and her accomplishments for becoming more fit.  She absolutely loves going to Bootcamp, not only for the health benefits but more importantly for the camaraderie that goes along with it.  She absolutely admires you and all of her fellow bootcampers.  As you are well aware Jan is a very polite and self-conscious individual and bootcamp has given her a platform to build up her confidence in herself.  She is very proud of her accomplishments and we are too.  She is always bringing her Iphone over and showing me the WOD and her time!  Bootcamp has changed her life!  Thank You. 
As for Jan the wife and mom….. Carly and I could not ask for a more special person to share our life with on a daily basis.  She is always thinking of us no matter what might be going on in her day.  It could be the smallest thing and Jan is worried about how it could affect us….and for Jan, I mean the absolute smallest thing.  For those of you that know her well, you know what I mean. I know you have limited space to include this affirmation and I could go on and on about what she means to us, but I will sum it up with some scripture from the Bible.  I am far from perfect and at times we disagree, but I always look back at this passage to remind me of how important Jan is to Carly and I.  Jan, we Love You and are extremely proud of you.

Proverbs 31:10-31
New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

 10 [a] A wife of noble character who can find?
   She is worth far more than rubies.

11 Her husband has full confidence in her
   and lacks nothing of value.
12 She brings him good, not harm,
   all the days of her life.
13 She selects wool and flax
   and works with eager hands.
14 She is like the merchant ships,
   bringing her food from afar.
15 She gets up while it is still dark;
   she provides food for her family
   and portions for her servant girls.
16 She considers a field and buys it;
   out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.
17 She sets about her work vigorously;
   her arms are strong for her tasks.
18 She sees that her trading is profitable,
   and her lamp does not go out at night.
19 In her hand she holds the distaff
   and grasps the spindle with her fingers.
20 She opens her arms to the poor
   and extends her hands to the needy.
21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
   for all of them are clothed in scarlet.
22 She makes coverings for her bed;
   she is clothed in fine linen and purple.
23 Her husband is respected at the city gate,
   where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.
24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
   and supplies the merchants with sashes.
25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
   she can laugh at the days to come.
26 She speaks with wisdom,
   and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
27 She watches over the affairs of her household
   and does not eat the bread of idleness.
28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
   her husband also, and he praises her:
29 “Many women do noble things,
   but you surpass them all.”

30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
   but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
31 Give her the reward she has earned,
   and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
 Scott & Carly

For all of you who know Jan, you know that she is the epitome of a southern bell. She is the most genuinely nice, caring, considerate, and thoughtful person I have ever meet. As a friend, mother, and wife they just do not come any better.  She has a love for everyone and life in general that is just so inspiring.  There is a saying that “he who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure”.  That is exactly what Jan is to me, her family, and many friends…a treasure! 
Love ya Jan! Karlea Shippey

Jan is one of those kinda quite, sweet, and always has a smile on her face Southern Belles! Yes, she is kind to the core, from Georgia, always smiling, always has a positive attitude and brings an intensity to he workouts that we could all take notes from.. I was looking on Facebook this week  at everyones victories with weight loss and Jan posted she had gained 8 pounds! She stated she had lost body fat %, gained much more strength, gained endurance and met so many wonderful people! Jan was concerned it might affect the totals on a negative way.. It told me regardless of how you look coming into this journey there is always room for improvement!! There is a picture of Jan on the aMAZEn website under photos from a what looks to be a Valentine WOD last year. She has gained muscle definition and looks more tone today! You are a blessing to the aMAZEn bootcamp family... Keep up the good work! You inspire us all...
With Gratitude - Keith Smith  

I first met Jan five years ago when our little ones, Carly and Jake, were in Kindermusik together.  I heard that sweet, southern thwang of an accent from across the room, and I knew I had a mission to make her my friend! Our friendship has grown from there. While our children were playing soccer together, Jan would tell me about this amazing fitness program she had started and how she was training for her first big run (Beach to Bay). I have never seen her so focused and motivated to achieve her goals! I am so very proud to call her my friend and proud of her determination, tenacity, and strength she has accomplished through her time at bootcamp.  Her enthusiasm finally got me to join this past December and to this day she always greets me with a smile and tells me to keep up the good work!! Jan I am so proud of you and I know Scott and Carly are so blessed to have you in their lives! You are a true role model!! xoxo Jessica McAnelly 
It is with great pleasure that I write a little something about Jan. She is truly one of the most humble women I know. We have gotten acquainted through our children at BUMC. I see her as just a light everywhere she goes, always lifting people up and encouraging you in every workout. I have watched her get stronger and stronger as the months have passed. Way to go Jan you are special!  Kelly Raney

Sweet, sweet, Jan...what a delicate flower...NOT!

The first time I met Jan was at Beach to Bay last year. She was so dainty and proper. I remember her having trouble with saying 'sorry' too much. She made an agreement with 'Miss Channel' to do burpees if she said it again that weekend. Inevitably, she had to drop and do 5 burpees by the pool in her bikini. Jan was mortified at the hoots she got from the poolside audience.  Since that demonstration of sweet innocence, I have seen this little lady go up in weight with her exercise ball, kettle bell and bar. I have seen her running stride lengthen, her stamina increase and just the other day I saw her jump a 24inch box. WTF?! This girl is STRONG! Jan is also a genuinely humble and kind human being. She cares about others and I have often been encouraged by her during some pretty difficult WODs. I am so glad we will now have a WOD to honor this great lady. I will be proud to do the Jan Cannon WOD. 
 Melanie Little

You are a quiet GIANT among us!!  You are a little person in a beast body!!!  I would like to encourage you to SPEAK UP so people hear you instead of me though…
You encourage me not to complain and JUST DO IT!!!  Your success and progress is duly noted and it continues to inspire me!!

Jan and I met through our kiddos soccer- I remember last spring watching her tone up and whittle down, and asking what she was doing.  She TRIED to get me to bootcamp then, but I was adamant that I would run only if I was being chased.  She is an amazingly sweet, caring, and most of all, real person.  I am blessed to be able to say she is my friend!

Jan is such an inspiration to workout with and to also coach!  She comes to class (usually by bringing a new family member) with a BIG smile on her face and eager to take on the WOD challenge!  Her attitude that she has towards other bootcampers and to me is so uplifting.  Jan pushes herself to the limit and I love working out next to her because her intensity makes me workout even harder.  Thanks Jan for being such a sweet lady to me!       Gina

I recall when Jan began bootcamp because of her sweet,shy nature and already thin and shapely figure.  She spoke about her involvement in athletics during school, but that she hadn't done anything intentional for awhile and felt out of shape.  Most who start bootcamp have weight loss as a goal, but Jan was interested in strengthening and conditioning.  I remember her frustration and limitations to heavy weights and  inability to endure many situps and the beginning.  Most bootcampers would not know of her struggles when she started, because of how strong she is today.  Her endurance has significantly improved while I've seen her increase weights through kettlebells, bar and the weighted ball.  Jan, it's been fun to watch you continue to improve and outperform your WODS of days gone by.  You are a contender, girl!  Your sweet spirit and humility prove you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.  Congratulations on being our spotlight bootcamper. Lisa Fullerton

Jan has such a sweet spirit! I remember the first partner wod we did together. Jan started with a lighter kettle bell than me but we had to run two laps together switching the "rock" when we got tired. Well, w 2 different weights we didn't get that break cause we each had to carry our own. Jan decided to go ahead and put aside her weight and up the Annie! She did awesome. I believe it was her first time w a heavier bar as well. We cheered each other on and it was great! I have watched Jan go up in equipment weight and get more muscle definition and upper body strength. Way to go Jan!!


"Sweet"  is the perfect word to describe Jan.  From day one she has always been so polite--hopefully she is like that to every one and not just me because I'm a lot older than she is!  Ha!  I did give her the hardest time for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t about the itty bitty 15lb kb weight she was using but now she is about to pass me up--if not already.  And I also  give her permission to pass me on the box jump--I like my shins.  Jan is very deserving of this Spotlight Bootcamper achievement--you have been rocking it lately, Chicki!
We (jan & jennifer w.) will always have the beach to bay 2011 bond of hitching a ride in the back of a pickup with a TOTAL stranger & his wife because we were not about to add the "bridge" to our mileage!  We took our picture just in case we were being kidnapped.  It was totally hilarious when I look back but at the time pure chaos.  To see her chase this guy down so that we could ride in the back of his truck, that we soon found out was filled with bags of wet TRASH....showed how desperate we really were.
Love ya my p/up sister!

I recall first talking to Jan about bootcamp in early 2010.  Several of the Ladies at BUMC pre-k had started attending.  She wasn't sure the type of workout was for her.
What struck me though, is her mentioning that she was very competitive.  I don't know Jan super well, but I remember thinking, "this petite, soft-spoken Southern Belle, competitive?"….hmmm, not something I would have guessed.  But, I told her that ABC would be perfect for her 'competitive spirit'…she said she just didn't want to overdue it!  [She mentioned that she was an athlete in her 'younger' years and mentioned a torn/injured? body part (can't remember details now)].  Then I started seeing her name on the roster & seeing her in class – KICKING MY BUTT!  Oh, yes, NOW the competitive thing makes sense!
So glad you joined us, Jan….& that you cautiously work through your pain!  :)  hugs, Lori Cole

Jan is one of the sweetest ladies I've met. She is so friendly and kind. But don't let that fool you, she is also one tuff cookie at bootcamp! Her desire to be fit and set a good example for her super-cute daughter (who looks just like her!) is exemplary. She pushes herself in every WOD, and shares the excitement she finds in bootcamp with others.  I enjoy watching the big power come out of this small package! Lyell

I have learned that if you put your trust in God and let him be your guide, he does great things....
and a great thing happened when I became Jan's neighbor.  She is so terrific!  You can tell in an instant that she is a wonderful person....mother, wife and friend.   Even though I haven't had the privilege to spend a lot of time with her YET, it just thrills my soul to know that she is there.
Thanks, Jan, for getting me started with this great group.  The encouragement is overwhelming!!!
Hugs and Blessings, Waldeen

Jan is so sweet and I'm thankful to get the opportunity to know her thru our bootcamp family.  Jan's genuine and humble spirit is always shining thru and she is so deserving of this spotlight.  She once told me she was not  runner, but every time we have a running wod she looks just like one!  :)  Go Jan!!
-Christi Ingle

Jan makes me smile.  I love her dearly and her family.  She deserves to be the spotlight bootcamper because of her hard work and determination everyday she wakes up with life!  Way to go Jan!!...gotta love those dairy farmers!!
Keep running!!...
Love ya,
Mel Daves 

Jan Cannon…..  What an aMazeN woman she is!  I met Jan last year when we conquered the Beach to Bay Relay on the Beach Baybes team.  She was so worried about “slowing the team down” because she claims she is NOT a runner.  We quickly assured her that no one else on her team was a “runner” either.  Ha!  Well, let me tell you, Jan ran the opening leg for our team and she totally ROCKED IT!!  That sweet woman that was worried about being slow set an amazing pace for our team and we kept it going through the whole race!  I’ve recently witnessed Jan making some big leaps at bootcamp too.  She’s powering out a heavier weight these days….and last week I saw her jump the 24” box for the first time!!!  That 24” box is intimidating no matter what….but Miss Jan is only 5ft tall!!  Go Jan Go!!! I don’t believe I have ever met anyone with such a sweet spirit as Jan.  There’s nothing she won’t do for a friend in need (and I’ve witnessed this firsthand).  She always has a kind and encouraging word to say to everyone and her smile is absolutely contagious.  She might be small….but she is a package of dynamite (or a “cannon”ball perhaps)!!  Congrats on being the spotlight bootcamper Miss Jan.  You are a superstar and I love ya girlfriend!! Alisha

Jan, I remember prior to you ever stepping foot into Power House that I felt like I already knew you. We talked on the phone so much with questions and concerns you had about this Krazy world of Boot Camp...good stuff!. I could go on and on about you and the way you have impacted my life and those of your fellow Boot Campers, but I would be repeating what has already been said. Instead, I would like to talk about your sweet Carly. Have I told you this week how much I love her? She is such the product of the precious life that you and Scott provide for her and she is 1  amazing little girl. Thank you for allowing me to be her Texas Aunt, Thank you for bringing your Dad and his sweet wife and your precious sister and your hubby and the list goes on to Boot Camp. You have made me a part of your family and I am so honored to know you. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ to your fellow boot campers who have suffered the loss of their Sweet Momma's. Your experience, strength and hope around the loss of your own Momma at such a young age has provided so much to those who need it. I believe in my heart that your testimony is an open door for someone within our Boot Camp family who has suffered loss as you have. You may be tiny, but our God shines through you
in a big big way. I'm blessed and grateful beyond measure to be on this journey with you. I love you dearly my dear friend! Channel

1-28-12- Spotlight Boot Camper: Lisa Fullerton

Lisa's WOD: Fullerton "50"

Dunk Long Jump/Run

A: 20 reps/ 250m Run
B: 25 reps/ .25 mile Run
C: 50 reps/ .50 mile Run

We LOVE You Lisa!!!

Lisa's Testimony:

         I've always considered myself a proponent of exercise; in some form.  Over the years it's been Aerobics, Jazzercise, Taekwondo, Zumba, weightlifting, conditioning and  intermittent running.  About 10 years ago, I recognized that  exercise alone wasn't enough to keep my gradual weight gain at bay.  Therefore, three years ago, I began to work with a personal trainer once a week.  It was a great way to jump start my new "philosophy" that good health should include physical, emotional and spiritual components.  However, after 9 months of working with a trainer, I wasn't seeing the results I'd hoped (and frankly paid for).  Although the trainer advised me that clean eating habits would need to be incorporated into my daily life for better results, I stubbornly held on to my favorite foods (cheese and crackers) and beverages (coffee with tons of creamer and good wine).  What did he really know:  He was 26 and in GREAT shape.  What did he know about a middle aged woman's physical challenges?
It was about that same time, that a friend shared her successes from attending  aMAZEn Bootcamp.  In addition to the circuit training, weight training and cardio workouts, she was being introduced to a METHOD of clean eating.  As a way of putting my toe in the water, I began attending ABC twice a week.
It wasn't long before I was seeing immediate results from ABC.  Not only was receiving access to a certified personal trainer, but I was rewarded with other attendees who became my support system.  When I wanted to stop, I'd see others forging on.  When I wanted to cry from frustration or exhaustion, I'd see others making jokes or encouraging me on.  I recall the first time I told Channel that I was noticing  "indentations in my stomach".  She said, "Lisa, those are your abs"! first official confirmation that ABC was working like nothing else had!
Needless to say, I wasn't long for the gym.  I began attending bootcamp 3-4 days/week and have been coming for 16 months now.  I have taken part in 4 paleo challenges and have changed some key components in my diet.  I no longer drink creamer in my coffee, but have replaced it with Almond milk and honey.  I have minimized breads, chips and cheese  by making them condiments; rather than entrees.  I have lost 15 lbs since I started and have increased my muscle mass.   I am making life style changes and consider regular exercise a necessity.
I will admit, that there are times I want to slack off of WOD's and have the occasional pig outs.  However, I've come to terms with the fact that striving for ways to continually improve one's self, is how we keep from becoming complacent.  I wound up 15 lbs overweight because I let my fears of change take precedence.  

One of my favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela says it best:
" Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most.  We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?" Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  IT's not just in some of us; it's in all of us.  And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others". Thank you for inspiring me- Lisa Fullerton


Lisa is such a hugh inspiration and such a sweet spirit. She amazes me every day when I work out with her as to how incredibly in-shape she is!!! She is so humble and so supportive of all of her fellow boot-campers. I love trying to keep up with Lisa!!!
Thanks for being a great inspiration.- Kellie McKay

Never have I ever felt like I was going backwards until I worked out next to Fullerton!  Which to this day does not happen very often since I reside in the bitch & moan section at Powerhouse. Maybe if I just worked out my frustration I would be Fullerton Fast but I tend to let my thoughts come out my mouth using up any extra breath I have. She does try to help & encourage me along but by then she had lapped me....TWICE. All kidding aside, I love seeing her beautiful smile each morning but would really love her more if she would let me lap her OR better yet bring me a hot cinnamon sugar pretzel one morning!  (which is sooooo NOT paleo compatible, so she does have my best interest at heart!). Love ya Lisa! Mary Mulkey

Lisa represents the epitome of a “ringer” in boot camp!  You ALWAYS want her to be in your boot camp class especially when it’s BINGO day…she stops the SUFFERING for us as soon as possible.  This is usually done in 3.7 seconds!!!  Although it is not likely I will be able to catch up to her level any time soon, she continues to inspire me to do better.  She is really good about high-fiving me on her fourth lap when I begin my first!  And finally, thanks for keeping Keith, Donnie and Jason on their toes!!  You rock Fullerton!!!!! Susan R.

I was just thinking the other day how awesome Lisa Fullerton is and that she would be a great Spotlight Boot Camper and what do you know Channel must have been thinking the same thing.
I had heard of Lisa from various friends through the years but have aMazen Boot Camp to thank for our friendship.  I Love the intensity that she brings to class and I have grown to realize that she takes that same intensity and passion into her everyday life.  I also admire her dedication to always have the time to disciple others! If you haven't met Lisa, take the time to introduce yourself.  You'll be glad you did!  Thank you Lisa for your friendship and your positive influence in my life. DeColores!  Julie Lucas

I have known Lisa for over 10 years. We have cheered and supported our boys during their Ranger Football days and now we finally get to cheer and encourage each other at Boot Camp.   She is kind, gentle, confident, easy going, sincere, super friendly, positive woman who can be tough as nails when required.  She, like many of us can juggle it all.  Work, play, family & friends – but she takes the time to take care of herself and it shows.  She has been super encouraging to me during my time at Boot Camp and I thank her for that.  We have both endured some struggles in life, but have come out stronger because of them.  Now…we struggle through Boot Camp and those darn “C” WODS!!!   I am proud to call her my friend and my teammate for Beach2Bay.   Lisa – Thank you for your support and encouragement…. love you girl and looking forward to a great 2012!!! Sheri Kitchen

Lisa is such an inspiration to workout with and to coach!  She always comes to bootcamp with a positive attitude and she pushes me or the person next to her to work even harder. Thanks Lisa for being such a wonderful person. Gina

Sweet Lisa!! You are such a dear and precious friend! I love how the Lord crossed our paths quite some time ago and how he has continued to do so in such a variety of ways. All of them extremely important, but one of my favorites is boot camp. You have always inspired me to do better and to push myself just a bit harder just by simply watching you. You are so strong both physically and spiritually, yet have this amazing and tender heart for all those around you. I have been so blessed to have you as one of my accountability partners!! You have loved me through the tough stuff, the fun stuff and even the silly stuff!! Your words of encouragement motivated me to keep my eye on the goal when quitting seemed like the much easier option. I am blessed beyond words to call you friend and am looking forward to our continuing journeys together….look out Beach to Bay here comes “Runnin’ Like the Winded”!!  Love you friend! Michele Woodman

Lisa Fullerton is a wonderful person that I am glad to call my friend.  She is very thoughtful and encouraging.  She is true athlete who always gives it her all and helps others do the same.  I am not worried about turning 50 if I get to look, feel, and be as physically fit as her!  Truly a beautiful person, inside and out.  Thank you Lisa for the inspiration and encouragement you give to many. Lyell

Lisa AKA Fullerton,
It is a true honor to write this and I look forward to the WOD ahead! I'm sure it will be a good one... Fullerton was a name I knew before meeting this incredible women. She was always on the top of every WOD or the time to beat for the day. After putting a face with the name I quickly gravitated towards her during workouts and finally chatted with her one day. She made a lasting impression on me that day with her humble approach to life, work and her workouts. It is not by accident she has had such success in these categories. The only time I have heard an excuse from Lisa was when she defended a question of " how do you manage to endure these WOD's with such strength and stamina" she replied with an excuse for her awesomeness. Ha! You make everyone around you try harder and strive to be their best. You are a true leader by example... It has been a  pleasure to get to know you and hear about your Grand babies, Children, Husband, and work. I don't know how you come back from those great vacations or visiting family as if you never missed a day. One day I will ask to drink from the fountain you have kept from us all... May God bless you always! With Gratitude, Keith

When I started at ABC I was so nervous walking into Powerhouse not knowing anyone or what I was doing... I remember seeing Lisa and thinking to myself "she is unbelievable".  She can run circles around us but she always encourages others to stay strong.  She has taken time to have many conversations with me and has always been so kind.  She is an inspiration to me and so many others and we are all lucky to have her as such a leader in this Bootcamp family! Thanks Lisa! Jan Cannon

Dear Lisa....what they all said!

You are so amazing and I'm honored to be on this journey with you. There are lots of awesome things that happen in this Krazy Boot Camp Family of of my favorite is that I get to make really really good friends. Another is I add family members...You my friend are family. I've been honored and humbled to walk with you through the highs and the lows. God has placed us perfectly and for that I am grateful. On a side note. A lonnnnnng time ago you made a comment about "FREE" AuntieAnne's pretzel coupons that you would give me, but you knew I didn't eat those cuz they aren't paleo. Well, I didn't agree or disagree..just smiled. For the record, I eat 1 sometimes 2 of your company's awesome pretzels EVERYTIME I go to LaCantera...just sayin! I LOVE YOU! Channel